22 Scandinavian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

Erikaa feminized form of the name Eric meaning someone who rules the world.Girl
EddaOne with clear vision; great grandmother inheritanceGirl
EirnyOne who is born of new healing and is freshGirl
ElizabetGod provides everyone with plenty; bountiful godGirl
ElnaA creative as well as creative personGirl
Elsethis is used as an abbreviation of Elisabeth or it can also mean one who is noble.Girl
Elvithis name means noble friend.Girl
Ericaforever strong or ever queenly.Girl
Erikkaa feminized word which means a ruler.Girl
Erilyna combination of two words Eric and Lynn.Girl
Erleennoble woman.Girl
Erlenean elfin or a noble woman.Girl
Ertha German word for earth.Unisex
Erthaan Old English word for earth.Girl
Eryna poetic form of referring to Ireland.Girl
Erynna word which is used in poetry for referring to Ireland.Girl
Erynnea feminized word used in poetry for referring to Ireland.Girl
Esabellsomebody who has been devoted to god.Girl
Eslandaan Irish word for truth.Girl
Estrida beautiful goddess.Girl
Etnathe name of a 5th century Irish saint.Girl
EyreOne who lives at the gravel bank riverGirl
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