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Shinto is one of the most followed religion convictions in Japan. It isn’t a religion per se. It’s spirituality based on the Japanese idea of ‘kami’, which means deity. The followers of Shintoism do not have any holy scriptures in the truest sense, but they do follow a Japanese classic like Kojiki and Nihongi. Shinto and Buddhism are very similar to each other. Both address the world-view questions and both aim to attain salvation. In fact, Shinto did not have a name until Buddhism was introduced in Japan.

On the 31st day of the birth of baby boys and 32nd day of the birth of baby girls, the parents and the grandparents of the child visit a Shinto shrine for the baby naming ceremony. The priest, in between all the prayers, announces the baby’s name. The parents then take carry the baby in the arms and bow to the altar.

Chizue (ちずえ)Long life or endurance or durabilityGirl
Cho (まち)Butterfly; a flying insect that feasts on nectarGirl
Chouko (ちょこ)Butterfly; an insect that feeds on nectar of flowersGirl
Giichi (ぎち)Giichi is a male Japanese name. The name means One Rule, The Righteous One.Boy
Gin (ジン)The meaning of th name Gin is Silver.Boy
Ginjiro (銀次郎)Ginjiro is a Japanese name and means Good Silver.Boy
GringamoreGringamore is a mesculine version of feminine name , which means a person who is not american. Or we can say a person from latin who is settled in america.Boy
GuhaGuha are deligent natured persons. They work hard but can easily frustrated.Boy
GuillemA fearless defender who can do anything to protect his beloved.Boy
HagramaDense forest, thick woodland area, opaque JungleBoy
HalbertShining jewel, Dazzling heroBoy
HaleenaOf the lightGirl
HashanLaughter, Lord Chandra (Moon)Boy
HaubaPerson Individual SoulGirl
HavardHigh guardianBoy
HewittLittle smart oneBoy
HilbrandSword used in battlesBoy
HildethShe who gives good battle counselGirl
HuzaymaHe is a firm believerBoy
JabalThe one who glides awayBoy
JabezOne who is sorrow and is in troubleBoy
JaniettVariation of the name Jane meaning God is graciousGirl
JapesaLord of those who reciteBoy
JapsherA lionBoy
JennetOne who is heaven-sentGirl
JeremiIt means JeremyBoy
JerethBlend of jar and jer or garethBoy
Jordenthe praise of God or confessing something. People with this name are unique and discreet. They can keep your secret for a long time. Profession :dancer, actor or singerBoy
JosephinJosephin means May God giveGirl
JoshitaThe meaning of hte name is PleasedGirl
KaleKale means Affectionate, CalmBoy
KalpanathThe name means Imagination, IdeaBoy
KalvikKalvic means SparrowBoy
Kana (仮名)Kana means The One who Has the Power, PowerfulGirl
KaushikKaushin means the Feeling of LoveBoy
KayilaiKayilai means The Place Where God Sivan ResidesBoy
KaylianaKaylliana means Pure One, Summer ForestGirl
Kei (けい)Kei name means Square Jewel, Blessing, WiseUnisex
Sora (そら)She is like the skyGirl
SoujiOne who is a general directorBoy
Souta ( 南部)A sudden sound of the windBoy
SubaruOne who is uniting. A term that identifies the Pleiaddes star cluster in the constellation TaurusUnisex
SuekoShe who is the youngest child in the familyGirl
SuguruAn eminent personBoy
SukiA beloved womanGirl
SumikoShe is a beautiful child of goodnessGirl
SumireA lovely violetGirl
SushiA Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice.Girl
SuzuA man who lives longBoy
SuzukiA common surname in Japan, means bell of woodUnisex
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