302 Russian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

A fair proportion of Russian names are orthodox Christian names, and the others include Pre-Christian Slavic names, Communist names and names derived from ethnic minorities of Russia. Some names are recognizable versions of classic American names such as Lizabeta for Elizabeth and, Annika for Ann.

Russian parents believe that giving the best name can offer the baby the best start to her life.

So, if you are fond of Russia’s soviet culture, have Russian ancestry, or keen on giving Russsian name to your baby girl, you should check the following list.

KiraThrone or Russian variation of CyrusGirl
KlarikaThe name means Bright and FamousGirl
KseniaKsenia means hospitalityGirl
KseniyaThe name means StrangerGirl
LadaLada is the name of pagan Slavic Goddes of Love, means maiden, GirlGirl
LaikaLaika means BarkerGirl
LaraA famous person who is notable to manyGirl
LarisaA citadel, bastion or fortificationGirl
LarissaA safe protected place, like a citadel of a fortressGirl
LatonyaFrom the name Tonya with the popular prefix LaGirl
LaurissaVariation of the name Laurel, laurel treeGirl
LavraOne crowned with a crown of laurel tree leavesGirl
LeraA an allusion to the Vergin MaryGirl
LesyaDefender, helper, liberator of menGirl
LevkaRussian name for LionessGirl
LiaA weary mistress or rulerGirl
LidaA person from Lydia, a region in Asia MinorGirl
LidiaA person who is from Lydia, that is a Greek word for a region in AsiaGirl
LidijaShe who is from an ancient Kingdom of LydiaGirl
LidiyaOne who comes from ancient Lydia in Asian MinorGirl
LieveA Woman with a heart as brave as a Lion'sGirl
LiliaVariation of the name Lily, flower name symbolising purityGirl
LiliyaRussian cognate og Lily, folwer lilyGirl
LiyaShe is one with the GodGirl
LizabetaA woaman who is consecrated to GodGirl
LubaSlavic word for LoveGirl
LubbaA feeling of deep loveGirl
LudaLove of the peopleGirl
LudmillaThe one who loves peopleGirl
LydieA Maiden from Lydia, GreeceGirl
LyubaThe one who lovesGirl
LyubovTo love othersGirl
LyudmilaA dear person who loves and feels deeplyGirl
MadelinaHebrew - Of Magdala; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MaiyaJapanese name meaning rice valleyGirl
MakaraA blessed person. Mostly used as a surnameGirl
ManyaA bitter personGirl
MarfaA mistress, a ladyGirl
MarinaA woman of the seaGirl
MarishaA melancholy, bitter individualGirl
MaryanaA Russian form of the name Mariana, meaning pearlGirl
MashaA Russian name meaning bitterGirl
MelanaMurky, no brightness or light at allGirl
Michawho can reach God's placeUnisex
MikaIn Hebrew, it means a gift from the Almighty. In Japanese, it means the beautiful fragrance.Girl
MilaA Gracious or a beautiful dearGirl
MilaslavaOne who likes or wants to be glorifiedGirl
MischaA variant of Michael, a messenger of the God.Girl
MischkaThe God's beloved and closest angelGirl
MishaThe message bearer from the GodUnisex
MishayThe one who carries God's messageGirl
MishayeOne who carry the important message of the GodGirl
MityaThe god of Earth, mother of earthGirl
MonjaOne who wished for a virgin motherGirl
MylaSoldier or MercifulGirl
NadaThe one who is pleasing or valuable or useful.Girl
NadegeBeing with full of hopes.Girl
NadejdaBelieving in the honesty and reliability of others.Girl
NadetteHaving the brave as a bear.Girl
NadezhdaGeneral feeling that some desire will be fulfilled.Girl
NadiaThe person who is full promises.Girl
NadiahopeA hopeful promise to othersGirl
NadiePrompted by wisdom or judgement.Girl
NadineA trustful relationship.Girl
NadjaThe person who will not give up easily.Girl
NadyaThe specific instance of feeling hopeful.Girl
NastashiaA variant of Anastasia. It means resurrection.Girl
NastasiaA martyr saint. Also name of daughter of Russian king CzarGirl
NastasyaA saint who was a martyr and came aliveGirl
NastenkaA form of Natasha, meaning resurrection.Girl
NastiaArise from the deadGirl
NataThe one who is expert in giving speech.Girl
NataliaNewcomer to this world on Christ's born day.Girl
NataliyaA woman who is blessed by God.Girl
NatalyChristmas child.Girl
NatalyaChrist birthday child.Girl
Natalyahone who born on Christmas dayGirl
NataschaSame birthday on Christmas day.Girl
NatashaThe day who came to this world.Girl
NatasiaCanadian version of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.Girl
NateshaCelebration of date of birth.Girl
NessaPeninsulas, outcrop, point, cliff.Girl
NikaThe one who is for God's purpose.Unisex
NinaThe precious talent from the most high God.Girl
OdessaThe Lord Narashimma.Girl
OksanaMeans the most beautiful women. Also a bright light.Girl
OlenaDivided moment, riven second.Girl
OlenkaSecurely placed or fastened or set.Girl
OlyaA sacred place or sacred spirit.Girl
OlyssiaOne who protects the mankindGirl
OrinaUntouched or undefiled.Girl
OxanaA stranger who bestows hospitalityGirl
PanyaOne who is crowned in victoryGirl
PashaLatin - Of Easter; To pass over; Born on Easter; A variant form of PascaleGirl
PavlaOne who undrstand and is little beingGirl
PavlinaVariation of name Paulina; a little oneGirl
PetiaFrom Petya, a female variant of Peter, which means StoneGirl
PolinaLatin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of PaulaGirl
PraskovyaPreparation; A variant spelling is PraskoviaGirl
RaisaLatin - Rose; Hebrew - Ewe; A variant of Rachel and RoseGirl
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