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Origin, Meaning, And History of Sawyer

Sawyer, a unisex name, has its roots in English, implying a person who cuts wood. In Britain, people who worked in this job were given the surname, middle name, or first name Sawyer. The name is a derivative of ‘sagu’ from Old English, which means ‘saw.’

As a surname, Sawyer has different variations in different cultures. In Old German, it is called Sager, while in Jewish, it is called Seger, which means army’s victory. In Slovenia, it is called Žagar. Interestingly, the name Sawyer is even used in France, where it is known as Séguin, signifying a friend’s victory. Thus, it is fascinating to see how a simple occupational name from Britain is popular beyond geographical borders.

Sawyer is professionally associated with woodcutting, but the name Sailor can also be used as its variation. Additionally, Sean and Saul are also considered variations of Sawyer.

Although Sawyer is popular among both genders, it is more frequently used for males. If you want to name your child with a similar-sounding nickname, you can consider Saw, Sawy, Sully, Sy, Sayer, Sayre, Sayres, Sayers, and Ye.

In the fictional world, Sawyer has been used in various notable works. For example, in the series Pokémon: XY, Sawyer was the rival of Ash Ketchum. In the ABC television series Lost, Sawyer was a character played by Josh Holloway. Also, in the American animated musical film Cats Don’t Dance, directed by Mark Dindal, a female white cat was named Sawyer.

As a surname, Sawyer has been quite popular in the fictional world. For instance, in the hit television series One Tree Hill, a character was named Peyton Sawyer. Many books written by Mark Twain, a notable author, have had a character named Tom Sawyer. The 2018 American action thriller Skyscraper also had a character named Will Sawyer, played by the famous American actor Dwayne Johnson, a Marine veteran turned FBI Hostage Rescue Team commander.


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How To Pronounce Sawyer?


Famous People With The Name Sawyer

  • Sawyer Christopher FredericksAmerican songwriter, won the eighth season of The Voice in 2015
  • Sawyer Storm SweetenAmerican child actor, played Geoffrey Barone on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Noah W. SawyerAmerican politician and educator who served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1939 to 1945
  • Jack SawyerAmerican football player representing Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Miranda Caroline SawyerEnglish journalist, author, and broadcaster, the youngest winner of the Periodical Publishers Association Magazine Writer of the Year in 1993

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