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Origin, Meaning, And History Of  Rue

Rue is a unisex name of Hebrew origin and is derived from the word ‘Ruth,’ meaning ‘companion’ or ‘neighbour.’ Since the name has multiple origins, it means different in different languages. Rue in English is often referred to as ‘Regret,’ while in Greek, it means ‘sadness,’ or ‘heartbreak’.

The name Rue also can be derived from the herb Common Rue, also known as the herb of grace. The religion associated with the name Rue is Judaism. Just like the origins, Rue has multiple variations across different cultures and languages. Common name variants include Rew, Rowe, Ruey, Roo, Ruru, Rue-ski, Ruelette, and Ruth.

The name Rue is pronounced as ‘ROO.’ It hasn’t gained much popularity in the US owing to its bitter meaning. According to the Social Security Administration data, the moniker could never reach the top 1000 names in the popularity charts in the US. However, with time, people are selecting the name for its positive meanings.

Rue is also used as a middle and surname in various nations. The name was first recorded in 1896 when it was given to 10 babies. From 1959 until 2018, the name was mentioned in the public database 294 times only.

Rue, however, has made an impact on popular culture. Some references to the name in popular culture include Rue, the main character in the game ‘Threads of Fate,’ and Rue Bennett, the main character from the Television show ‘Euphoria.’ Rue is a character from the game ‘Magna Carta 2.’ Rue also appears in the animated series “Princess Tutu’ and the movie series and book ‘The Hunger Games,’ where Rue is a prominent character.

Talking about popular namesakes, Rue Mcclanahan is an American actress and Emmy Award winner, well-known for her roles in the television series Maude and the Golden Girls.’ Loyal Rue is an American philosopher of religion and recipient of two John Templeton Foundation fellowships.


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Hebrew - Friend; Companion; Neighbor; Herb Of Grace; A variant form of name Ruth
 R..  Ra..  Raa..  Rae..  Rah..  Ray..  Ree.. 

How To Pronounce Rue?


Famous People With The Name Rue

  • Rue McClanahanAmerican Actress best known for her role on TV as Vivian Harmon on Maude
  • Joe RueAmerican baseball umpire who umpired 1,519 major league games
  • Rue ProtzerGerman Guitarist and Jazz Composer
  • Loyal RueAmerican philosopher of religion and recipient of two John Templeton Foundation fellowships.
  • Rosemary RueBritish Doctoro who introduced a part-time training scheme for women doctors

Rue On The Popularity Chart

As a given name, Rue had witnessed highs and lows in its popularity. To gain more insight into how the name Rue has performed on the popularity charts, take a look at the graphical representation below.

Popularity Over Time

Rue is a rarely popular name in the US. Check out the graph below to learn more.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Rue stands at the 6301st most popular baby boy name and 1739th most popular baby girl name in the US. In 2021, only 13 baby boys and 117 baby girls were named Rue. Check out the graph for more details.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Rue sounds cute. Here are some similar-sounding variations of Rue that you can opt for your baby boy or girl.

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Name Numerology For Rue

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