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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Saoirse

Unlike many other baby names derived from ancient Greek, Latin, and Hebrew, Saoirse originated in Ireland in the 1920s. It was an outcome of the Irish War of Independence that began in 1919 and ended in 1921.

The name Saoirse is a relatively new name originating from The Irish Free State, or Saorstat Eireann. So, we can say that the name is primarily an offspring of the Irish noun, Saoirse. The word, when translated from Gaelic, means freedom or liberty. This Irish-Gaelic name has patriotic vibes and became a popular name in Ireland in the 20th century. The war fueled the name’s popularity everywhere. The Saoirse Irish Freedom is the monthly organ of the Republic Sinn Fein, which replaced the Republic Bulletin in November 1986. Saoirse na hÉireann is the name of an Irish Republican paramilitary group.

The name almost always comes in association with wars and competition. Saoirse Abu was the name of an Irish-trained racehorse and Broodmare who won Ireland’s most important races for juveniles. Saoirse was George Morrison’s sequel to the acclaimed Mise Eire, an account of Irish history leading up to the War of Independence. It showcases the events of the war and its consequences. It can be said that this moving film of Irish society during a turbulent period did much to swell the popularity of the name.

In contemporary times, some well-known names that have sparked an interest in this name in America include Saoirse Ronan, Saoirse Scott, and Saoirse-Monika Jackson. Saoirse Ronan is widely known for her roles in ‘Brooklyn’ and the remake of the hit ‘Little Women.’

Saoirse also appears as a child in the animated film Song of the Sea. In the 2017 video game Nioh, Saorise is the name of the guardian spirit. With so many mentions of this beautiful Irish name in popular culture and real life, it is hard to fathom it is going out of trend.


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How To Pronounce Saoirse?


Famous People With The Name Saoirse

  • Saoirse RonanIrish actress and winner of the Golden Globe Award
  • Saoirse ScottAmerican actress known for starring in One Life to Life
  • Saoirse CaseyIrish singer known for her album Lunaria
  • Saoirse Reign CarterDaughter of singer Nick Carter
  • Saoirse MooreDaughter of singer Gary Moore of band Thin Lizzy
  • Saoirse NoonanIrish footballer who plays as a forward

Saoirse On The Popularity Chart

The name entered the mainstream in the 2000s and reached its peak popularity in 2020. Know more about the trend here.

Popularity Over Time

Saoirse is witnessing a surge in popularity since the 2000s. From 100 babies per million named Saoirse in 2012, the number increased to 360 in 2020. Check out the graph below to know more.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

From the rank of 15000 in 1990, Saoirse climbed the popularity charts and is currently ranked under 1000 in 2020. Find its rank over time from this chart.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Saoirse

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