216 Romanian Baby Names With Meanings

In the second century, Dacia, which is known by the name Romania today, was turned into a Roman province. This led to the evolution of Romanian language, which was a mix of Latin and native tongues. The Germans, Bulgarians, and Slavic also left their mark on the Romanian language after their attempt at invasion. This resulted in a rich legacy of language, which is reflected in the different cultural groups.

Just like the language, even the Romanian names have a variety of origins – Slavic, Latin, German, Greek, Hungarian, and names of neighboring countries. Since Romania has a huge population of Catholics, some names are inspired by Bible, saints, and historical figures as well.

A Romanian name consists of a given name and a surname. The given name or names are usually chosen by the parents of the baby. In the case of more than one given name, the first one is used in daily life and the second one is used solely on official documents. A Romanian baby boy name ends in a consonant or any other vowel except ‘a’. And the female baby names end mostly in ‘a’.

Below is MomJunction's exhaustive collection of Romanian baby names with meanings. The names listed here are extremely popular in Romania.

IuliuRomanian form of Julianus, meaning descended from Jupiter.Boy
IvantieA glorious gift.Boy
IvonaGift from GodGirl
IzabelaA variant of Isabella, meaning devoted to God.Girl
Julianithey focus on their physical appearance and posess many capabilities. They are noble, generous and kind.Girl
KronidKronid is a form of the name Kronos and means crow.Boy
LacramioaraLily of the ValleyGirl
LadinasThe name means Warrior ChiefBoy
LaurentiuRomanian form of Laurentius, meaning laurel.Boy
LenutaA mild natured woman.Girl
LeraeStrong and brave person, from the name ValeriusGirl
LipaA lover of horses, or friend of horses.Girl
LiviuA man who envies othersBoy
LuminitaLittle light.Girl
MaricaraA sea of bitterness, or rebelliousness.Girl
MarioaraA wished childGirl
MariutzaA dark-skinned woman.Girl
MarkuRomanian form of Marcus, meaning defense or of the sea.Boy
MihaitaPet form of Mihai, meaning who is like God?Boy
MihalMihal is Romanian version of Michael and means who is like God?Boy
MihasMihas is a form of Michael and means who is like God.Boy
MinodoraA variant of Menodora, meaning gift.Girl
MirceaA peace loving person, who brings peaceBoy
MirianaA variant of Mira, meaning wonderful.Girl
MiticaNickname of Dumitru, meaning loves the earth or follower of Demeter.Boy
NandruRomanian form of Frithnanth, meaning ardent for peace.Boy
NeculaiRomanian form of Nikolaos, meaning victor of the people.Boy
NeluRomanian pet form of Ion, meaning God is gracious.Boy
NicoletaTitle winner of the nation.Girl
NicuPet form of the name Nicolae, meaning victor of the people.Boy
NicusorPet form of the name Nicolæ, meaning victor of the people.Boy
OanaA very fascinating light, a light full of charm.Girl
OdetaBlue seaGirl
OmorThe person who attempts killing act.Boy
PetronelaPetronela is the Romanian version of Petronilla and means rock.Girl
PompiliuRomanian form of Pompilius, meaning display, solemn procession.Boy
RadutRadut is a form of the Romanian Radu and means happy.Boy
RadutuA happy man.Boy
RasvanRasvan is a variant of Razvan and means bringer of good news.Boy
RazvanOne who brings good newsBoy
ReliaA variant of Aurelia, meaning gold.Girl
RodicaA fertile womanGirl
RomanitzaOne from Rome.Girl
RuxandraA variant of Roxana, meaning bright or dawn.Girl
SerbanSomeone from Serbia.Boy
SergheiRomanian version of the name Sergey, meaning protector or shepherd.Boy
SergiuA form of Serghei, possibly sergeant.Boy
ShimekaA beautiful princessGirl
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