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Origin, Meaning, And History of Pamela

Pamela is a name derived from the Greek words pan and meli, collectively translated as ‘all honey.’ Thus this term in Greek and Latin means honey-like sweetness or derived from honey. The derivation of this name is attributed to the English poet and writer Sir Philip Sidney. He was the first to popularize this name in his pastoral romance novel The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia or simply Arcadia, in 1590.

Soon the name filled other literary works, the most noteworthy of which is the 1740 Samuel Richardson novel Pamela or Virtue Rewarded. It was this book that carried the word across the seas through the 15-year-old Pamela Andrews, portrayed as a beautiful, kind, pious, hard-working maid-servant with witty humor. This was followed by a rise in the number of Pamelas across England and America, especially during the 18th century.

This name is spelled as Pámela in Spanish, Paméla in French and Italian, and Pâmela in Portuguese. The other globally popular variations of this name include Pamella, Pameela, Pamelia, Pam, Pamelina, Pammy, Panola, Pamelyah, Pameelya, Pameelah, and Pamuel. Pamela has multiple pronunciations, such as pa-mə-lə, pah-meh-lah, pa-meel-la, pah-mel-lah, pam-ee-lah, and pah-mel-aah. Its pronunciation changes according to culture and region. Pal, Pammie, Pams, Ella, Eela, Pal, Melly, Mella, Ela, and Pella are some nicknames associated with Pamela.

Other notable fictional characters who have successfully held up the popularity of this name include the genius Pamela Isley from DC Comics and the friendly and optimistic Pamela Beesly from the American mockumentary sitcom The Office. Pamela Swynford de Beaufort is a character from the fantasy horror series True Blood. Ann M. Martin’s novel series The Babysitters Club has a character named Pamela Harding. Laila Robins played Pamela (Pam) Milton from the horror-drama TV series Walking Dead. Pamela Landy, portrayed by Joan Allen, is a task chief officer in the CIA in the Bourne franchise.


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Honey; Sweet; All sweetness; Made from honey
English, Greek
 P..  Pa..  Pam..  Pan..  Pen..  Pon.. 

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Famous People With The Name Pamela

  • Pamela MelroyAmerican astronaut for NASA, known for piloting two successful space shuttle missions and commanding a third
  • Pamela GienSouth African actress and writer, best known for her play “The Syringa Tree”
  • Pam GrierAmerican actress and singer, known for her roles in the films “Coffy,” “Jackie Brown,” and “Poms”
  • Pamela MatsonAmerican scientist and McArthur fellowship winner, known as the pioneer in the field of environmental science

Pamela On The Popularity Chart

The Social Security Administration charts will give us an idea of the performance of Pamela in terms of popularity and standing.

Popularity Over Time

Pamela was most popular in the early 1980s, after which it has seen a steady fall in popularity over four decades. In 2021, 111 babies per million shared the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name Pamela was in the Top 500 names list until 2001. Its ranking started to drop after 2006 and was in the 1815th position in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

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