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Origin, Meaning, And History of Rebecca

Originating from the Hebrew language and the word Rivkah, Rebecca is a classic feminine name. The name is derived from the Hebrew translation of the verb ‘rbq,’ meaning ‘to tie firmly.’ Jones’s Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names refers to Rebecca as ‘captivating beauty,’ ‘to tie,’ or ‘to bind.’ It is also derived from the Late Latin and Greek word Rhebekka, which further comes from ribbqāh, of Hebrew origin, and rabak, meaning ‘noose,’ ‘to tie,’ or ‘to bind.’

The Hebrew Bible, which is the Old Testament for Christians, mentions Rebecca for the first time as the wife of Isaac, the second biblical patriarch. Rebecca symbolizes the power of faith and love in marriage. She instills a passion for womanhood with her courteous, helpful nature and managing her family.

The English Protestants’ colonization of New England in the United States of America introduced Rebecca to the American people. As a result, the name was heavily favored in the late 19th Century, when it featured in the top 200 names for girls.

Rebecca does not have many distinct variations except for differences in its spellings belonging to different cultures. For instance, in Arabic, it can be called Rabqa and Rafiqa, while in French, it is denoted as Rebeque and Rébecca. Similarly, in Greek, it is known as Revekka and Revecca, whereas in Romanian, it is called Reveica.

If you want to call your little one by a cute nickname, Becca, Bec, Reba, Rebs, Becky, Beckie, Bex, and Becki are some trendy choices among parents.

The fictional presence of Rebecca is increasing in many literary works such as movies, series, and animated series. In addition, it has been incorporated into popular culture due to the Marvel comic character, the Hulk, whose mother is named Rebecca Banner.

Other fictional characters include Rebecca Anne January, a character in the American comic and television franchise The Boys; and Rebecca Harper, a character in the ABC television series Brothers & Sisters.


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How To Pronounce Rebecca?


Famous People With The Name Rebecca

  • Rebecca AdamsonAmerican advocate who was the founder of the First Nations Development Institute
  • Rebecca AguilarAmerican journalist who was named Broadcast Journalist of the Year in 2007
  • Rebecca Ann AlexanderAmerican author and psychotherapist who was awarded the Helen Keller Achievement Award in 2016
  • Rebecca Jo BudigAmerican television presenter and actress who won Outstanding Younger Lead Actress in 2003 for her role in the series All My Children
  • Rebecca A. Hare CokleyAmerican disability rights activist who won the Frank Harkin Memorial Award from the National Council on Independent Living
  • Rebecca Lee EdigerAmerican Secret Service administrator who won the Special Award for Distinguished Service to the Executive Office of the President in 2001
  • Rebecca Freja GoldinAmerican mathematician who was the inaugural winner of the Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize in 2007
  • Rebecca Ann HerbstAmerican actress who won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress in 1999

Rebecca On The Popularity Chart

According to the Social Security Administration graphs, Rebecca had peak popularity until the 2000s and tanked later. Let us take a look at the charts for more profound insight.

Popularity Over Time

Until the mid-1990s, Rebecca was a prevalent name among parents, where in 1996, 10627 babies per million were named. Check out the graph to follow the decrease in its popularity.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Correlating the popularity of the name, Rebecca has been among the 12th most famous names in 1981 but reduced to 304th in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Rebecca

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Names With Similar Meaning As Rebecca

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Name Numerology For Rebecca

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