79 Pashto Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Pashto is an integral part of the Indo-European heritage and is often referred to as an Eastern Iranian language. In the history of Persia, it is termed Afghani. Many Pashto girl names have connections with several languages like Urdu, Arabic, and Bengali. Interestingly, alongside Dari, Pashto is also among the official languages of Afghanistan and is primarily spoken by ethnic Pashtuns. Afghans and Pashtuns in Pakistan traditionally use only a first name without a last name. To differentiate individuals, additional details like tribe, birthplace, profession, or honorific title are used. This practice is more prevalent in developing regions where a formal identification system is lacking, resulting in some people having multiple personal names. Islamic names of Arabic origin are popular among males across the Muslim world, while females commonly have names derived from local Pashto with influences from Indo-Iranian languages like Sanskrit. Names for little girls such as Gabina, symbolizing ‘honey,’ Apana embodying ‘almond,’ and Benazira meaning ‘a girl with no comparison’ are some multicultural gems to look out for. Pashto names may also exhibit pronunciation variations corresponding to the Northern and Southern accents. For instance, Zarlakht in Northern Pashto becomes Zarlasht in Southern Pashto. The Pashto culture is believed to cherish history, leading to numerous baby girl names with historical origins. These names may honor legendary figures, renowned queens, and valiant figures, celebrating their accomplishments and embodying their virtues. Parents could use these names to express admiration for them and instill their noble qualities in their daughters. Malala, meaning 'one who is grieving,' is one such popular name associated with the renowned Pakistani education activist, Malala Yousafzai. At the impressive age of 17, she achieved the distinction of becoming the world's youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate and the first Pashtun to receive this prestigious award. Considering the religious and historical presence of Pashto baby girl names, we bring you a comprehensive list of names to choose from. As you embark on this journey to find a name for your little princess to pay homage to your Pashto heritage, be prepared to come across some extraordinary names.

heart image Cheydan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Peaceful or patient
heart image Gzifa Baby Girl Sign Girl The peaceful one; Calm and patient
heart image Serina Baby Girl Sign Girl Calm and tranquil; A girl with a calm and tranquil nature
heart image Uzuri Baby Girl Sign Girl Beauty
heart image Angeza Baby Girl Sign Girl One who puts reason and logic in everything
heart image Apana Baby Girl Sign Girl Almond
heart image Badrai Baby Girl Sign Girl The name of a fairy in a famous Arabic fairy tale; The full moon
heart image Bakhtawara Baby Girl Sign Girl A baby girl born with tremendous luck
heart image Balbala Baby Girl Sign Girl Pashto term for bulbul or nightingale
heart image Benazira Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with no comparison
heart image Brekhna Baby Girl Sign Girl Lightning
heart image Durkhanai Baby Girl Sign Girl Gem
heart image Gabina Baby Girl Sign Girl Honey or as sweet as honey; A girl with sweet disposition
heart image Ghuncha Baby Girl Sign Girl A bunch of flowers
heart image Gul Bano Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess of flowers
heart image Gul Makai Baby Girl Sign Girl The heroine of the famous folk tale Musa Khan aw Gul Makai
heart image Gul Warin Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who sprinkles flower
heart image Helai Baby Girl Sign Girl Swan
heart image Husay Baby Girl Sign Girl Deer or gazelle; A small and slender antelope with curved horns
heart image Karo Baby Girl Sign Girl A bird; Pashto term for Mayna bird
heart image Khaista Baby Girl Sign Girl Pashto version of Shaista, Beautiful
heart image Khaperai Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl as beautiful and dainty as a fairy
heart image Khkulay Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is extremely beautiful
heart image Khush Bakhta Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with a happy luck
heart image Khwaga Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet; A girl with sweet nature
heart image Lalma Baby Girl Sign Girl A piece of land that defends only on rain
heart image Mahzala Baby Girl Sign Girl Brightness of moon
heart image Malala Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is grieving; Sad one
heart image Malghalara Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Munawara Baby Girl Sign Girl An enlightened and wise woman
heart image Nangialai Baby Girl Sign Girl Honorable woman
heart image Nazo Baby Girl Sign Girl Mystery; Puzzle; Riddle
heart image Niazmina Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who dear one or apple of the eye
heart image Orzala Baby Girl Sign Girl The light and brightness of the fire
heart image Pariwarsh Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is as beautiful as a fairy
heart image Parkha Baby Girl Sign Girl Dew or tiny droplets of water falling at night
heart image Peghra Baby Girl Sign Girl To praise or someone worthy of praise
heart image Ranrha Baby Girl Sign Girl Light
heart image Rekhmina Baby Girl Sign Girl Silken; Name of a fabric
heart image Reshtina Baby Girl Sign Girl Truthful,; A stern believer of truth
heart image Roshina Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who gives light
heart image Sangina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is polite to everyone
heart image Senzala Baby Girl Sign Girl A type of flower found in Central Asia
heart image Shahay Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Shanzai Baby Girl Sign Girl Tree of paradise
heart image Shaperai Baby Girl Sign Girl Fairy
heart image Shastai Baby Girl Sign Girl Chrysanthemum
heart image Shazmina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is capable of too much love
heart image Shinogai Baby Girl Sign Girl One with green eyes
heart image Shughla Baby Girl Sign Girl Ray of light
heart image Silai Baby Girl Sign Girl Wind
heart image Sparghai Baby Girl Sign Girl Ember or fire spark
heart image Spezala Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is incredibly talented
heart image Storai Baby Girl Sign Girl Star
heart image Tabana Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright moonlight
heart image Tor Pikai Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with black hair
heart image Wadaana Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl destined to be wealthy and prosperous
heart image Wafa Baby Girl Sign Girl Faithfulness; Fidelity; Loyalty
heart image Wagma Baby Girl Sign Girl Breeze accompanied with a pleasant smell
heart image Wajia Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful melody
heart image Warda Baby Girl Sign Girl Pashto term for rose
heart image Zakia Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of great intelligence
heart image Zala Baby Girl Sign Girl Shine; Brightness
heart image Zamda Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a plant that grows in quick sand
heart image Zar Bibi Baby Girl Sign Girl Gold woman
heart image Zar Wareen Baby Girl Sign Girl The woman who sprinkles gold
heart image Zarbaha Baby Girl Sign Girl Gold
heart image Zareesh Baby Girl Sign Girl Wealthy woman
heart image Zarghuna Baby Girl Sign Girl The color green
heart image Zarlashta Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful, golden branch
heart image Zarmina Baby Girl Sign Girl Lovely; Precious gold
heart image Zarqa Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with bluish-green eyes
heart image Zhala Baby Girl Sign Girl Luminosity and shine of the moon
heart image Zhalai Baby Girl Sign Girl Hail; Pellets of frozen rain
heart image Zmarak Baby Girl Sign Girl Like a little lion
heart image Zohal Baby Girl Sign Girl The moon of another planet
heart image Zufash Baby Girl Sign Girl When light spreads over the world
heart image Zuhra Baby Girl Sign Girl Pashto term for Venus
heart image Zuleikha Baby Girl Sign Girl A lovely and brilliant girl

Pashto girl names carry deep cultural significance within the Pashtun community, rooted in history, nature, spirituality, and family bonds. Some names like Karo, Helai, Ghuncha, and Uzuri reflect parents' hopes and aspirations for their daughters. The cherished tradition of naming celebrates Pashto heritage, language, and values, preserving their rich culture for future generations. Choosing names with Pashto roots and historical significance fosters a child's sense of belonging and pride, connecting them to their lineage.

Infographic: Charming Pashto Girl Names With Meanings

Discover the rich heritage of Pashto names, reflecting nature, virtues, and historical figures, celebrating your child's identity with timeless and captivating choices. Embrace the vibrant Pastho heritage and find the perfect name for your little girl today. The infographic below presents some beautiful Pashto baby girl names with meanings.

enchanting pashto names for your little girl (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the names Gulali, Bahar, Zalmay, and Babo mean in Pashto?

Gulalai is derived from the Pashto word gwëlâbi, which means 'pink' or 'rosy.' Bahar, on the other hand, translates to 'spring' or 'season of spring.' Zalmay, a variant of Zalmai, means 'young,' and Babo is a term of endearment that means 'father' or 'dad.'

2. What is the Pashto name meaning love?

Meena is the Pashto name that means love and is associated with feelings of affection and endearment. It's a common feminine name in Pashto-speaking communities.

3. How do Pashto baby girl names compare to names in other Afghan or Pakistani languages?

The Pashtun name, either boy or girl, typically consists of two words; a first name and a last name or surname. The first name is usually a Pashtun name, and the last name or surname is their corresponding tribe name. In contrast, a Pakistani name is established by their full name consisting of their personal or most-called name and their father's name. On the other hand, Afghan names traditionally consist of a first name/personal name alone without a middle name or surname.

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