79 Pashto Baby Girl Names With Meanings

CheydanPeaceful or patientUnisex
GzifaThe peaceful one, calm and patient.Girl
SerinaCalm and tranquil, a girl with a calm and tranquil natureGirl
AngezaThe one who puts reason and logic in everything.Girl
ApanaPashto term for almond, also used as a baby girl nameGirl
BadraiBadrai is the name of a fairy in a famous Arabic fairy tale. It means full moon.Girl
BakhtawaraA baby girl born with tremendous luckGirl
BalbalaPashto term for bulbul or nightingaleGirl
BenaziraA girl with no comparisonGirl
BrekhnaLightning or lightning boltGirl
DurkhanaiGem. It's also the name of the heroine of famous folk tale, Adam Khan aw DurkhanaiGirl
GabinaHoney or as sweet as honey. A girl with sweet dispositionGirl
GhunchaA bunch of flowersGirl
Gul BanoGul Bano is the name of the Princess of flowers.Girl
Gul Makai"Gul Makai is the name of the heroine of the famous folk tale ""Musa Khan aw Gul Makai"""Girl
Gul WarinThe name is derived from Gulwari and means the one who sprinkles flower.Girl
HelaiHelai is a Pashto word for swanGirl
HusayDeer or gazelle, a small and slender antelope with curved hornsGirl
KaroA bird, Pashto term for Mayna birdGirl
KhaistaPashto version of Shaista, meaning beautifulGirl
KhaperaiA girl as beautiful and dainty as a fairyGirl
KhkulayA girl who is extremely beautifulGirl
Khush BakhtaA girl with a happy luckGirl
KhwagaSweet, a girl with sweet natureGirl
LalmaA piece of land that defends only on rainGirl
MahzalaBrightness of moon.Girl
MalalaOne who is grieving, sad oneGirl
MalghalaraPashto word for pearlGirl
MunawaraAn enlightened and wise womanGirl
NangialaiAn honorable and notable womanGirl
NazoSomeone who is whimsy and beautiful. It's the name of a famous Pashtun female poet of 18th century.Girl
NiazminaA girl who dear one or apple of the eyeGirl
OrzalaThe light and brightness emitted by fire.Girl
PariwarshA girl who is as beautiful as a fairyGirl
ParkhaDew or tiny droplets of water falling at nightGirl
PeghraTo praise or someone worthy of a praiseGirl
RekhminaSilken, name of a fabricGirl
ReshtinaTruthful, a stern believer of truth.Girl
RoshinaThe one who gives lightGirl
SanginaThe one who is polite with everyoneGirl
SenzalaSenzala is a type of flower found in Central AsiaGirl
Shahay"Beautiful. It's the name of the heroine of folk tale ""Dalay aw Shahay, a love story at the times of Mughal Emperor Akbar"""Girl
ShanzaiTree of the paradiseGirl
ShastaiPashto word for chrysanthemumGirl
ShazminaThe one who is capable of too much loveGirl
ShinogaiOne with green eyesGirl
ShughlaRay of lightGirl
SilaiPashto word for windGirl
SparghaiEmber or fire sparkGirl
SpezalaA woman who is incredibly talentedGirl
TabanaBright moonlightGirl
Tor PikaiA girl with black hairGirl
WadaanaA girl destined to be wealthy and prosperousGirl
WafaFaithfulness, fidelity and loyaltyGirl
WagmaBreeze accompanied with a pleasant smellGirl
WajiaA beautiful melodyGirl
WardaPashto term for roseGirl
ZakiaA woman of great intelligenceGirl
ZalaShine and brightnessGirl
ZamdaName of a plant that grows in quick sandGirl
Zar BibiZar means gold and Bibi means woman.Girl
Zar WareenThe woman who sprinkles goldGirl
ZareeshA woman with great wealthGirl
ZarghunaThe color greenGirl
ZarlashtaA beautiful, golden branchGirl
ZarminaA old Pashto name meaning lovely and precious goldGirl
ZarqaA girl with bluish green eyesGirl
ZhalaThe luminosity and shine of moonGirl
ZhalaiHail, pellets of frozen rain, falling in showers from cloudsGirl
ZmarakLike a little lionGirl
ZohalZohal is the name of the moon of another planetGirl
ZufashWhen the light spreads over the world.Girl
ZuhraPashto term for Venus starGirl
ZuleikhaA girl who is lovely and brilliantGirl
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