302 Russian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

A fair proportion of Russian names are orthodox Christian names, and the others include Pre-Christian Slavic names, Communist names and names derived from ethnic minorities of Russia. Some names are recognizable versions of classic American names such as Lizabeta for Elizabeth and, Annika for Ann.

Russian parents believe that giving the best name can offer the baby the best start to her life.

So, if you are fond of Russia’s soviet culture, have Russian ancestry, or keen on giving Russsian name to your baby girl, you should check the following list.

RaiyaA Russian name meaning heavenGirl
RashelHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RashelleHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RayiaA woman who is like a HeavenGirl
RaynaGermanic - Counsel; Advice; Latin - Queen; A variant of RainaGirl
RenaHebrew - Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name RebeccaGirl
RevekkaHebrew - Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name RebeccaGirl
RinaGreens from the Village; Song; Joy; It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolvedGirl
RoksanaShe who is bright as a downGirl
RozaOne whose beauty is compared to one of the roseGirl
RuzaShe who is a beautiful roseGirl
RuzhaRose in Bulgarian language.Girl
SaashaA defender of mankindGirl
SabibaA sabineGirl
SakoiyaA female name of Russian originGirl
SamaraShe is protected by the GodGirl
SanyaA moment in time preservedGirl
SashaA helper and defender of mankindUnisex
SashenkaShe who defendsGirl
SashyaA helper of mankindGirl
SavinaA sabineGirl
SimaA treasureGirl
SitkaA woman who comes from teh wester AlascaGirl
SlavkaShe who achieved greatnessGirl
SnezhanaA snowy womanGirl
SofiyaA wise womanGirl
SofyaA woman who is wiseGirl
SongyaA person who is wise and has wisdomGirl
StasiaA short form of anastasiaGirl
StasyaStrength, fame or firmnessGirl
SuetaShe who brings light to the worldGirl
SvetaOne who shines with the divine lightGirl
SvetlanaShe who shines brightlyGirl
SyuzannaShe who is as graceful as a lily flowerGirl
TahneeFemale ruler of an independent stateGirl
TainaFrom the house of tatiusGirl
TaisiyaFrom the greek name thais which means witty courtesanGirl
TalyaDew from godGirl
TamaShe is like a thunderGirl
TaniaName in honour of an early Christianity martyrGirl
TanisSerpent ladyUnisex
TanitaShe who is from the Tatius houseGirl
TaniyaRussian pet form of Tatiana; fairy princessGirl
TanjaA fairy princessGirl
TanyaRussian diminutive of TatianaGirl
TashaChrist's birthdayUnisex
TashiGreat accompishmentGirl
TashiaShe who is born at ChristmasGirl
TashinaA woman wearing a blanketGirl
TaskaOne who was born during Christmas.Girl
TassaTassa is a short form of Natasha, meaning born at Christmas.Girl
TassianaLatin name meaning birthdayGirl
TassieA familiar form of TasminGirl
TassyVariation of the Russian name Tassie, means born on ChristmasGirl
TasyaShe who will be reborn, short from AnastasiaGirl
TatiShort from Russian name TatianaGirl
TatiaA fairy queenGirl
TatianaQueen of the fairiesGirl
TatiannaFairy princessGirl
TatjanaA variation of Russian Tatiana, from a Latin family nameGirl
TatyanahA fairy princessGirl
TayaA short form of taylorGirl
TetyanaVariation of Tatiana, a queen of fairiesGirl
TheodosiaGiver of GodGirl
TiahnaAbbrevation of Tatiana, queen of fairiesGirl
TianaAn aunt, daughter born to royaltyUnisex
TianeShe who brings lightGirl
TiannaFrom Christiana, which means Follower of Jesus ChristGirl
TiarnaA graceful princessGirl
TiaunaVariation of Tatiana, a queen of fairiesGirl
TionaA fairy queen, a deityGirl
TionnaFrom the clan of Roman empireGirl
TonjaOne who is precious, pricelessGirl
ToraIn Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.Girl
TyannaDisciple or devotee of Jesus Christ.Girl
ValentinStrength or HealthUnisex
ValeryStrength or HealthUnisex
VanyaGracious, a woman who is graceful to God for everything.Girl
VarvaraBulgarian form of Barbara, meaning foreign.Girl
VaryaTreasure or something preciousGirl
VeneraHonorable and belovedGirl
VerochkaVerity, truthGirl
ViktoriaCroatian form of Victoria, meaning victory.Girl
YunaThe archerGirl
ZariyahName of a flower or God has favoredGirl
ZenaA hospitable womanGirl
ZenoviaA variant of Zenobia, meaning life of Zeus.Girl
ZhenyaBulgarian diminutive of Evgeniya, meaning noble.Girl
ZilyaOld Greek - Hunter; Harvester; Guardian; Women from Therasia; A derivative of the name TheresaGirl
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