29 Russian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

LadaLada is the name of pagan Slavic Goddes of Love, means maiden, GirlGirl
LaikaLaika means BarkerGirl
LaraA famous person who is notable to manyGirl
LarisaA citadel, bastion or fortificationGirl
LarissaA safe protected place, like a citadel of a fortressGirl
LatonyaFrom the name Tonya with the popular prefix LaGirl
LaurissaVariation of the name Laurel, laurel treeGirl
LavraOne crowned with a crown of laurel tree leavesGirl
LeraA an allusion to the Vergin MaryGirl
LesyaDefender, helper, liberator of menGirl
LevkaRussian name for LionessGirl
LiaA weary mistress or rulerGirl
LidaA person from Lydia, a region in Asia MinorGirl
LidiaA person who is from Lydia, that is a Greek word for a region in AsiaGirl
LidijaShe who is from an ancient Kingdom of LydiaGirl
LidiyaOne who comes from ancient Lydia in Asian MinorGirl
LieveA Woman with a heart as brave as a Lion'sGirl
LiliaVariation of the name Lily, flower name symbolising purityGirl
LiliyaRussian cognate og Lily, folwer lilyGirl
LiyaShe is one with the GodGirl
LizabetaA woaman who is consecrated to GodGirl
LubaSlavic word for LoveGirl
LubbaA feeling of deep loveGirl
LudaLove of the peopleGirl
LudmillaThe one who loves peopleGirl
LydieA Maiden from Lydia, GreeceGirl
LyubaThe one who lovesGirl
LyubovTo love othersGirl
LyudmilaA dear person who loves and feels deeplyGirl
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