465 Russian Baby Names With Meanings

Selecting a Russian baby name for your bundle of joy can be challenging, considering the number of options available. But MomJunction's baby names tool will help you find some of the most appealing Russian baby names with meanings.

Russians give three names to their kids, a given or first name, a patronymic name, and a surname. The first name is given soon after the birth of the child. The patronymic name, which is a suffix according to the gender, is derived from the father’s first name. And just like other cultures, Russian surnames are family names handed down from generation to generation.

While most of the Russian baby names originated in Russia, some names are taken from the Greek language as well, especially names from the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Some parents even combine two names to create a unique name for their baby. But the bottom line is that all these names have a rich tonal quality and interesting meanings. Below are a few examples of these names.

EdikA healthy and weallthy guardianBoy
EdmonA guardian; they are having a protective natureBoy
EfimOne who is well famedBoy
EfremThe one who is productiveBoy
EkaterinaOne who is innocent and pureGirl
ElizavetaA devoted individual; they are everywhereGirl
Emiliyait means to work hard.Girl
Esfiran ancient goddess.Girl
Evalife or living one.Girl
EvgenOne who was born goodBoy
EvgeniHe who was born goodBoy
EvgeniaShe who is born as a good personGirl
EvgeniyHe who was born as a good personBoy
EvgeniyaA woman who is good by burthGirl
FedirGift from aboveBoy
FedorA divine Gift of GodBoy
FedoraShe is a divine, heavenly giftGirl
FeliksA lucky and successful manBoy
FeodorA heavenly giftBoy
FeodoraShe who is a gift of heavenGirl
FrankaFemale form of Frank, it refers to a free womanGirl
FyodorSkills from the most holy high God.Boy
GalaThe person who is brave, happy and peaceful.Girl
GalinaSprit of quiet oceans.Girl
GanyaGarden of the lordGirl
GaraldThe commander who rules the troop with a spear.Boy
GaroldA ruler who controls the army with a spearBoy
GashaOne who is very kind to others and possessing best qualities.Girl
GedeonRefers to a slayer or killer.Boy
GeniRefers to noble birth.Boy
GennadiVariant of Gennadiy (noble or generous)Boy
GennadiusThe person who is decent and well wisher.Boy
GennadyOne who cares for others.Boy
GeorgiBulgarian accent of George (farmer)Boy
GeorgyVariant of Gerogiy (farmer or earth worker)Boy
GregoriThey love companionship and want to work in peace.They are scholars,philosophers and teachers.Boy
GrigorFast and alert person or a person can watch everything very clearly and can act upon instantly.Boy
GrigoriFast and alert person or a person can watch everything very clearly and can act upon instantly.Boy
GrigoriiWatchful, alertBoy
HaleenaOf the lightGirl
HaleneA dedicated womanGirl
HelinThe light of the sunGirl
HelinaBright, vivid, IntelligentGirl
IgorA man protected by God.Boy
IraWatchful oneUnisex
IrenaA variant of Irene, which means PeaceGirl
IriniA variant of Irene, meaning peaceful.Girl
IvannaA Biblical name, meaning God is gracious.Girl
IvonaCroatian form of Yvonne, meaning yew.Girl
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