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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Seamus

With Hebrew and Roman roots, the name Séamus is popular in Ireland and Scotland for boys. It is the Irish equivalent of the name James and the English New Testament spelling of the Hebrew name Jacob is James. It originated from the French variety of the late Roman name for Jacob, Iacomus, which is a dialect form of Iacobus, derived from the Greek letter ‘o’ in the New Testament. It eventually comes from the Hebrew word ‘Jacob.’ In Hebrew, it means ‘one who supplants,’ or more accurately, ‘one who grips at the heel.’ Jacob, the patriarch of the Hebrew people, was born clutching the heel of his twin brother Esau.

There are two apostles in the New Testament with the name James. The apostle John had a brother named James, while the son of Alphaeus was also called James. However, there is also mention of a third James called James the Just, who is known as the brother of Jesus. Prevalent in England since the 13th century, the name spread to Scotland as many kings bore this name. The name’s popularity grew in Britain after King James VI took the throne in the 17th century. The name has remained in the top 20 names in the US since 1880.

Séamas, Seumas, and Seumus are common spellings in Irish. Furthermore, Shaymus, Seamus, Seamas, Sheamus, and Shamus have been used as anglicized versions. Séim, Séimn, and Séamaisn are among the diminutive forms.

Seamus is a unique name, and a few prominent fictional characters carry the name. Seamus Levine is a character on the television series ‘Family Guy.’ He is a fisherman with wooden limbs and legs. He is blind with one eye, so he covers it with a black eye patch. Other characters are Seamus, a pigeon in the spy comedy film ‘Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore,’ and Seamus McFly, a fictional Irish character from the film ‘Back to the Future Part III.’


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How To Pronounce Seamus?


Famous People With The Name Seamus

  • Seamus CareyAmerican philosopher and academic, served as the 26th President of Transylvania University
  • Seamus BlackleyAmerican physicist, talent agent, and co-creator of the original Xbox console
  • Seamus BoxleyFormer American former professional basketball player
  • Seamus ConleyAmerican artist, 7×7 Magazine listed him as one of the ’14 Bay Area artists we love right now’
  • Seamus Davey-FitzpatrickAmerican actor, known for acting in commercials for Marriott and Flintstone vitamins
  • Seamus DeverAmerican actor, holds MFAs in Acting from the Moscow Art Theatre and Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Seamus KellyAmerican former rugby union player, was a standout running back in American football, earning the nickname ‘Famous Seamus’

Seamus On The Popularity Chart

Look at the two graphs below to know in detail how this unique name has done over the years.

Popularity Over Time

Seamus was popular among parents in 2007 and 2008, with almost 296 babies given this name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking was the highest in the 1980s but later saw some fluctuations. Check the graph for more.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Seamus

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