47 Scottish Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MacScottish and Irish prefix meaning son ofBoy
MacalisterThe son of AlasdairBoy
MacallSon of the chief in battleBoy
MacallanA son of a handsome manBoy
MacallisterSon of the defender of mankindBoy
MacarnyThe name given to the son of ArtanBoy
MacarthurGaelic - Son of Arthur;Boy
MacaulayThe son of Olaf, son of the battle chiefBoy
MaccaulaySon of righteousnessBoy
MacgregorA son of a shepardBoy
MacintoshA son of the thaneBoy
MackanThe son ofBoy
MackayA son of fireBoy
MackeeA fair, favored oneBoy
MackenzieA son of the fair manBoy
MackenzyA son of a favored manBoy
MackieSon of Coinneach, name of a Scottish clanBoy
MackinneyGod has heard me; Celtic - Son of Cionaodh; Gaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;Boy
MackinnonSon of the fair bornBoy
MacklandSon of the landBoy
MacklenThe son of FlannBoy
MackynzieThe son who has a handsome fatherBoy
MaclaineSon of the lionBoy
MaclarenSon of LarenBoy
MaclayAn amiable and youthful personBoy
MacleanSon of a beautiful manBoy
MacleodSon of an unattractive manBoy
MacmillanSon of a bald manBoy
MacraeA gracious sonBoy
MacwanA Scottish Surname which is found mainly in Scottish and Northern IrelandBoy
MakTo be the son of someoneBoy
MakayA son of Kay, a Son of FireBoy
MalcolmA devotee of St, ColombaBoy
MansonA Scottish surname, son of MangusBoy
MassieA surname derived from teh clan name Matheson in ScottishUnisex
MataGift of Yahweh; Gift of God; Gift of the Lord; A variant of MatthewBoy
MathesonA bear's sonBoy
MaxwellOne who lives by the Great streamBoy
Mccauley Son of righteousnessBoy
MckayA son of fireBoy
McleodSon of an ugly manBoy
MctairA son of a carpenter of wrightBoy
MelvilleClearance on unfruitful land, Defrayal on barren land.Boy
Mikenziethe Child of a wise leader.Unisex
MilliganA Christianity ritual of shaving headUnisex
MingusAn estate-owner, who lives in a manorBoy
MitchumAn angel who is closer to the GodBoy
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