107 Scandinavian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AnnikaVariation of Anna, which means GraceGirl
AstridA Girl who is divinely beautifulGirl
CarinaShe who is dearGirl
DahliaDwells in the valleyGirl
Erikaa feminized form of the name Eric meaning someone who rules the world.Girl
FreyaIn Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of love; LadyGirl
FreyjaA name given to the lady of love, beauty and deathGirl
KarlieKarlie means Free WomanGirl
LailaLaila means NightGirl
LivAn Old Norse word that means LifeGirl
AgnesA chaste womanGirl
BetlaA woman who finds God in her oathGirl
BimashaShe is a mighty woman from the seaGirl
BotillOne who likes to commandGirl
BrigidA Celtic goddess of poetry and fireGirl
BrittaShe is of strenghtGirl
BrynjaAn armoured and protected womanGirl
CarianneA mericul and pure womanGirl
CrystenFollows ChristGirl
DagmarA motherGirl
DagmaraMaiden; unmarriedGirl
DagnaA special dayGirl
DagnyA speacial new dayGirl
EddaOne with clear vision; great grandmother inheritanceGirl
EirnyOne who is born of new healing and is freshGirl
ElizabetGod provides everyone with plenty; bountiful godGirl
ElnaA creative as well as creative personGirl
Elsethis is used as an abbreviation of Elisabeth or it can also mean one who is noble.Girl
Elvithis name means noble friend.Girl
Ericaforever strong or ever queenly.Girl
Erikkaa feminized word which means a ruler.Girl
Erilyna combination of two words Eric and Lynn.Girl
Erleennoble woman.Girl
Erlenean elfin or a noble woman.Girl
Ertha German word for earth.Unisex
Erthaan Old English word for earth.Girl
Eryna poetic form of referring to Ireland.Girl
Erynna word which is used in poetry for referring to Ireland.Girl
Erynnea feminized word used in poetry for referring to Ireland.Girl
Esabellsomebody who has been devoted to god.Girl
Eslandaan Irish word for truth.Girl
Estrida beautiful goddess.Girl
Etnathe name of a 5th century Irish saint.Girl
EyreOne who lives at the gravel bank riverGirl
GamelaResembles an older or elder person.Girl
GefionOne who bestows treasures.Girl
GefjunThe person who provides prosperity.Girl
GerdA plot of ground where plants are cultivated.Girl
GersemiPrecious as a gem and valuable as a jewel.Girl
GullaYellow or divine sea.Girl
HaldaOne who is half DanishGirl
HanneGrace, charm, eleganceGirl
JakobinaMay the Lord watch over herGirl
JennsenGod has shown favourGirl
KajsaThe name Kajsa means PureGirl
KaraleeKaralee name means Pure, FairGirl
KaralieKaralie name means GenuineGirl
KaralynKaralyn name means Pure, True or BrightGirl
KhristeneThe name means She is of Chrisian FaithGirl
KirciA blossom of a cereal herb amaranthGirl
KlaraKlara means The Clear, Bright OneGirl
KristinKristin means She Who Follows ChristGirl
KristinaA woman of Christian faithGirl
KristinnShw who believes in ChristGirl
LarisTo be crowned with laurelUnisex
Lisanamy God is perfectionGirl
LiseSwedish form of the name LisaGirl
LynneaA name of a flowerGirl
NessaPeninsulas, outcrop, point, cliff.Girl
NessaroseThe rose of the peninsulaGirl
NorellFrom the northern land or part.Girl
NysseSpell variant of Mohammad that means the graceful of all.Girl
OddaOne who is complete in every aspect.Girl
OddlaugA Polynesian,Hawaiian derivative of Moses that means derived of water.Girl
OddnyThe "Chosen one" or "preferred one". Also the head of a village or society in Arabic.Girl
OddrunA spell variant of Mukhtar that means someone who is chosen or preferred upon.Girl
OddveigMoksha is a Sanskrit word that means salvation or to be relieved.Girl
OlethaThe person who is remarked by simplicity, having a humble opinion of himself.Girl
OlgaThe holy lightGirl
OnnikaLight reflection of nimble or shine.Girl
PaleyOne with the pale eyesUnisex
PernillaOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of PetraGirl
PetronellaLatin - Country bumpkin; Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petronia; A variant of PetraGirl
QuinnieScandinavian name meaning living like royaltyGirl
RakelHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RhetaScandinavian - Advice; Speaker; A variant of Reta and a spelling variant is RhettaGirl
RhettaScandinavian - Advice; Speaker; A variant of Reta and a spelling variant is RhetaGirl
RigmorGermanic - Rich; Powerful; Ruler; Spirit; Courage; Maid; A variant is RigmoraGirl
RonaHebrew - Joy is mine; Old English - Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant spelling of RhonaGirl
RoselenShe who holds the beauty of the rosesGirl
RuthA woman who is a good friendGirl
SignyOne who brings new victoriesGirl
SigridA beautiful wisdom the victory bringsGirl
SigrunTo achieve secret victoriesGirl
SilkaA dim-sighted woman. Short of CeciliaGirl
SmillaOne who is always smiling a beautiful smileGirl
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
SomerildOne who is a traveler in the summerGirl
SunnieShe is the Sun's giftGirl
SunnildShe is like the SunGirl
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