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Pashtuns, also called Paktun, Pushtan, or Pathan are one the largest ethnic groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are united by the Pashto language, which is tied with the Indo-Iranian language family.

The majority of Pashto names is derived from Turkish, Arabic, and Persian names, which have roots in Islamic names. Children are given two or three names at the time of birth. In the case of more than one given name, one will be the child’s informal name or the ‘most called name’.

For males, Muhammad, the name of the prophet of Islam, is picked as the first given name in case of more than one given name. But Muhammad isn’t the informal name or most called name amongst the Pashtuns, considering the popularity of this name in Islamic countries. Pashtun girls have at the most two given names. The female names mostly end in –ai or –a. Upon marriage, women take the family name of their husband’s.

The use of family names is prominent amongst Pashto speaking families. The family names of the Pashtuns are derived from tribe or region they live in. The surnames derived from tribe usually end in –i or ai. Below, MomJuction has listed some of the most popular Pashto baby boy and girl names for you. Take a look!

CheydanPeaceful or patientUnisex
GzifaThe peaceful one, calm and patient.Girl
SerinaCalm and tranquil, a girl with a calm and tranquil natureGirl
ZalmaiYouthful or youngBoy
AghalaA girl with a pleasing personalityBoy
AmailA necklace or a neck adornmentBoy
AmuAmu is the name of a river that encompasses Central Asia.Boy
AndamSomething that lasts forever or till eternityBoy
AngarEmber or a piece of glowing or burning coal or wood in a dying fire.Boy
AngezaThe one who puts reason and logic in everything.Girl
ApanaPashto term for almond, also used as a baby girl nameGirl
ArmaghanGift or a gift of GodBoy
AsfandAsfand is the Pasto version of Esfandiyār. It means a king or a brave heroBoy
AwalmirA person capable of being a prime chief or leaderBoy
AzmarayAzmaray is the Pashto version of Zmaray and means lion.Boy
BabrakBabrak is the Pashto word of the little basilica flowerBoy
BachaBacha, also the name of a famous Pashtun leader, means kingBoy
BadamIt is Pashto for almond.Boy
BadraiBadrai is the name of a fairy in a famous Arabic fairy tale. It means full moon.Girl
BahramandA person who brings happiness wherever he goes, fortunate and thrivingBoy
BahrawarSomeone with a big heartBoy
BakhtawaraA baby girl born with tremendous luckGirl
BalachOne with beautiful locks of hairBoy
BalayCornice or a hanging mass of hardened snow at the edge of a mountain or cliffBoy
BalbalaPashto term for bulbul or nightingaleGirl
BarlasThe one born with a strong, powerful and authoritative natureBoy
BaryalOne who grows up to be strong and braveBoy
BaseerBorn with a great visionBoy
BatoorOne who is brave, courageous, valiant and fearlessBoy
BazgarAn occupational name, meaning peasantBoy
BenaziraA girl with no comparisonGirl
BerojBeroj is the name of a gemstone found in Kunar, aquamarineBoy
BrekhnaLightning or lightning boltGirl
DagarA term used for an open space or battlefield in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.Boy
DarabAdmiral or the senior most commander of a navy or fleet.Boy
DarmanA medication, medicine or a remedyBoy
DarweshIn Pashto, Darwesh is a term used for mysticsBoy
DaryabDaryab is a variation of Darya and means riverBoy
DiyarDiyar is a type of wood obtained from Cedrus deodara treeBoy
DroonOne with a respectable personality or heavy or literaryBoy
DurkhanaiGem. It's also the name of the heroine of famous folk tale, Adam Khan aw DurkhanaiGirl
FaridunOne who is three times strong. It's also the name of a character in Shah Nama.Boy
GabinaHoney or as sweet as honey. A girl with sweet dispositionGirl
GediA bunch of beautiful flowersBoy
GhakhtalayOne who is strong and powerfulBoy
GhamayName of a precious stone in PashtoBoy
GharsanayOne belonging to the mountainsBoy
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