583 Russian Baby Names With Meanings


Selecting a Russian baby name for your bundle of joy can be challenging, considering the number of options available. But our list will help you find some of the most appealing Russian baby names with meanings. Russian names follow the order of given or first name, a patronymic name, and a surname. The first name is given soon after the birth of the child. The patronymic name, which is a suffix according to the gender, is derived from the father’s first name and applies to both genders but with different endings. For boys, the patronymic typically ends with -ovich ('son of'), -evich, or -yevich. For instance, if the father's name is Ivan, his son's patronymic would be Ivanovich. On the other hand, for girls, the patronymic would end in -ovna ('daughter of'), -evna, or -yevna. Here, if the father's name is Ivan, his daughter's patronymic would be Ivanovna (1). And just like other cultures, Russian surnames are family names handed down from generation to generation. Russian names were originally composed in the Cyrillic script. When transliterated into the Western alphabet, various methods were employed, which led to some discrepancies in the English spelling of Russian names (1). In Russia, each personal name typically boasts a wide array of nicknames, with numerous diminutives and suffixes (2). This results in a plethora of potential nicknames for a single name, resulting in dozens of possibilities. While most Russian baby names originated in Russia, some names are taken from the Greek language as well, especially names from the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Some parents even combine two names to create a unique name for their baby. However, Russian baby names showcase cultural pride and identity to the nation's rich past, making them a popular choice for parents seeking meaningful names for their children. Below is the list of these names.

heart image Abihail Baby Girl Sign Girl The rejoice of my Yahweh
heart image Abrasha Baby Boy Sign Boy Yiddish form of Abraham, meaning Father of a multitudes
heart image Aelita Baby Girl Sign Girl Starlight seen for the last time
heart image Agata Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is good at heart and mind; Pure; Kind; Gentle; A nature lover
heart image Aizel Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Strong
heart image Akilina Baby Girl Sign Girl Eaglelike; a person who is very powerful
heart image Akim Baby Boy Sign Boy God will establish; The Lord exalts
heart image Aksana Baby Girl Sign Girl God's gift
heart image Alek Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of Men; A variant of name Alec and Alexander
heart image Alekai Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Protector; Defender
heart image Aleksandr Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
heart image Aleksei Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of Men; Defender; A variant of name Alexander
heart image Alena Baby Girl Sign Girl Torch; Corposant; Tower; Moon
heart image Aleona Baby Girl Sign Girl Light or shining
heart image Aleshka Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender of mankind
heart image Alesya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Noble; Graceful; Beautiful
heart image Alex Baby Boy Sign Boy To defend; To protect
heart image Alexei Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of men; Defender; A variant of name Alexander
heart image Alina Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Bright
heart image Alisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble kind
heart image Alishka Baby Girl Sign Girl Rational; Noble
heart image Alla Baby Girl Sign Girl Of a noble kind; Defender of men; A derivative of Alice
heart image Alleya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Exalted; Sublime
heart image Alya Baby Girl Sign Girl Sky; Heaven
heart image Anastasia Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection; Coming again
heart image Anastasiy Baby Boy Sign Boy Bulgarian form of Anastasius; To resurrect
heart image Anastasiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection
heart image Anastassia Baby Girl Sign Girl Estonian form of Anastasia; Resurrection
heart image Anatoli Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful and warm sunrise
heart image Andrei Baby Boy Sign Boy Courageous; Enduring
heart image Andrej Baby Boy Sign Boy Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andreas
heart image Andrian Baby Boy Sign Boy Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant of name Adrian
heart image Andros Baby Boy Sign Boy A born warrior; Manly and brave
heart image Angela Baby Girl Sign Girl Messenger; Angel
heart image Angelica Baby Girl Sign Girl Messenger of God; Angelic
heart image Angelina Baby Girl Sign Girl Messenger of God; Angelic
heart image Ania Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful young girl; Favor; Merciful
heart image Aniska Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Mystical; Graceful
heart image Aniyah Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Aniyyah Baby Girl Sign Girl A loving and concerning favor from God
heart image Anja Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace
heart image Annik Baby Girl Sign Girl God was gracious; God has shown favor; Pure; Chaste; Grace; It is a variation of Anna
heart image Annika Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Grace; Favor
heart image Anoushka Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; A favour
heart image Anouska Baby Girl Sign Girl A weary and gracious one
heart image Antanasia Baby Girl Sign Girl One who will be reborn; Immortal
heart image Antosha Baby Boy Sign Boy Invaluable; Priceless; Inestimable
heart image Anya Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; Favored by God
heart image Arina Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace
heart image Arman Baby Boy Sign Boy Desire; Hope; Warrior
heart image Armen Baby Boy Sign Boy Soldier
heart image Artem Baby Boy Sign Boy Shorter version of Artemas; Variant of Artemis
heart image Asja Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Anastasia; Resurrection
heart image Asya Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace
heart image Atasha Baby Girl Sign Girl Llike fire; Reborn
heart image Avdotya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is very difficult to resist; Relaxing
heart image Avgust Baby Boy Sign Boy Great
heart image Avraam Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of many
heart image Avrora Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn or morning light
heart image Balanchine Baby Boy Sign Boy Russian born United States dancer and choreographer
heart image Baranan Baby Boy Sign Boy Ram
heart image Bayusha Baby Girl Sign Girl A place name in Moldova
heart image Bela Baby Girl Sign Girl Time; One who lives inside the heart
heart image Benedikt Baby Boy Sign Boy Happy; Blessed; A title for a beatified person
heart image Biserka Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Bogdan Baby Boy Sign Boy Given by God; A Godsent person
heart image Bogdana Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is god-given
heart image Bohdanko Baby Boy Sign Boy God's gift
heart image Bojana Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is a fighter in the battles
heart image Borislava Baby Girl Sign Girl Battle glory; Feminine form of Borislav
heart image Bronya Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who gives protection
heart image Bubley Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is from Babylon; A surname
heart image Burian Baby Boy Sign Boy Lives near the weeds
heart image Calina Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful young woman
heart image Czar Baby Boy Sign Boy A born emperor
heart image Czarina Baby Girl Sign Girl A born Empress
heart image Damien Baby Boy Sign Boy Master; To tame; Divine power
heart image Damir Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace given
heart image Damyan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who tames
heart image Damyon Baby Boy Sign Boy A legendary son and ruler
heart image Daniell Baby Girl Sign Girl God protects all
heart image Daniil Baby Girl Sign Girl God is a judge who rules
heart image Danil Baby Boy Sign Boy A Judge
heart image Danila Baby Boy Sign Boy God is a judge
heart image Danya Baby Boy Sign Boy A darling individual
heart image Daria Baby Girl Sign Girl To possess
heart image Darya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is good
heart image Dascha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Gift of God
heart image Dasha Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift sent from God
heart image Dema Baby Girl Sign Girl Rain bearing; Earth mother
heart image Demyan Baby Boy Sign Boy A confident and super excited being
heart image Destini Baby Girl Sign Girl Fate, destiny
heart image Dima Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong fighter
heart image Dimitre Baby Boy Sign Boy An earth lover who loves adventure
heart image Dimitri Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth lover; Follower of Demeter
heart image Dimitur Baby Boy Sign Boy Variation of Demeter; Earth
heart image Dimity Baby Boy Sign Boy Of double thread; A type of cotton cloth
heart image Dinara Baby Girl Sign Girl A treasured individual; a sensitive person
heart image Dmitri Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth lover; Devotee of Demeter
heart image Dmitriy Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth lover; Greek goddess of harvest
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Russian baby names offer a diverse range of options, reflecting the nation's vast geography and varied influences. With a perfect blend of tradition and modernism, Russian baby names possess a unique charm that resonate globally and serve as a reminder of the country's cultural heritage. Whether parents seek names to honor their native roots or simply admire the elegant sounds, Russian baby names provide a captivating array of choices that will continue to allure parents worldwide.

Infographic: Awe-Inspiring Russian Baby Names With Meanings

Russia is a land of rich history and vibrant culture. It is no wonder the names from the country are distinctive and have an exotic touch to them. Many parents consider Russian names for their specialness and charm. Explore the infographic below, where we present the finest Russian baby names you may consider when naming your baby.

ravishing russian names for boys and girls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Russian male names mean warrior?

Examples of Russian names meaning ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior’ for boys include Arman (warrior), Igor (warrior, army), and Andrii (warrior, manly).

2. What Russian names mean star, moon, and angel?

Russian baby names that are inspired by celestial bodies such as moon or stars include Svetlana (meaning star), Yelena (meaning moon), Anzhelina (meaning angel), Luna (meaning moon), and Anzhela (meaning angel or messenger).

3. Is Yuri a Russian name?

Yes. Yuri is a Russian boy's name that means ‘farmer.’ It is also commonly used in the Belarusian and Ukrainian languages.

4. Are there any traditional naming conventions or customs for Russian names?

Yes. Naming conventions do exist in Russian culture. According to the conventions, Russian names are structured as [first name] [middle patronymic name] [SURNAME]. The middle patronymic name is created by adding the suffixes ‘vich’ or ‘ovich’ for boys and “avna” or “ovna” for girls, after the father’s name.

5. Are there any famous or notable people in Russia with unique or interesting names?

Famous Russian people with unique names include Vladimir Putin (the current president of Russia), Mikhail Gorbachev (the eighth and final leader of the Soviet Union), and Alexander Ovechkin (captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League). The others include Pyotr Tchaikovsky (music composer of the Romantic period), Maya Plisetskaya (an international ballet sensation), and Yuri Gagarin (the first man to travel to outer space).

6. How have Russian names evolved over time and what influences have shaped them?

The changes in the Russian naming patterns can be dated back to the pre-Christian era. Russian names have changed over time due to the October Revolution and the adoption of Christianity, characterized by the elimination of differences between canonical, calendar, and non-calendar names, active borrowing, and active name construction.


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