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Origin, Meaning, And History of Samuel

Samuel is a male name and surname of Hebrew origin derived from the Hebrew word “Shemu’el,” which means “God has heard” or “the name of God.” It is composed of two elements: “shem” meaning “name” and “el” meaning “God.”

Irrespective of its origin, Samuel has multiple variations in other languages too. Some of them are Ishmael,  Saamuel, Sâmo’el, Saimu’ala, Samouí̱l, Samu, Samuil, Kamuela, Shemu’el, and Shmuel. People also use nicknames such as Sam, Sammie, Sammy, Samson, Sampson, and Yule.

Samuel is the masculine form of the female names Samuelle, Samantha, and Samuela. The name Samuel can be traced back to the Old Testament of the Bible, where Samuel was a religious hero of the Israelites and was venerated as a prophet in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The prophet Samuel was the son of Elkanah and Hannah, the last judge of the Israelites, and the first prophet after Moses. From that time onwards, Samuel was adopted as a name by the Christians and gained popularity after the Protestant Reformation, a religious movement. He is revered as a prophet in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as he was the prophet who anointed David as the King of Israel.

Samuel is quite a popular name in every culture exposed to the Old Testament. It goes without saying that in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, England, Portugal, Scotland, Poland, and the Czech Republic, Samuel is a commonly used name.

Samuel Gerard is a fictional character who was a Deputy US Marshal in the 1993 film “The Fugitive” played by Tommy Lee Jones. Yosemite Sam is a fictional cartoon character from the popular “Looney Tunes” series. He has been named after Yosemite National Park and is an adversary of Bugs Bunny. Sam Carmichael is another fictional character in the musical film “Mamma Mia.” He is depicted as a dashing Irish architect who falls in love with Donna Sheridon.


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It was told by the God
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How To Pronounce Samuel?


Famous People With The Name Samuel

  • Samuel BeckettIrish novelist, best known for his play “Waiting For Godot”
  • Samuel JohnsonEnglish writer, known for compiling A Dictionary for the English Language
  • Samuel Taylor ColeridgeEnglish poet and one of the founders of the Romantic Movement in England
  • Samuel AdamsAmerican statesman and a Founding Father of the US
  • Samuel ClemensAmerican writer, known by his pen name “Mark Twain”
  • Samuel MorseAmerican inventor and painter who invented the single-wired telegraph
  • Samuel PepysEnglish diarist and naval administrator, known for his Diary
  • Samuel JacksonAmerican actor and producer, known for his role in “Pulp Fiction”

Samuel On The Popularity Chart

The meaningful name Samuel has seen a rise and fall between the 1980s and 2000s. Check the graphical representation to understand the trend over the years.

Popularity Over Time

The name took a steady rise in popularity from 1986 and peaked in 2001 when 14,808 babies per million were named Samuel. However, it gradually dropped in popularity after 2005, with only 8501 babies per million named Samuel in 2021. The graph below will provide you with the details.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Samuel was a top-ranking name till 1983, after which it slowly declined in popularity and lost its ranking. However, after 2007, it slightly improved in ranking, making its way among the top 20,000 names. Check the graph below to understand more.

Source: Social Security Administration

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