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Origin, Meaning And History Of Raphael

Raphael is a name with Hebrew origins. It is derived from two words, rāp̄ā, meaning “he has healed” and ēl meaning “God.” This name has both Latin and Hebrew roots. The Italian meaning of the name is “God heals.” Raphael is a masculine name that is not common in English-speaking countries but was extremely popular in parts of Europe.

Raphael is primarily a religious name and was the name of one of the seven archangels that served God. Raphael was the angel associated with healing and the patron of healing and science. This essence of the name is hidden in the translation. The name is also associated with famous Renaissance painter and architect Raphael. His creations had religious references, such as the Deposition of Christ in 1507 and the Mond Crucifixion in 1503.

The name Raphael has several pronunciations depending on the language, including “Raf-ay-ehl” in English, “RA-fa-ehl” in German, and “Rrah-fah-ehl” in Spanish. The name also has several spelling variations, such as Raffaele in Italian, Rafael in Spanish, Raffel in Scottish, and Raphaël in French. Pet names include Rafa, Rafi, and Ralph.

Raphael is a masculine name but has a feminine version, Raphaela. Raphael is a name that has been used for boys since time immemorial, especially in religious communities.

Several notable figures throughout history have carried the name Raphael. Raphael Gamaliel Warnock is an American politician and pastor. Raphael Matthew Bob-Waksberg is an American comedian and writer best known for his work on Undone and Tuca & Bertie.

Raphaël Domjan is a Swiss lecturer and explorer. He is one of the first explorers to attempt a trip around the world utilizing solar energy. As the founder of the SolarStratos project, he launched the first solar panel into the stratosphere. Raphaël Garcia is a Canadian soccer player who plays as a right-back in the Canadian Premier League.


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How To Pronounce Raphael?


Famous People With The Name Raphael

  • Raphaël BohrenSwiss figure skater who won the silver and bronze medals in the Swiss National Championship
  • Raphael SaadiqAmerican singer, record producer, and R&B artist of the ‘90s
  • Raphael AlejandroCanadian child actor famous for his roles in Boss Baby and Jungle Cruise
  • Raphael SbargeAmerican actor best known for his roles in The Guardian and Once Upon a Time
  • Raphael Roy WelenskySecond and last Prime Minister of Rhodesia
  • June Diane RaphaelAmerican actress and screenwriter known for TV comedy program Burning Love

Raphael On The Popularity Chart

Raphael had few takers in the 1980s. However, the popularity of the name picked up in the early 21st century. Check out the graphs below for detailed information.

Popularity Over Time

Raphael reached its peak popularity in 2017, when 560 babies per million were given the name. Find the graphical representation for detailed insights.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Raphael was ranked high in the 1980s but saw a substantial decrease in the following years. The name Raphael saw its all-time high ranking of 12,714 in 1983.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Raphael

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