69 Parsi Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Parsi baby boy names serve as a symbol of Parsi identity, representing their rich cultural environment. The way these names are chosen can demonstrate the societal values followed in a family. They nicely reflect the beauty of their religion and culture while linking generations, and making one feel connected to their roots. These names, frequently known for their elegance and royal connections, have managed to retain popularity in several parts of the world.
Parsis, also known as Parsees, are a distinct group in the Indian subcontinent. They are descended from Persians who moved to Medieval India following the Arab conquest of the Persian Empire. Their migration was driven to preserve their Zoroastrian beliefs and cultural identity.
Parsis have a strong belief in one God who can't be seen. They think that good forces (light) and bad forces (darkness) are always fighting. If people have good thoughts, perform good deeds, and speak kindly, the good side will win. They represent God in their temples using fire, which stands for light. The Parsis' holy language is Avesta, an old language from Iran.
The spiritual convictions of the Parsis are compiled together in the holy text, Avesta (1).
The Parsis follow a custom where they believe a baby's future would be decided in the sky (heaven) on the sixth day after birth, which they call 'chatta.' On this day, a special tray containing certain things including ink, paper, and a pen are placed adjacent to the new mother's bed. These things are believed to be auspicious as they represent the hope of good fortune and bright future for the baby (2).
Parsis don't have a formal celebratory event for naming babies. They usually pick names from ancient Avesta texts, famous people in stories, or a family member they admire. This is to hope the baby grows up with good qualities akin to that person (2). Explore some popular and unique Parsi names in the list below to find the perfect name for your little boy.

heart image Aardburzin Baby Boy Sign Boy Fire of exaltation; It's also the name of the son of the hero Framroz
heart image Abadun Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is subordinated as a servant; A slave to God
heart image Abarja Baby Boy Sign Boy Something that is extremely strenuous
heart image Abtum Baby Boy Sign Boy The creator of plentiful waters
heart image Adarbad Baby Boy Sign Boy Protector of fire
heart image Adarfiroz Baby Boy Sign Boy Fire of victory in Zoroastrian religion
heart image Adarfra Baby Boy Sign Boy The fire of glory in Zoroastrian religion
heart image Adargushnasp Baby Boy Sign Boy Fire dedicated to a war stallion; An emblem of military strength
heart image Adarhoshang Baby Boy Sign Boy The fire of knowledge and intelligence
heart image Adarmard Baby Boy Sign Boy A man with extreme power
heart image Adarvan Baby Boy Sign Boy The protector of fire
heart image Adorbad Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of the religious writings of the Zarathushti religion.
heart image Advi Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who needs no protection; Self-sufficient
heart image Aflatun Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is mighty and powerful
heart image Ahumstut Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who prays the Ahu(nvar), which is Yatha Ahu Vairyo
heart image Ahun Baby Boy Sign Boy Of God; Pertaining to God
heart image Anoshiruvan Baby Boy Sign Boy One having an immortal soul
heart image Aoshnar Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of intellect; A variant of this name is Aoshanara
heart image Arasti Baby Boy Sign Boy Adorned
heart image Arawaostra Baby Boy Sign Boy One who possesses a white stallion
heart image Ardafravash Baby Boy Sign Boy The name of the holy spirit guardian in Zoroastrian religion
heart image Ardakhoreh Baby Boy Sign Boy A boy with holy and divine luster
heart image Ardaviraf Baby Boy Sign Boy The holy resplendent hero
heart image Ardvan Baby Boy Sign Boy The protector of holiness
heart image Ardwahisht Baby Boy Sign Boy Best holiness; One of the seven archangels
heart image Arshama Baby Boy Sign Boy A man with the might of a hero
heart image Artavardiya Baby Boy Sign Boy The doer of justice; One of the generals of Darius
heart image Aspandad Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth; Bountiful humility; The name of an angel
heart image Atbin Baby Boy Sign Boy Of water; Father of king Faridoon
heart image Bahramchobin Baby Boy Sign Boy One having a victorious club; The name of a celebrated Iranian general
heart image Bakhtafrit Baby Boy Sign Boy A man blessed with plentiful fortune
heart image Chakhravat Baby Boy Sign Boy The one possessing a chariot.
heart image Chubin Baby Boy Sign Boy One having a wooden club; Bat or mace; Nickname of the famous General Bahram of King Khusru Parvez who had a wooden club
heart image Dadafarin Baby Boy Sign Boy The one created by justice
heart image Dadbandad Baby Boy Sign Boy One who always conforms to the rules and regulations
heart image Dadburzin Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has been exalted by the law
heart image Danira Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Energetic; Talented; Graceful
heart image Darazdast Baby Boy Sign Boy Long handed
heart image Dravasp Baby Boy Sign Boy One who owns healthy horses; It's the name of an angel to whom Yasht IX is dedicated
heart image Erezwa Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is holy and righteous
heart image Fardad Baby Boy Sign Boy A man endowed with splendor
heart image Faredun Baby Boy Sign Boy Thrice strong
heart image Farnbag Baby Boy Sign Boy God's glory; The first sacred fire of Sassanian Iran
heart image Farrokh Baby Boy Sign Boy A happy and fortunate man
heart image Farshad Baby Boy Sign Boy A soul of the Mercury's sphere
heart image Farud Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is descending
heart image Ferdows Baby Boy Sign Boy He is like a paradise
heart image Gaodhasti Baby Boy Sign Boy One who maintains animals
heart image Gashtaham Baby Boy Sign Boy Very strong; Name of King Naodar's valiant son
heart image Gelshah Baby Boy Sign Boy King of the Earth; Variant of Gayomard
heart image Govad Baby Boy Sign Boy The name of an angel presiding over wind; The name of the 22nd day of each month
heart image Habub Baby Boy Sign Boy One having good animals or cows; The family name of Jamasp
heart image Hakhamanish Baby Boy Sign Boy One with a friendly mind; The name of the fifth ancestor of Darius the Great
heart image Hoshedar Baby Boy Sign Boy One who will be a savior in the future
heart image Isatvastra Baby Boy Sign Boy The name of the eldest son of Zarathushtra; Voluntary agriculturist
heart image Izadyar Baby Boy Sign Boy A friend of God
heart image Jahanabad Baby Boy Sign Boy One who makes the world happy and prosper
heart image Jinnah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Leader or founder
heart image Kayomars Baby Boy Sign Boy Mortal life; Another form of Gayomard
heart image Kiumars Baby Boy Sign Boy First king of the Pishdadi dynasty
heart image Mahraspand Baby Boy Sign Boy Holy word; The name of an angel; Name of the 29th day of the month
heart image Narimanzadeh Baby Boy Sign Boy Born of the Nariman family
heart image Orvadasp Baby Boy Sign Boy The one with swift horses
heart image Porgav Baby Boy Sign Boy The one having abundant cattle
heart image Rointan Baby Boy Sign Boy One having a body of brass
heart image Shanaz Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Princess, elegant, graceful
heart image Shapur Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is the son of a king; A prince
heart image Sheherbaraz Baby Boy Sign Boy The exalted person of the realm
heart image Zal Baby Boy Sign Boy White or albino

Parsi boy names generally hold special meanings drawn from the Avesta language, which is a part of ancient Zoroastrian texts. These meanings can stand for good qualities or ideas that parents wish their children to possess. Many Parsi baby boy names are passed down over generations, honoring ancestors and helping preserve family connections. This tradition may inspire children to honor their elders and family traditions, fostering stronger familial bonds.

Infographic: Magnificent Parsi Baby Boy Names

Parsi names hold multiple meanings, touching on spirituality, culture, family connections, and personal dreams. These names have deep roots in the Zoroastrian faith. Check out this infographic for Parsi names for your charming son, reflecting the good qualities and values parents want for their children. You may also save and share it with parents of other newborns and make their quest for a perfect name easier!

Pious Parsi Names For Your Little Boy (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you suggest some unique Parsi baby boy names that are not commonly used?

Some extraordinary boy names in Parsi culture include Aghaz meaning ‘beginning,’ Arad, meaning ‘name of an angel,’ and Arshan meaning ‘cloud,’ that you can consider for your little bundle of joy.

2. How do Parsi baby boy names reflect the cultural heritage of the Parsi community that carries historical significance?

Jamshed is a name in Persian culture derived from Jamshid and Jam, meaning ‘twin.’ Jamshid is the name of a king who ruled during the Golden Age of Persia. Hormuzd is another significant name representing the Parsi community that is a variant of the name Hormizd, itself derived from Ahura Mazda, meaning ‘lord of wisdom.’ It is often associated with the god of truth, light, and goodness.

3. What is the process of naming a Parsi baby boy according to Zoroastrian tradition?

In the Zoroastrian tradition, no formal naming ceremony is held for the baby born. However, names are chosen based on Avesta (religious texts of Zoroastrianism), any living member, or heroes from Šāh-nāma (2).


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