141 Scandinavian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

NelsThe over come people.Boy
NilssonSon of Nell or son of Neil.Boy
OlovThe fruitlets of olive tree.Boy
OlsenThe born son of Olaf.Boy
OlsonThe born son to Ole.Boy
OlvaDown hill of the families.Boy
OsburneThe period of heartiest prosperity or productivity.Boy
Oscaheavenly combatant who always battle for God's sake.Boy
OsminA person who is under God's protectionBoy
OswinName given to a God's friendBoy
OswineA God's best friendBoy
OswinnName given to the friend of GodBoy
OswyA God's friend; optimistic and caringBoy
PaleyOne with the pale eyesUnisex
PeerAnother name of Peter; a rockBoy
PerThe person who is like a rock or stoneBoy
QuirinusSwedish name meaning spearBoy
RaulThe councel of the wolvesBoy
RaulinA little wise wolf, mostly used as a surnmeBoy
RaumA big personBoy
RorikA man who is redBoy
RoscoA heathland of the deerBoy
SigeredHe who gives a counsel that brings victoryBoy
SigurdA victorious protectrorBoy
SoerenOne who is a good, stern warriorBoy
SomerledOne who goes traveling in the summerBoy
StofnTo be crownedBoy
SveinOne who is young in age and spiritBoy
SwaineA Boyish person, young in spiritBoy
SyverOne who defeted others, one who is a victorBoy
TassiloA fearless protectorBoy
TemA famous manBoy
ThoralfA thunderBoy
ToralfSupernatural powers of the thunder GodBoy
TordThe Thunder GodBoy
ToroldThe rule of thunder GodBoy
TorstenThe stone of the thunder GodBoy
ToyahA toy, a baby girl as a toy to keep house-members busyBoy
TrallonusThe male servant or surferBoy
TrulsResembles as the arrow of Thor.Boy
TureVariant of Tore (God of thunder)Boy
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