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Origin, Meaning, and History of Sama

The Arabic meaning of the name Sama is ‘sky,’ and it is used as a girl’s name and a surname. It also means ‘a woman of high status,’ ‘a beautiful woman,’ and ‘peaceful nature.’ There may be a relationship between Sama and the Arabic name ‘Sami,’ signifying that Sama has Arabic ancestry. Also, because of the possible relation to the Turkish name ‘Sema,’ Sama may have Turkish origins.

Some people consider the name Sama as a high-class name for someone who is liked and respected. The name Sama also means carefree and lively in some cultures.

While the name Sama is commonly associated with Arabic origin, it has also been used in many languages, implying that it may have several origins. In Japanese, the name appears to be geographic, derived from the word Semai, which means ‘narrow.’ In Catalan, it is a habitational name derived from Samà, a town in Catalonia. It has an undefined meaning as a Hindu Rajput name. Also, the Samas are thought to be descendants of the Jadeja tribe in India.

The word Sama may have been used since the 10th century to refer to a sort of dhikr (remembrance of God), a rite performed by many Sufi groups, particularly the Chishti order of the Indian subcontinent. It commonly involves prayer, song, and dance.

The phonetic spelling of the beautiful name Sama is Saa-mah. There are many variations to this classic and bold two-syllable name. These include Samah, Samar, Samara, Samaah, and Samaria.

The name Sama has also appeared in film, television, and video games. These include Sama, a 1988 Tunisian movie directed by Néjia Ben Mabrouk, Sama song, performed by Justyna in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest, and Sama, a studio album released in 2000 by Serbian singer Dragana Mirkovi.


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A woman of high status, a sublime woman
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How To Pronounce Sama?


Famous People With The Name Sama

  • Mustapha SamaFormer Sierra Leonean soccer player
  • Sama FornahSierra Leonean sprinter, known for competing in the 1996 Summer Olympics
  • Stephan SamaGerman footballer, known for representing Germany at Youth International Level
  • Sama MaloloAustralian Rugby player, known for playing for the Utah Warriors
  • Haik Ouro-SamaTogolese professional footballer, known for playing in the Togo National team

Sama On The Popularity Chart

The name Sama has grown in popularity in the last decade. Take a look at the graph to get an idea about its popularity.

Popularity Over Time

According to Social Security Administration data. Its popularity peaked in 2021 with 128 babies per million. Take a look at the graph to understand more about its popularity.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The popularity of the name Sama has varied over time and many parents choose it for their children today because it is a classic and timeless choice. Its popularity peaked in 2021 when it ranked at 1,799.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Sama

These names have some of Sama’s sounds and could be great options if you’re hoping for a unique name with a similar sound.

Names With Similar Meaning As Sama

The traditional name Sama means ‘a woman of high status’ or ‘sky.’ These are a few different names with similar meanings based on the several names Sama could have originated from.

Name Numerology For Sama

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