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1926 Sanskrit Baby Names With Meanings

Aabharanmeans jewel, a variant form of name Abharan which means jewel in SanskritBoy
AabhasSense or Feelings, has a Sanskrit meaning as realizationBoy
Aabheermeans a Cow-herd in Sanskrit, it also means one who is fearlessBoy
Aabhermeans a Cow-herd and is variant form of name AabheerBoy
AabhaGlow; Splendour; Light; Brilliance; Bright and Radiant; GloriousGirl
AabhassAwareness; A variant name of Abhas which means realizationBoy
Aacharyameans Learned Teacher; a variant of Sanskrit name Acharya; Another Name of DronaBoy
Aadarshmeans one who has principles in Sanskrit, ideal man; a variant form of name AdarshBoy
AadeshCommand; Message; means instruction in SanskritBoy
Aadesh (आदेश)an order; a command; an instructionBoy
Aadinatha (आदिनाथ)another name of Lord Vishnu or Lord KrishnaBoy
Aadityesh (आदित्‍येश)aadityesh has meaning of the ultimate power of the sun, the God SunBoy
Aagarthe word aagra means a person having interest in Music, Excelling in musicBoy
Aagarnathe word signifies the person having natural, born abilities of musicGirl
AagneyChild of Flames; Son of the Fire God ; A variant name is AagneyaBoy
AalayaHome and refugeGirl
AamiOne who is dearly lovedGirl
Aanalaanal in hindi means FireBoy
AanandJoy Or Bliss; Happiness; Delight; Pleasure; Good Fortune; Contentment of JoyBoy
AaradhanaWorship; Reverence; Adoration; Devotion; Adulation; Respect; An act of glorifying GodGirl
AaradhyaTo be worshipped; To be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be adored and respectedGirl
Aarnathis is an another name of Goddess LaxmiGirl
Aarogyathe one having great health or being healthyBoy
AaryamaniBelonging to the SunGirl
AashvithOcean - a very large expanse of emotionsBoy
AathervThe name of 1st VedaBoy
AatheshThe Lord GaneshaBoy
AathmikRelated to soul or aatmaBoy
AatmanA happy soul or essenceBoy
AatmanandThe blissful SoulBoy
AatmeshwarThe one having self respectBoy
AatmgauravThe one being ProudBoy
AbalaBasic meaning is The Earth; Immovable. This name makes you confident & versatile.Girl
AbalenduNot the Nascent Moon; The Full Moon in SanskritBoy
AbhaidevFree of Fear; Protecting GodBoy
AbhaijeetVictory over Fear; Brave; FearlessBoy
AbharanJewel; PreciousBoy
AbhasFeeling; Empathise with; CompassionateBoy
AbhasaSplendour; Grandeur; Great BrightnessBoy
AbhasvaraShining One; Bright and GlossyBoy
AbhatShining; Visible; Splendid; GloriousBoy
AbhataShining; Blazing; Splendid; GloriousBoy
AbhatiSplendid or superlative.Girl
AbhavLord Shiva; Having the ability to be differentBoy
AbhaydattaA bold and brave son.Boy
AbhidipaBrightened or lightened.Boy
AbhignanThe one who has perfect wisdom.Boy
AbhijanyaBorn to take the fear away.Boy
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