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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Scout

Scout is a gender-neutral name bearing different origins. It is a derivation of the verb “escouter,” which means “to listen” in Old French. In American origin, the name Scout denotes “the first explorer.”

Scout is the nickname given to the character Jean Louise in Harper Lee’s book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which is where the name first gained popularity. Although the story addresses the serious problems of sexual violence and racial inequality, it also includes warmth and comedy for the readers. This novel has also established itself as a classic of contemporary American literature and also won the Pulitzer Prize.

Scout has numerous spelling variations, including Skowt, Scot, and Scottie. The name Scout is a rarely used name since it has never been included on the popularity lists for the United States in the history of name tracking. It’s becoming popular for parents to name their children after literary figures, but it’s unclear if Scout will adopt this style.

In fiction, Scout is the first of the nine playable classes in “Team Fortress 2,” a multiplayer first-person shooter game. He is characterized as a Boston resident who runs on the streets and enjoys American baseball. He can double leap, is flexible and quick, and counts as two individuals when conquering control points.


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How To Pronounce Scout?


Famous People With The Name Scout

  • Scout NiblettEnglish singer and songwriter, known for her full-length studio album “Sweet Heart Fever”
  • Scout Taylor-ComptonAmerican actress is most notable for her role as Laurie Strode in the 2007 film “Halloween”
  • Scout Durwood American actress and singer, known for starring in MTV’s scripted comedy series “Mary + Jane”
  • Scout RaskinAmerican actress, best known for her role as Susie-Q in the film “Cry-baby”

Scout On Popularity Chart

The name Scout has been rising in popularity at a steady pace that can be observed in the last decade. Let us take a look at the graphs to know more.

Popularity Over Time

The name Scout has witnessed a steady rise in popularity since the 1980s. In 2021, this name was shared by 330 babies per million in the United States.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Just like its popularity, the ranking of the name Scout has seen a consistent growth over the last 40 years. It entered the top 1000 names list in 2020.

Source: Social Security Administration

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