146 Russian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AnastassiaEstonian form of Anastasia. It means resurrection.Girl
AnyaNightless; the one who is bright and shiningGirl
DariaTrustworthy natured personGirl
JulieLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Feminine Form Of Julian; A variant of JuliaGirl
KateKate means ClearGirl
KatiyaKatiya means Perfect, PureGirl
MaryaA Russian variant of name Maria, meaning rebelliusnessGirl
NastyaAct of resurrectionGirl
NikitaUnbeatable, supreme, invincible, indomitable.Unisex
OlgaThe holy lightGirl
AbihailThe rejoice of my YahwehGirl
AkilinaEaglelike; a person who is very powerfulGirl
AlinaBeautiful, BrightGirl
AnastasiyaBulgarian version of Anastasia, meaning to resurrect.Girl
AniyahA loving and concerned human being who is a favour from GodGirl
AniyyahA loving and concerning favour from GodGirl
AnjaVariation of Anna; they are gracious beingsGirl
AnnieVariation of Hannah; a beautiful prayerGirl
AntanasiaOne who will be reborn, immortal.Girl
AsjaA form of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.Girl
AvdotyaOne who is very difficult to resist and is relaxingGirl
BayushaA place name in MoldovaGirl
BogdanaA woman who is god-givenGirl
BorislavaFeminine form of Borislav, meaning famous battle.Girl
BubleyOne who is from Babylon. A surnameUnisex
CalinaA most beautiful young womanGirl
CzarinaA born EmpressGirl
DinaraA treasured individual; a sensitive personGirl
DunyaBeautful and smart human beingGirl
EkaterinaOne who is innocent and pureGirl
ElizavetaA devoted individual; they are everywhereGirl
Emiliyait means to work hard.Girl
Esfiran ancient goddess.Girl
Evalife or living one.Girl
EvgeniyaA woman who is good by burthGirl
FedoraShe is a divine, heavenly giftGirl
GalaThe person who is brave, happy and peaceful.Girl
HaleenaOf the lightGirl
HaleneA dedicated womanGirl
HelinThe light of the sunGirl
HelinaBright, vivid, IntelligentGirl
JalaneaForm of Jelena, means shinig lightGirl
JekaterinaA Goddess from the far offGirl
JeneuerA fair complexion ladyGirl
KatenkaKatenka means Torture or PureGirl
KaterinaKaterina means The Pure and the ClearGirl
KatiaKatia means Clean, Pure, PlainGirl
KatjaKatja means Neat, Natural, PureGirl
KatryaPure, a pure and chaste womanGirl
KiraKira means Far sightedGirl
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