27 Punjabi Baby Names With Meanings

Punjab, the invigorating state of India, is the land of color, food, and happiness. While Punjabis are known for their strength, determination, and vivaciousness, their names reflect the multi-hued heritage and culture of the state.

Punjabis usually name their children on the 40th day after the birth of the baby. The naming ceremony takes place in a Gurudwara, where the name is picked from Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of the Sikhs. The first letter of the hukam or verse from the Guru Granth Sahib determines the moniker to be picked. Non-traditional Punjabi parents choose names with regional influences.

Another feature of Punjabi names is that they are interchangeable or unisex, which often leads to gender confusion. This confusion is cleared by putting Singh for boys and Kaur for girls in the middle or at the end.

Below is MomJunction's collection of Punjabi baby names with meanings, sorted in the alphabetical order. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect name here.

Aadroopaadroop means embodiment or typing of beginning lessBoy
Aagya (आज्ञा)consent or formal permission to do a jobGirl
Aagyakar (आज्ञाकार)one who is hearsome, obedient or willing to comply to eldersBoy
Aagyapalthe name aagyapal means the one who upholds the state obedienceBoy
Aakanksha (आकांक्षा)eagerness or inordinate desire for someone or thing, an object of ardent desireGirl
Aakarshaka (आकर्षाका)the quality of attracting by inherent forceGirl
Aakashi (आकाशी)this name means Heaven, the sky color or destinyGirl
AaradhThe person having Deep love or affectionBoy
Aasathe act of staying or remaining in expectationGirl
AavaiArrive, to comeBoy
AkashdveepLight in the sky; Sky Light. Also, means a wend, born of fire, wonderer or a light candleUnisex
BalroopThe name means 'Embodiment of strength'.unisex
BaltejThe name means ' One with glorious might.'unisex
BalvindraThe name means strong or victorious through strength.girl
BalwinderThe name means 'Victorious through strength.unisex
BjupinderHe who is an ultimate king, the king of kingsBoy
EerenLovable and caring personBoy
Erheera Punjabi word meaning diamond.Unisex
Erjota new beginning.Unisex
EsharbirBrave as god.Boy
Eshwarjeetgod's victory.Boy
GuninderLord or GuruBoy
GurshanOne who finds peace in guru's wordsBoy
JyotichandraJyotichandra means MoonlightBoy
Pushp mitraOne who is an ancanet rulerBoy
Pushp-mitraAn ancient king or a rulerBoy
RatnalekhaThe radiance, magnificence of the jewelsGirl
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