437 Scottish Baby Names With Meanings

While naming the baby, most parents prefer including a little bit of their family history to ensure that the child remembers where he comes from. So if you also wish to pass your Scottish heritage to the next generation, bestow a Scottish baby name on your child.

Scottish baby names have distinctive origins, all thanks to the eventful history of invasions and battles. The baby name inspiration ranges from traditional Celtic, Gaelic and Old English to influences from neighboring countries, Italy, France, and Norway. Additionally, the Lowland and Highland areas have different names, depending on the regions. While scottish boy names are strong and manly, scottish female names are dainty, soft and feminine, which is one of the traits of Celtic and Gaelic names.

From the motherland of bagpipers, Loch Ness monster and of course, Johnnie Walker, MomJunction brings you an extensive collection of Scottish baby names with meanings. You’re sure to fall in love with these gorgeous name, whether you are a Scottish or not. Keep scrolling!

DunBrown skinned soldier; fortBoy
EachannIt means 'Horse-Lover' in IrishBoy
EarThe Scottish meaning of the name Ear is 'From the East'.Boy
EaraIt means ' From the East' in Scottish .Girl
EdanOne who is born out of fire; is zealous; fiery; a delightBoy
EdboroughA prosperous administratorBoy
EdineOne who came from EdinburghGirl
EideardThey are the one who rule the universeBoy
EislaDevoted to God; name of a river; a fairy rockGirl
EllarA stable and loving individual; Monastey's stewardBoy
Elseathis means one who is devoted to god or is pledged to god.Girl
Elsiethis means noble by birth or god is bountiful.Girl
Elspetthis means someone who has been chosen by god or someone who is devoted to god.Girl
Elspeththis is the Scottish form of the name Elizabeth which means god is my oath or chosen by god.Girl
Emerthis means someone who has been blessed by the six gifts of womanhood.Girl
Eppieauspicious speech or good repute.Girl
Erskinea Scottish surname.Unisex
Ervhigh cliff or fresh water.Boy
Ervinfresh water or beautiful.Boy
Ervinea beautiful friend.Boy
Ervinga descendant of Eiramhon.Boy
Ervinsgreen fresh water or beautiful friend.Boy
Erwina friend who is beautiful or fresh and green water.Boy
Erwinaa feminized word meaning someone who is a beautiful friend.Girl
Euanborn of the Yew tree.Boy
Eunalamb or hunger.Girl
Evengod is gracious or born of yew or youth.Boy
Everstrong as a boar.Boy
Everallina 3rd century historic figure.Girl
Everardwild boar or brave hardy.Boy
EwanA man born of the yew treeBoy
EwenOne who is of the yew treeBoy
EwinHe who is born of the yew treeBoy
EwingThe children of the yew treesBoy
FangA pen for sheepBoy
FarquharA friendly and dear oneBoy
FeerouzahReference to Turquoise, a semi-precious stone of Turkish originBoy
FerrisOne who makes the best choicesBoy
FiaOne who makes a dark peace. Also, means daughter in ItalianGirl
FieA darkness of peaceBoy
FifeA Scottish surname, meaning a man from the ancien Kingdom FifeBoy
FinaOne who shall addGirl
Finnea"Wood of the Ford"Girl
FirouzahReference to Turquoise, a semi-precious stone of Turkish originBoy
FirozA victorious and blessed individual; also refers to turquoise, the precious gemBoy
FirthA small inlet or estuary of a seaBoy
FraserMen from the forest; strawberries; a man with curly hairBoy
FrasierVariant of 'Fraser', it refers to forest men or a strawberryBoy
GalieneRefers to a woman or damsel.Girl
GaraShort or little woman.Girl
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