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Origin, Meaning, And History of Raymond

Raymond is a historically masculine name of French and German origin. It is believed that the German words Reginmund and Raginmund are the origins of Raymond. In German culture, Regin and Ragin meant ‘counsel’ or ‘advice,’ whereas mund signifies ‘protection.’ Speculation exists that Raymond may have originated from Latin during the Early Middle Ages.

Although Raymond is not mentioned in the Bible, it is a favorite name among Spanish saints and novelists. Saint Raymond Nonnatus, in the 13th century, was among the famous bearers of this name. He was known for his healing power and admiration of the Virgin Mary.

The famous novelist Raymond Chandler also joined the crusade to popularize Raymond in the US and worldwide. He is known for his writing skills in the detective genre, which is extremely popular today. Because of multiple cultural connotations, variations of Raymond exist today. For instance, in Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovene cultures, it is denoted as Rajmund.

In Romanian and English, it is spelled as Reimond. Interestingly, several variations exist within Dutch culture: Remon, Raemon, Ramone, Raemonn, Ramonte, Ramond, and Remone. Surprisingly, some variations in Hebrew, Irish, and Spanish cultures may be considered for both genders. For instance, Rae in Hebrew culture, Ré in Irish culture, and Rey in Spanish culture are gender-neutral names. You may want to call your little prince by a cute nickname. Ray-Ray, Ramie, and Raymundo are some of the nicknames that are quite popular among parents.

In the famous fictional world, Raymond has been quite a popular name in literary works in Hollywood and British Hollywood. For example, the American television sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond has a main character, Raymond Barone, a chief sports writer in Newsday. The 1993 American science fiction film Demolition Man has the dictator of San Angeles named Raymond Cocteau. The British TV series The Professionals has a character who bore the name Raymond Doyle. Interestingly, the British TV series The Blacklist has a main character named Raymond Reddington.


heart image
One who protects trough his good advices
English, Germanic
 R..  Ra..  Raa..  Rai..  Ram..  Ran..  Ren.. 

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Famous People With The Name Raymond

  • Raymond Thomas BaileyAmerican actor best known for his role in the series The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Raymond Clevie Carver Jr.American poet and short story writer who won five O. Henry Awards
  • Raymond Frederick HarryhausenAmerican-British animator who won the Gordon E. Sawyer Award (lifetime Oscar Award)
  • Raymond KaskeyAmerican architect and sculptor who won the Henry Hering Medal from the National Sculpture Society
  • Raymond Davis Jr.American physicist and chemist who shared the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics for detecting neutrinos emitted from the Sun
  • Raymond George HerbAmerican professor of nuclear physics who won the Bonner Prize in 1968
  • Raymond Leroy MurrayAmerican Marine Corps Officer who earned two Navy Crosses
  • Raymond KurzweilAmerican computer scientist who won the Grace Murray Hopper Award in 1978

Raymond On The Popularity Chart

The graph by the Social Security Administration provides detailed insights on the popularity and ranking of the name Raymond.

Popularity Over Time

Over the years, Raymond’s popularity has been consistently decreasing. Check the graph to understand more.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

With the decreasing popularity, Raymond’s ranking for naming babies has also significantly dropped over the years.

Source: Social Security Administration

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