215 Romanian Baby Names With Meanings

In the second century, Dacia, which is known by the name Romania today, was turned into a Roman province. This led to the evolution of Romanian language, which was a mix of Latin and native tongues. The Germans, Bulgarians, and Slavic also left their mark on the Romanian language after their attempt at invasion. This resulted in a rich legacy of language, which is reflected in the different cultural groups.

Just like the language, even the Romanian names have a variety of origins – Slavic, Latin, German, Greek, Hungarian, and names of neighboring countries. Since Romania has a huge population of Catholics, some names are inspired by Bible, saints, and historical figures as well.

A Romanian name consists of a given name and a surname. The given name or names are usually chosen by the parents of the baby. In the case of more than one given name, the first one is used in daily life and the second one is used solely on official documents. A Romanian baby boy name ends in a consonant or any other vowel except ‘a’. And the female baby names end mostly in ‘a’.

Below is MomJunction's exhaustive collection of Romanian baby names with meanings. The names listed here are extremely popular in Romania.

AlexandraShelter provider Of MankindGirl
AlexandruOld Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name AlexanderBoy
AnaGracious and satisfyingGirl
AndreeaOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; Defender of men; A variant of AndreaGirl
AndreiOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndreBoy
AntoniaA beautiful human being who are praiseworthyGirl
CristianRomanian form of "Christianity"; Disciple of ChristBoy
DariaTrustworthy natured personGirl
DariusRich and KindBoy
DavidA beloved friendBoy
ElenaGreek name Helen; bright oneGirl
GabrielGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
IonutIonut is Romanian form of John and means God Is gracious.Boy
JoannaHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; God has shown mercy; A variant form of JaneGirl
LucaPlace name, a region in southern ItalyBoy
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirl
Mihaithere is none like the great God.Boy
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
AgrapinaA girl who is born feet first.Girl
AgripinaA variant of Agrapina, meaning one who is born feet first.Girl
AlexandreinaA variant of Alexandra, meaning man's defender.Girl
AnatolieOne from the east.Boy
AndradaRomanian version of Andrea, meaning 'man'.Girl
AngelikaLike an angel.Girl
AnghelThe Romanian form of Angel, meaning angel.Boy
AnicutaA variant of Ana, meaning God is gracious.Girl
AntanasiaOne who will be reborn, immortal.Girl
ArsenieArsenie is a variation of Arsenia and means virile.Girl
AtanaseThe Romanian form of Athanasius, meaning immortal.Boy
AvramHebrew - Father of multitude; High Father; Derivative of name AbrahamBoy
BenedikteBenedikte is a variant of the name Benedict and means blessed.Boy
BenediktoA variant of Benedict, meaning blessed.Boy
BogdiBogdi is a derivative of Bogdan and means given by God.Boy
BoianOne who is soldier or a warrior.Boy
ByniA Roman cognomen meaning SabineGirl
CatinaA chaste and innocent girlGirl
CaturixThe Helveti war GodBoy
CiciOne born at day break.Girl
CiprianaA woman from Cyprus.Girl
CodrinOf the forest.Boy
CorneliuRomanian form of Cornelius, meaning 'horn'.Boy
CostacheRomanian form of Constantin, meaning constant, steadfast.Boy
CrinaLily flowerGirl
CristoforRomanian form of Christopher, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
DacianaRoman name; full of strengthGirl
DanutThe Romanian form of Daniel. It means beloved.Boy
DecebalOne who is strong and powerful.Boy
DelaDela is a variant of the name Andrew and means manly and brave.Boy
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