130 Parsi Baby Names With Meanings

Parsis, the Iranian Zoroastrians descendants, are the micro-minority community in India. These peace loving people, mostly select Persian names for first names, such as Godrej, Tata, Sorab, mainly to preserve their identity. While most of the Indian surnames reflect the lineage or caste, Parsis’ surname reflect their business or occupation, with some surnames ending in ‘wala’. This is largely due to the influence of the British.

But it wasn’t always the same. Until the mid of the British rule, Parsis followed the patronymic system for naming their children, in which the first name would be the chosen name and the second name would be the father’s name. In the 19th century, the Parsis adopted the European system of surnames, in which the family name would be handed down the generations. This doesn’t mean the middle names or patronymic names aren’t in use. They are still very much in use, especially amongst traditional Parsi families.

Below is MomJunction’s straightforward and comprehensive list of Parsi baby names with meaning in an easy to navigate format.

AardburzinThe name is the shortened form of Adarburzinmeher and means fire of exaltation. It's also name of son of hero Framroz.Boy
AbadunThe one who is subordinated as a servant or slave to God.Boy
AbanhirBasically it means possessing the essence of AbanGirl
AbarjaSomething that is extremely strenuous.Boy
AbtumThe creator of plentiful waters.Boy
AdarbadProtector of fire. It's also the name of a saint.Boy
AdarfirozFire of victory in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
AdarfraThe fire of glory in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
AdargushnaspIt is the fire dedicated to a war stallion. It's also an emblem of military strength.Boy
AdarhoshangThe fire of knowledge and intelligence.Boy
AdarmardA man with extreme power.Boy
AdarvanThe protector of fire.Boy
AdorbadAdorbad is a form of the religious writings of the Zarathushti religion.Boy
AdviThe one who needs no protection, self sufficientBoy
AflatunA person who is mighty and powerfulBoy
AhumstutThe one who prays the Ahu(nvar). which is Yatha Ahu Vairyo.Boy
AhunOf God or pertaining to God.Boy
AnoshiruvanOne having an immortal soul.Boy
AoshnarA man of intellect. A variant of this name is Aoshanara.Boy
ArashTruthfulness and righteousness. It's also the name of a famous archer of ancient Iran.Boy
ArastiAdorned. It's the name of Zarathushtra's uncle and the father of Mediomah.Boy
ArawaostraOne who possesses a white stallion.Boy
ArdafravashThe name of the holy spirit guardian in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
ArdakhorehA boy with holy and divine luster.Boy
ArdavirafThe holy resplendent hero. Also the name of a Zoroastrian religious text of Sassanid era in Middle Persian language.Boy
ArdvanThe protector of holiness in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
ArdvisuraBrilliant waters. It's the name of a river in Iran and an angel who is identified with the sacred waters.Girl
ArdwahishtBest holiness. Also one of the seven Amahraspands meaning archangels.Boy
AredetfredhiThe one having a righteous father or the mother of a future savior.Girl
ArenavachiOne who always speaks the truth. It's also the name of the King Jamshed's daughter.Girl
ArmaitiA woman filled with humility, piety and devotion. It's also the name of an archangel.Girl
ArmindokhtDaughter of garden of Eden's dweller.Girl
ArshamaA man with the might of a hero.Boy
ArtavardiyaThe doer of justice. It's also name of one of the generals of Darius.Boy
ArtdokhtA righteous and obeying daughter.Girl
AryenishA girl belonging to a noble lineage.Girl
AspandadEarth, bountiful humility, and the name of an angel.Boy
AtbinOf water. And the name of the father of King Faridoon.Boy
BahmanbanuA lady with a good mind and intellect.Girl
BahramchobinOne having a victorious club. And the name of a celebrated Iranian general.Boy
BakhtafritA man blessed with plentiful fortune.Boy
BanugushnaspA woman who possesses a male horse. It's also the name of the brave daughter of Rustam.Girl
BostanA place filled with fragrance, garden. Also the name of a book by Sheikh Saadi.Girl
ChakhravatThe one possessing a chariot.Boy
ChamaniThe one who walks gracefullyGirl
ChubinOne having a wooden club, bat or mace. It's the nickname of the famous General Bahram of King Khusru Parvez who had a wooden club.Boy
DadafarinThe one created by justice.Boy
DadbandadOne who always conforms to the rules and regulations.Boy
DadburzinOne who has been exalted by the law.Boy
DadhushSomeone who is born intelligent.Girl
DarazdastIt means long handed. King Artaxerxes Longimanus was called Darazdast for his long hands.Boy
DelafruzA woman who is capable of kindling the heart.Girl
DelbaharThe heart of the spring season.Girl
DinazA religious song or music.Girl
DinbanuA woman who is extremely attached to her faith.Girl
DravaspOne who owns healthy horses. It's the name of an angel to whom Yasht IX is dedicated.Boy
ErezwaOne who is holy and righteous.Boy
FardadA man endowed with splendorBoy
FaredunThrice strong. It's the name of the famous king of Iran who assassinated Zohak.Boy
FarnazaOne who is learned and intelligent.Girl
FarnbagGod's glory. It's also the term for the first sacred Fire of Sassanian Iran.Boy
FarrokhA happy and fortunate manBoy
FarshadA soul of the Mercury's sphereBoy
FarudOne who is descendingBoy
FerangizOne with a dazzling glory. And the name of King Kai-Khusrow's mother.Girl
FerdowsHe is like a paradiseBoy
FrenyA person who is loved by all; Zaratushtra's daughter as per mythGirl
GaodhastiThe one who maintains animals.Boy
GashtahamVery strong. It is name of King Naodar's valiant son.Boy
GelshahKing of the earth. It's another variant is GayomardBoy
GoharafridOne created meticulously by nature.Girl
GordafridA person created as a hero. It's the name of the Iranian heroine who fought against Sohrab.Girl
GordiehStrong and mighty woman warrior.Girl
GovadIt's the name of an angel presiding over wind. Also the name of 22nd day of each month.Boy
GulandamSlender and delicate, Having the form like a flower.Girl
GulchehrA woman having a countenance like a rose. Also the name of Aorang's beloved.Girl
HabubThe one having good animals or cows. Also the family name of Jamasp.Boy
HakhamanishOne with a friendly mind and the name of the fifth ancestor of Darius the Great.Boy
HormazbanuA lady bearing the name of the Almighty.Girl
HoshedarA name of the one who will be a savior in the futureBoy
HufriyaA woman having much love in her heart.Girl
HutoshWell formedGirl
IranbanuThe lady of Iran.Girl
IsatvastraThe name of eldest son of Zarathushtra. It means voluntary agriculturistBoy
IzadyarA friend of God.Boy
JahanabadOne who makes the world happy and prosper.Boy
KayomarsMortal life. It's the another form of Gayomard.Boy
KerbanuA girl with tremendous strength, power and happiness in her heart.Girl
KhushnumaA woman with nice and pleasing appearance.Girl
KiumarsKiumars is the First King of the Pishdadi DynastiBoy
MahchehrA girl with the features like the moon.Girl
MahpaekarA girl with a face like the moon.Girl
MahraspandHoly word as it's the name of an angel. Also the name of the 29th day of the month.Boy
ManizehA jewel of a lady. Also the name of Bezan's wife and Afrasiab's daughter.Girl
NarimanzadehOne born of the family of Nariman.Boy
NaztabShining grace. It's also an epithet applied by Firdousi to Mushknaz.Girl
NekdelA person with a good heart.Girl
OrvadaspThe one who possesses swift horses.Boy
ParichehrA girl with a face as beautiful as a fairy.Girl
PorgavThe one having abundant cattle.Boy
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