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Norse gods, Vikings, dragons – Scandinavia, comprising Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, is fascinating in the truest sense. And it’s not just the history and mythology that attracts people to this wonderful nation. Scandinavian baby names are also enticing major interest from parents all over the world. These exquisite and unique baby names are symbolic of the rich history and culture of the country. Traditional Scandinavian names are derived from Old Norse, a Germanic language, which was spoken in the province until the 14th century. From Axl, meaning father of peace, to Ebbe, meaning brave as a boar, and Karalyn, meaning pure. These names can be robust and tough or delicate and light.

Until the 1850s, Scandinavian provinces used the patronymic naming system, where the child’s surname had the father’s name followed by the suffixes sen or sson for boys and datter or dotter for girls.

After this period, the naming system transformed, leading to the emergence of family names, ancestral names, and toponymic names. Irrespective of these changes, a common practice of given names was followed by almost all Scandinavians, allowing the same name to be repeated in different generations of the family as a memoir of their legacy. For example, the first child would be named after the father's parent and the second after the mother's parent, while the third and others were named after the parents, uncles, and aunts. Additionally, Scandinavians also had a unique practice of honoring the people who have had untimely demise. For instance, an infant born after the passing of the previous one would be given the name of the deceased child if they both had the same gender (1). However, in modern times, just like most European countries, the naming laws are very strict in Scandinavia, and they forbid the use of made-up or creative names. Hence, parents have to choose from a list of acceptable names released by the government authorities. So if you need help selecting an appropriate Scandinavian name for your little one, look at the list below. We have a comprehensive list of Scandinavian baby names, their meanings, and additional information.

heart image Aaren Baby Boy Sign Boy Lofty; Inspired; High mountain
heart image Agnes Baby Girl Sign Girl Chaste; Pure
heart image Airic Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ruler; Eternal ruler
heart image Aivy Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Gift of God
heart image Alrik Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Gracious; Universal ruler
heart image Anker Baby Boy Sign Boy A manly harvester; Strong and brave
heart image Annika Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Grace; Favor
heart image Ansfrid Baby Boy Sign Boy Protected by God
heart image Ansgar Baby Boy Sign Boy God spear; Gentle friend; A variant name of Oscar
heart image Anshelm Baby Boy Sign Boy Protected by God; A variant of name Ansel
heart image Asbjorn Baby Boy Sign Boy Divine Bear
heart image Asmund Baby Boy Sign Boy Cognate of Osmond; gold which is the protector
heart image Astor Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is looking for prey; Hawk; Thunder
heart image Astrid Baby Girl Sign Girl Godly strength
heart image Asva Baby Boy Sign Boy Having speed like a horse; One who is swift
heart image Ax Baby Boy Sign Boy One who likes peaceful conditions
heart image Axill Baby Boy Sign Boy One who spread peace; Kind of father
heart image Axl Baby Boy Sign Boy The father of peace
heart image Aymer Baby Boy Sign Boy A noble and generous human being
heart image Beorhthelm Baby Boy Sign Boy A protector of light
heart image Bertelot Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is light and bright
heart image Betla Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who finds God in her oath
heart image Bimasha Baby Girl Sign Girl She is a mighty woman from the sea
heart image Bjorn Baby Boy Sign Boy Bear
heart image Bode Baby Boy Sign Boy Order, command
heart image Boden Baby Boy Sign Boy One who takes shelter
heart image Bodie Baby Boy Sign Boy Command; Messenger
heart image Bodine Baby Boy Sign Boy To find shelter
heart image Boe Baby Boy Sign Boy A very handsome admirer
heart image Booth Baby Boy Sign Boy He who lives in a hut
heart image Borge Baby Boy Sign Boy A helping person
heart image Borghild Baby Boy Sign Boy A war in the fortifications
heart image Borgny Baby Boy Sign Boy One who gladly helps
heart image Bori Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is a father of the warrior
heart image Botill Baby Girl Sign Girl One who likes to command
heart image Brage Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous king; Shining
heart image Brigid Baby Girl Sign Girl A Celtic goddess of poetry and fire
heart image Britt Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength
heart image Britta Baby Girl Sign Girl Exalted one; Mighty; Help
heart image Broder Baby Boy Sign Boy To be someone's brother
heart image Brynja Baby Girl Sign Girl An armoured and protected woman
heart image Brynklie Baby Boy Sign Boy A woman with an armour
heart image Burr Baby Boy Sign Boy A beautiful youth
heart image Cajetan Baby Boy Sign Boy Rejoiced man
heart image Canute Baby Boy Sign Boy To tie in a knot
heart image Carianne Baby Girl Sign Girl A merciful and pure woman
heart image Carina Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Pure
heart image Carson Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of marsh dwellers
heart image Crysten Baby Girl Sign Girl Follows Christ
heart image Dag Baby Boy Sign Boy Day; Present
heart image Dagen Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is dark-haired
heart image Dagmar Baby Girl Sign Girl Day; Maiden
heart image Dagmara Baby Girl Sign Girl Maiden; Unmarried
heart image Dagna Baby Girl Sign Girl A special day
heart image Dagny Baby Girl Sign Girl A special new day
heart image Dahlia Baby Girl Sign Girl Dahlia flower
heart image Dain Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is from Denmark
heart image Daube Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a bird called Dove
heart image Denby Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is from a Danish settlement
heart image Ebbe Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave like a boar
heart image Edda Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a clear vision; Great grandmother inheritance
heart image Edzard Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong edge
heart image Eggert Baby Boy Sign Boy Hardy and has a lot of potential
heart image Eilif Baby Boy Sign Boy An immortal person who is born to do great things
heart image Eirny Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is born of new healing and is fresh
heart image Eivin Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Island; Good fortune; Victor
heart image Elizabet Baby Girl Sign Girl My God is an oath
heart image Elna Baby Girl Sign Girl A creative person
heart image Else Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is noble; An abbreviated form of Elisabeth
heart image Elvi Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble friend
heart image Eric Baby Boy Sign Boy Eternal ruler
heart image Erica Baby Girl Sign Girl Forever strong; Noble leader
heart image Erick Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of the people
heart image Erik Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of the world
heart image Erika Baby Girl Sign Girl Eternal ruler
heart image Erikka Baby Girl Sign Girl A ruler
heart image Erikson Baby Boy Sign Boy Son or Erik; Ruler of the people
heart image Erilyn Baby Girl Sign Girl A combination of two words Eric and Lynn
heart image Erle Baby Boy Sign Boy A leader; Nobleman; Warrior; Prince
heart image Erleen Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble woman
heart image Erlend Baby Boy Sign Boy A stranger
heart image Erlene Baby Girl Sign Girl An elfin; A noble woman
heart image Erth Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Earth
heart image Ertha Baby Girl Sign Girl Earth
heart image Erwinek Baby Boy Sign Boy Friend at sea
heart image Eryn Baby Girl Sign Girl A poetic form of referring to Ireland
heart image Erynn Baby Girl Sign Girl A word which is used in poetry for referring to Ireland
heart image Erynne Baby Girl Sign Girl Ireland
heart image Esabell Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone who is devoted to God
heart image Esben Baby Boy Sign Boy A divine bear
heart image Eslanda Baby Girl Sign Girl An Irish word for truth
heart image Estrid Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful goddess
heart image Etna Baby Girl Sign Girl A 5th century Irish saint.
heart image Euddogwy Baby Boy Sign Boy A very ancient saint pilgrim
heart image Eudeat Baby Boy Sign Boy A very ancient saint pilgrim
heart image Eudel Baby Boy Sign Boy From the Yew tree valley
heart image Eudelme Baby Boy Sign Boy A grove of Yew trees
heart image Eyra Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Arrow or warrior
heart image Eyre Baby Girl Sign Girl One who lives at the gravel bank river
heart image Finn Baby Boy Sign Boy Fair; Person from Finland
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The naming practices related to Scandinavian baby names offer a fascinating glimpse into the region's history, culture, and evolution. One of their most appreciative qualities is how they use naming traditions to honor their ancestry, respect their deceased, and stay connected to nature and family. Although these practices have evolved with changing times, they remain strongly connected to their origins. From ancient roots to modern trends, the above-given list covers a wide range of names that continue to hold onto their deep-seated values and meaningful identity.

Infographic: Splendid Scandinavian Baby Names With Meanings

Scandinavian names encompass several notable aspects, such as Viking history, Norse mythology, and the region's ancient traditions. While continuing to retain their cultural roots, these names have evolved to accommodate family, nature-oriented, and toponymic names. The following infographic presents a selection of such Scandinavian names you may consider for your baby.

sublime scandinavian names you must consider for your little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How popular are Scandinavian baby names in other countries?

Popular culture has led to a coming together of many cultures, which is evident in the migration of given names. Scandinavian names have found their way to other countries, whether through films or books. Names like Bodie, Carson, Eric, Finn, Jense, and Sofia have been widely used in other countries.

2. What is the meaning behind the name "Sven"?

Sven is a masculine name with Old Norse origins. Taken from the byname Sveinn, it means 'boy' and was borne by many rulers of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

3. How do Scandinavian baby names reflect the region's culture and history?

Naming patterns in Scandinavian countries tell of the Viking origins and changes that have since taken place (2). The traditional naming patterns follow the patronymic style, where personal names are inherited from the father. For example, the first son would be named after his paternal grandfather, the second son would be named after his maternal grandfather, and the third son would be named after the father. For daughters, the first daughter would be named after her maternal grandmother, the second would be named after her paternal grandmother, and the third daughter would be named after her mother (3).

4. How are names chosen for newborns in modern-day Scandinavia?

Baby names in Scandinavia, specifically Sweden, are chosen and approved through the Swedish naming law. The law requires the government's approval for naming your child. A name should be submitted three months before birth, and the Swedish Tax Agency will administer the registration of names in Sweden (4).


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