105 Romanian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AlexandruOld Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name AlexanderBoy
AndreiOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndreBoy
CristianRomanian form of "Christianity"; Disciple of ChristBoy
DariusRich and KindBoy
DavidA beloved friendBoy
GabrielGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
IonutIonut is Romanian form of John and means God Is gracious.Boy
LucaPlace name, a region in southern ItalyBoy
Mihaithere is none like the great God.Boy
AnatolieOne from the east.Boy
AnghelThe Romanian form of Angel, meaning angel.Boy
AtanaseThe Romanian form of Athanasius, meaning immortal.Boy
AvramHebrew - Father of multitude; High Father; Derivative of name AbrahamBoy
BenedikteBenedikte is a variant of the name Benedict and means blessed.Boy
BenediktoA variant of Benedict, meaning blessed.Boy
BogdiBogdi is a derivative of Bogdan and means given by God.Boy
BoianOne who is soldier or a warrior.Boy
CaturixThe Helveti war GodBoy
CodrinOf the forest.Boy
CorneliuRomanian form of Cornelius, meaning 'horn'.Boy
CostacheRomanian form of Constantin, meaning constant, steadfast.Boy
CristoforRomanian form of Christopher, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
DanutThe Romanian form of Daniel. It means beloved.Boy
DecebalOne who is strong and powerful.Boy
DelaDela is a variant of the name Andrew and means manly and brave.Boy
DenisRomanian form of Dionysus, meaning 'Greek God of wine'.Boy
DinuA variant of Dionisie, meaning Greek god of wine.Boy
DionisieRomanian form of Dionysus, meaning 'Greek God of wine'.Boy
DorinAn individual who is determined yet tender heartedBoy
DraculThe dragon, or someone evil.Boy
DumitruA silversmith; in a creative fieldBoy
FerkaFrenchman or French.Boy
FioraA blossomed flower; Roman Goddess of SpringBoy
FlaviuRomanian form of Flavius, meaning golden or yellow haired.Boy
FlorinDiminutive of Latin Fiore, it means a flowerBoy
GarridanThe one who keeps secrets within himself.Boy
GeofriPeaceful rulerBoy
GhenadieRomanian form of Gennadias, meaning noble, and generous.Boy
GheorgheOccupational name means farmerBoy
GodoiredGodoired is a variant of the name Godfrey and means God's peaceful ruler.Boy
GrigoreRomanian form of Gregory, meaning watchful or alert.Boy
HaralambRomanian form of Charalampos, meaning to shine from happiness.Boy
HoratiuRomanian form of Horatius, meaning hour, time or season.Boy
HoreaA type of circle dance.Boy
IancuRomanian form of John, meaning Yahweh is gracious.Boy
IleiMy God is YahwehBoy
IonA variant of Ioanenes, meaning God is gracious.Boy
IonatanRomanian form of Yownathan, meaning God has given.Boy
Ionel"Pet form of the name Ioan, meaning ""God is gracious"Boy
IorghuRomanian form of the name Georgios, meaning earth-worker or farmer.Boy
IosifRomanian form of Joseph, meaning God shall add (another son).Boy
IosuaIosua is a variant form of the English Joshua Yahweh is salvation.Boy
IulianRomanian version of the name Julian, meaning youthful.Boy
IuliuRomanian form of Julianus, meaning descended from Jupiter.Boy
IvantieA glorious gift.Boy
KronidKronid is a form of the name Kronos and means crow.Boy
LadinasThe name means Warrior ChiefBoy
LaurentiuRomanian form of Laurentius, meaning laurel.Boy
LiviuA man who envies othersBoy
MarkuRomanian form of Marcus, meaning defense or of the sea.Boy
MihaitaPet form of Mihai, meaning who is like God?Boy
MihalMihal is Romanian version of Michael and means who is like God?Boy
MihasMihas is a form of Michael and means who is like God.Boy
MirceaA peace loving person, who brings peaceBoy
MiticaNickname of Dumitru, meaning loves the earth or follower of Demeter.Boy
NandruRomanian form of Frithnanth, meaning ardent for peace.Boy
NeculaiRomanian form of Nikolaos, meaning victor of the people.Boy
NeluRomanian pet form of Ion, meaning God is gracious.Boy
NicuPet form of the name Nicolae, meaning victor of the people.Boy
NicusorPet form of the name Nicolæ, meaning victor of the people.Boy
OmorThe person who attempts killing act.Boy
PompiliuRomanian form of Pompilius, meaning display, solemn procession.Boy
RadutRadut is a form of the Romanian Radu and means happy.Boy
RadutuA happy man.Boy
RasvanRasvan is a variant of Razvan and means bringer of good news.Boy
RazvanOne who brings good newsBoy
SerbanSomeone from Serbia.Boy
SergheiRomanian version of the name Sergey, meaning protector or shepherd.Boy
SergiuA form of Serghei, possibly sergeant.Boy
SilviuRomanian variant of Silvius, meaning forest or woods.Boy
SimionRomanian form of Simeon, meaning to listen.Boy
SimuOne who listens intently.Boy
SkenderRomanian form of Alexandros, meaning defender of mankind.Boy
SorinHe is like the SunBoy
SpiridonSpiridon is a derivative of Spyridon and means spirit.Boy
StefanStefan is the Romanian form of Stephen and means crown.Boy
StelianRomanian form of Stylianos, meaning pillar.Boy
TimoteiA person who honours the GodBoy
TomaRomanian form of Tomas, meaning twin.Boy
UtaMan who prospers in battles.Boy
ValeriuRomanian form of Valerius, meaning to be healthy, to be strong.Boy
ValiPet form of Valeriu, meaning to be healthy and strong.Boy
VarujanBird of prey.Boy
VasileRomanian form of Vasilios, meaning king.Boy
VasilicaPet form of Romanian Vasile, meaning king.Boy
VeaceslavRomanian form of Vaclav, meaning more glory.Boy
VilhelmRomanian form of William, meaning resolute defender.Boy
ViorelBluebell flowerBoy
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