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Origin, Meaning, And History of Quinn

The fascinating name Quinn has an Irish origin and was originally a surname. It comes from the Irish term ‘O’Cuinn,’ meaning “Descendant of Conn.” Additionally, Conn is derived from the Irish word ‘Ceann,’ which means the head of intelligence or chief leader. It is known to many that Ireland has a significant history of warriors and armed rebellions. Thus, this further follows the concept of the phrase.

In addition to the meaning “Descendant of Conn,” the name Quinn also means “wise,” “intelligent,” and “sense” in accordance with Irish ideology, signifying a cultural and traditional aspect of old Ireland. The name has been used since the seventeenth century and has become a popular household name among Christians over time.

Historically, Quinn was first used in the county of Longford, Ireland, to denote the religious and traditional affiliation of the families. The name has since been transformed and taken on various anglicized versions of pronunciations such as Quin, Quen, Kwinn, and Quynn. Besides these variations, several versions exist in other languages, including Gwen in Welsh and Quynn in Irish. Although it has been considered a unisex name in some cases, it has gained more popularity among baby boys.

The name Quinn has been informally used in the film industry, comics, and the fictional world to reach a wider audience. Examples of such usage include the character Quinn Mossbacher in the 2021 American comedy-drama “The White Lotus,” Quinn Garvey from the evergreen hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” and Quinn Mallory in the American science fiction TV series “Sliders” who was the lead character of the show. Another famous fictional character who shared the name was the children’s favorite, Quinn, the puffin in the hit animation “3rd & Bird.” The name represents an authentic and rich yet trendy charm, making it well-adapted by people of this era.


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How To Pronounce Quinn?


Famous People With The Name Quinn

  • Quinn BucknerFormer American basketball player, the captain of the gold medal team of the 1976 Olympics
  • Quinn H. BeckerLieutenant General of the US Army and Orthopedic surgeon
  • Quinn AllmanAmerican musician and the founding member of The Used, a popular rock band
  • Quinn SullivanAmerican music artist known for his accomplishments at a young age and appearances on the Ellen show
  • Quinn HughesAmerican ice hockey player, popular as a defenseman

Quinn On The Popularity Chart

The name Quinn for baby boys became familiar in the early 1980’s. Let’s have a look at the below graphs to get a clearer idea.

Popularity Over Time

During the later 2000s, the name became highly popular when almost 1,320-1,339 babies per million were named Quinn. The graph below depicts the popularity growth of the name over the years.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

In recent times, the name seems to lose its rank as compared to its topmost position during the early 1980s. The name saw an all-time low with a rank of 20,836 in 2007. Check out the following graph to see its rank over time.

Source: Social Security Administration

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