437 Scottish Baby Names With Meanings

While naming the baby, most parents prefer including a little bit of their family history to ensure that the child remembers where he comes from. So if you also wish to pass your Scottish heritage to the next generation, bestow a Scottish baby name on your child.

Scottish baby names have distinctive origins, all thanks to the eventful history of invasions and battles. The baby name inspiration ranges from traditional Celtic, Gaelic and Old English to influences from neighboring countries, Italy, France, and Norway. Additionally, the Lowland and Highland areas have different names, depending on the regions. While scottish boy names are strong and manly, scottish female names are dainty, soft and feminine, which is one of the traits of Celtic and Gaelic names.

From the motherland of bagpipers, Loch Ness monster and of course, Johnnie Walker, MomJunction brings you an extensive collection of Scottish baby names with meanings. You’re sure to fall in love with these gorgeous name, whether you are a Scottish or not. Keep scrolling!

CoireA pool that is filled with froth or bubblesBoy
ColenTriumph; win; victory; to defeat the opponentBoy
ColinThe triumph or victory of the people against the enemyBoy
ColinaA little dog; a pup; a young dogGirl
CoraBoiling water that has foams; can also mean maiden, a young womanGirl
CuddyA DonkeyBoy
CuithbeartA famous and clever personBoy
CurraSpear; HeroBoy
CurranA daggerBoy
CyndeyrnA well- renowned LordBoy
DallaceThe one from DallasBoy
DallasDwelling placeBoy
DallesOne from the meadowUnisex
DallinBelonging to the meadowUnisex
DallisOne from the DalesGirl
DarroThe hard oneBoy
DarronSon of Oak treeBoy
DarrowBrave heartedBoy
DaveA happy and merry personBoy
DavianaA beloved person who is everyone's favouriteGirl
DavidaAdopted from Hebrew; beloved personGirl
DavinaAdopted from Hebrew; a divine personGirl
DavitaA unique cherished individualGirl
DavonnaA leader who shows the way and guidesGirl
DaweA lucky and beloved individualBoy
DearilCall of death; red hairedBoy
DempsterA shrine; a judge of characterBoy
DiarmadThey have maturity and are free menBoy
DickensonPatronymic name; a beloved individualBoy
DicksonRichard; strong ruler; a leaderBoy
DierdreA raging person with a broken heartBoy
DixonRichard's son; a fighter who has courageBoy
DoakA person who is quiet,clever is of systematic nature and inventive mindBoy
DobbinIt is an ancient nicknameBoy
DolinaIt means ruler of the world.Girl
DomhnallGealic form of DonaldBoy
DonaldinaWorld Ruler; a great leaderGirl
DonellIt means rulerBoy
DonellaElfin Girl who has Dark hairedGirl
DonnellA detailed person; a great chiefBoy
DougalA black colored stranger; they are nurturingBoy
DoughlasA stream of dark riverBoy
DougieA dark river or a dark stream of waterBoy
DouglasThe origin of dark waterBoy
DouglassA dark river or a streamBoy
DoveDark and shadyBoy
DowA dark haired individual; has a happy heartBoy
DrumanScottish - Druid's Mountain; A variant of name DrummondBoy
DrummondOne who is at the ridgeBoy
DuglasDark Stream or riverBoy
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