35 Shinto Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Chizue (ちずえ)Long life or endurance or durabilityGirl
Cho (まち)Butterfly; a flying insect that feasts on nectarGirl
Chouko (ちょこ)Butterfly; an insect that feeds on nectar of flowersGirl
HaleenaOf the lightGirl
HaubaPerson Individual SoulGirl
HildethShe who gives good battle counselGirl
JaniettVariation of the name Jane meaning God is graciousGirl
JennetOne who is heaven-sentGirl
JosephinJosephin means May God giveGirl
JoshitaThe meaning of hte name is PleasedGirl
Kana (仮名)Kana means The One who Has the Power, PowerfulGirl
KaylianaKaylliana means Pure One, Summer ForestGirl
Kei (けい)Kei name means Square Jewel, Blessing, WiseUnisex
Sora (そら)She is like the skyGirl
SubaruOne who is uniting. A term that identifies the Pleiaddes star cluster in the constellation TaurusUnisex
SuekoShe who is the youngest child in the familyGirl
SukiA beloved womanGirl
SumikoShe is a beautiful child of goodnessGirl
SumireA lovely violetGirl
SushiA Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice.Girl
SuzukiA common surname in Japan, means bell of woodUnisex
TakaTall, honorable peregrineGirl
TakakoChild who is an aristocratGirl
TakaraA piece to cherish, a jewelGirl
TakarraPrecious item, precious oneGirl
TakiPlunging waterfallGirl
TamamiA woman who is a beautiful gem or jewelGirl
TamashiniA soul. One who is very soulfulUnisex
TamikoA child of great beautyGirl
TamiquaJapanese name meaning "People"Girl
TamuraJapanese name meaning rice villageGirl
TaneyJapanese name meaning valleyGirl
TareeA branch that is bendingGirl
TatsuoA female dragonGirl
TauraMany lakes or riversGirl
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