361 Persian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Persia has had a glorious past and has been an example of the most developed culture in ancient times. Persia’s heritage and traditions are deep-rooted, but thanks to globalization, certain traditions in the region are changing. The changing trend is evident in how babies are given modern names that are inspired by other cultures and not strictly Persia.

Persian baby girls have unique names inspired from Arabic and Catholic cultures. While their literary masterpiece, Shahnameh is their source of most traditional Muslim names, the Persian Christian culture is the inspiration for the modern names. If you’ve been considering giving your little girl a Persian name, this MomJunction post is for you. Here, we list the most popular Persian baby girl names along with their meanings.

Ham razA friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friendUnisex
HassieA diminutive form of HesterGirl
HeerPower, riches, pureGirl
HessieA variant form of name Hester which means StarGirl
HesterStar. Myrtle leafGirl
HomaA mythical Bird; PheonixGirl
HumaLucky Bird; Phoenix; The Huma bird is a legendary bird from Persian mythGirl
JabeenA name of the Ganga riverGirl
JahanA Persian word for the UniverseGirl
JahankhatoonA persian poetGirl
JalehDewy; Rain; A variant transcription is ZhalehGirl
JasminSpelling variation of Jasmine. It means jasmine flower.Girl
JasminaJasmine flowerGirl
JasmyneName derived from JessamineGirl
JasmynnDerived from Persian yasamin, jasmineGirl
JasperineA keepr of treasureGirl
JazzminPersian form of Jasmine (a type of flower)Girl
JesmynA flower from olive family a fragrant flowerGirl
JessamineEarlier spelling of flower name jasmineGirl
KaamehGoal, wishGirl
KaamnooshSweet wish or, sweet desireGirl
KashmA historical and mythical Persian princessGirl
KhaanamThe name means The Wealthy WifeGirl
KhatunaLady or womanGirl
KhawlaKhawla means the One of the Great BeautyGirl
KiramayKiramay neams Light of SonGirl
KirianaKiriana means Far-SightedGirl
KiyaKiya means King in PersianGirl
KobrinaThe name means DominantGirl
KokabStar; Celestial BodyGirl
KowkabStar; Celestial Body; A variant of name KokabGirl
KsamanKsaman means Beautiful like a JasmineGirl
KyrahThe name means Far Sighted, LightGirl
LaelaWoman who is Dark-Haired and BeautifulGirl
LaleLove as perfect as a Red Tupil flowerGirl
LalehThe ever-lasting love which the red tupil flowers symbolisesGirl
LarminaBlue skyGirl
LaylaNigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and ArabiaGirl
LeilaNighttime, time of a day after the sundownGirl
LeilahA black-haired woman born in the darkGirl
LeiliaShe who is born in the nightGirl
LeilynA dark beauty that is born in the nighttimeGirl
LejlaA dark-haired beautiful woman who is born in nightGirl
LelahA beauty that comes alive at the nightGirl
LianaTo be bound by vines; A lady that glows; My God has answeredGirl
LyannaGod has answered or Girl who has a pretty faceGirl
Mah tabOne whose beauty is like the MoonGirl
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