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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Sarai

In Hebrew, Sarai meant a noblewoman or princess. It comes from the Biblical name ‘Sarai’ given to the woman who later became Sarah in the Old Testament. She was Isaac’s mother, Abraham’s wife, and a significant figure in the Abrahamic religion. She was known for her beauty, benevolence, purity, and loyalty to God. She was a role model to mothers during and well beyond her time. In the Bible, Sarah’s fear and uncertainty about her barrenness before the birth of Isaac stood in contrast to her husband’s embodiment of optimistic hope for the promise of a mighty nation. Hence, Sarai has been a prominent religious name for centuries.

Saray is the Spanish variant of the name, and other spelling variations include Sahrai, Sahrye, Saira, Sara, Sarah, Sera, Serah, Serahi, and Sarahi.

In fiction, Sarai Kurosawa is a character from the Street Fighter video game series. She is a teenage classmate of Ibuki from Glade of Ninjas and her best friend. Queen Sarai is the fictional character of the animated TV series ‘The Dragon Prince,’ played by Kazumi Evans. As the queen of the most significant human Kingdoms named Katolis, she is the wife of King Harrow and mother to Ezran and Callum. As a central character, she is also the older sister of Amaya.

Sarai is a manga character from the Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower. She is a citizen of Roran whose family was kidnapped and exploited as forced laborers. Sarai: A Novel is a book by Jill Eileen Smith, known for her King David series. Sarai is also a character from the 2017 adult fantasy novel Strange the Dreamer, written by Laini Taylor. The novel follows the journey of a war orphan in the fictional world of Zosma, who undergoes an epic journey to the lost mythological city of Weep.


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How To Pronounce Sarai?


Famous People With The Name Annie

  • Sarai GivatyIsraeli actress, singerm and model known for movies The Legend of Hercules and The Expendables 3
  • Sarai GonzalezAmerican/Latina child actress and writer known for her debut music video by Bomba Estéreo
  • Sarai HowardAmerican rapper and musician known for producing music for television series
  • Sarai ShermanAmerican artist known for Abstract Expressionism
  • Sarai Gascón MorenoSpanish paralympic swimmer and medallist in four different edition of Olympics

Sarai On The Popularity Chart

Sarai’s popularity soared from the mid 2000s compared to the 80s. Let us study the charts provided by the Social Security Administration to learn more about the name’s popularity.

Popularity Over Time

The name has risen steadily since the 1980s before peaking in 2007. As of 2021, 682 babies per million share the moniker.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

From a low of 1527 in 1981, the ranking has improved considerably. As per the latest record in 2021, it stands at 458 on the chart.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Sarai

Sarai is a unique name for a baby girl that is a variation of Sarah. Here are some more options to explore.

Names With Similar Meaning As Sarai

Check out the examples below for those wanting a different name with the same meaning.

Name Numerology For Sarai

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