246 Scandinavian Baby Names With Meanings

Norse gods, Vikings, dragons – Scandinavia, comprising of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, is fascinating in the truest sense. And it’s not just the history and mythology that attracts people to this wonderful nation. Scandinavian baby names are also enticing major interest from parents all over the world.

Scandinavian baby names are symbolic of the rich history and culture of the country. Traditional Scandinavian names are derived from Old Norse, a Germanic language, which was spoken in Scandinavian until the 14th century. These names can be robust and tough or delicate and light.

Just like most European countries, the naming laws are very strict in Scandinavia as well. Parents are forbidden from using made up or creative names. They have to choose from a list of acceptable names released by the government authorities.

So if you need some help with Scandinavian baby names, have a look at MomJunction's list below. We have a comprehensive list of Scandinavian baby names along with meanings and additional information.

LarsA thriumphant, victorius oneBoy
LarsenOne who achived a great VictoryBoy
LarsonSon of a victorious, triumphant manBoy
LassenA Son of Lars. A son of a honorable and famous oneBoy
LathamA person who resides a lot in the barns, or works in a barnBoy
LiefA person first in the line of ancestry, a heirBoy
Lisanamy God is perfectionGirl
LiseSwedish form of the name LisaGirl
LudvigsFame or war.Boy
LulledeLegendary warriorBoy
LynneaA name of a flowerGirl
MakaidenOne who is known as a famous warriorBoy
MartenA soldier of the God of WarBoy
MeltonCity in the mid of villages, urban in the central of parishes.Boy
MimirThe wise person, one who remembers easilyBoy
NanneMercy or caring or passionate.Boy
NansenThe son of Nan (grace)Boy
NelsThe over come people.Boy
NessaPeninsulas, outcrop, point, cliff.Girl
NessaroseThe rose of the peninsulaGirl
NilssonSon of Nell or son of Neil.Boy
NorellFrom the northern land or part.Girl
NysseSpell variant of Mohammad that means the graceful of all.Girl
OddaOne who is complete in every aspect.Girl
OddlaugA Polynesian,Hawaiian derivative of Moses that means derived of water.Girl
OddnyThe "Chosen one" or "preferred one". Also the head of a village or society in Arabic.Girl
OddrunA spell variant of Mukhtar that means someone who is chosen or preferred upon.Girl
OddveigMoksha is a Sanskrit word that means salvation or to be relieved.Girl
OlethaThe person who is remarked by simplicity, having a humble opinion of himself.Girl
OlgaThe holy lightGirl
OlovThe fruitlets of olive tree.Boy
OlsenThe born son of Olaf.Boy
OlsonThe born son to Ole.Boy
OlvaDown hill of the families.Boy
OnnikaLight reflection of nimble or shine.Girl
OsburneThe period of heartiest prosperity or productivity.Boy
Oscaheavenly combatant who always battle for God's sake.Boy
OsminA person who is under God's protectionBoy
OswinName given to a God's friendBoy
OswineA God's best friendBoy
OswinnName given to the friend of GodBoy
OswyA God's friend; optimistic and caringBoy
PaleyOne with the pale eyesUnisex
PeerAnother name of Peter; a rockBoy
PerThe person who is like a rock or stoneBoy
PernillaOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of PetraGirl
PetronellaLatin - Country bumpkin; Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petronia; A variant of PetraGirl
QuinnieScandinavian name meaning living like royaltyGirl
QuirinusSwedish name meaning spearBoy
RakelHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
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