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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Ren

Ren is primarily a name of Japanese origin. Based on its pronunciation, in Japanese, Ren’s meaning is ‘lotus blossom’ or ‘love.’ However, Ren may also be a Latin word that signifies ‘rebirth.’ It also has Swedish roots, where it denotes purity and cleanliness. According to its Chinese origin, the name translates to ‘benevolence and compassion.’

The lotus blossom is regarded as the Buddhist emblem of holiness and purity in Japanese culture, making the name Ren all the more significant and precious. Several Eastern cultures and faiths equate the lotus flower with innocence, change, renewal, and enlightenment. In Buddhist traditions, the lotus blossom has special spiritual significance since it is thought to represent enlightenment and the prospect of the Buddha’s benevolence. The flower generally grows in dirty water, making it a symbol of cleanliness of both body and mind, spiritual formation, and divided birth.

Ren is a gender-neutral name. René is a common variant of the name used in French. Renn is another popular variant, and Renée is the feminine version. Rain, Rayn, Rein, Renn, Rhen, Rian, and Rien are a few more name pronunciations.

The name has also remained prominent in the fictional world. Some examples include Ren, the popular heroine from the fantasy web series “Ren: The Girl with the Mark” by Kate Madison’s Mythica Entertainment; Ren, son of Primus, who is the protagonist of the animated series “The Pirates of Dark Water,” and most prominently Ren, a character in the Star Wars franchise. In Star Wars, Ren was a historical name among the Knights of Ren, associated with dominance. At the time of the Imperial Age, Ren, a human male, was in charge of the Knights and received The Ren, a red lightsaber, from a person with the same name.

Thus, Ren is a unique name with great popularity and meaningful significance that can make a perfect choice for your baby.


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The love of the lotus
 R..  Ra..  Raa..  Ram..  Rae..  Rah..  Rai.. 

How To Pronounce Ren?


Famous People With The Name Ren

  • Ren OsugiJapanese actor who was given the Best Supporting Actor award at the 1999 Yokohama Film Festival
  • Ren OzawaJapanese actor and singer who starred in the television drama “Dansui!” and winner of the Grand Prix prize in 2013
  • Ren MeguroJapanese singer and actor who is a member of the idol group “Snow Man”
  • Ren OmagariJapanese baseball player and a pitcher for the Saitama Seibu Lions of Nippon Professional Baseball

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