30 Sicilian Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Sicily is located on the southern peninsula of Italy, one of the largest islands on the Mediterranean Sea. Sicilian baby girl names are influenced by a variety of origins, highlighting the island's history of invasion and cultural evolution. Sicily's strategic geographic location at the heart of the Mediterranean has made the island a crossroads of history and a meeting point for multiple ethnic groups, creating room for a diverse cultural mix.

Both Italian and Sicilian are widely spoken languages in Sicily. Even though some people mistakenly believe Sicilian to be an Italian dialect, it is actually a different and independent language. However, it draws influences from the Greek, Latin, Spanish, Arabic, Germanic, and Norman-French languages, demonstrating the island's inclusivity and cultural diversity, also evident in the Sicilian names.

The ancient roots of the Sicilian language have led to the origin of names that exude strength and grace. For instance, popular feminine names such as Andrea, meaning a strong defender of mankind, Laura, which stands for a person crowned with laurels, and Valentina, denoting a strong, vigorous, and healthy individual exemplify the enduring qualities that parents seek for their daughters. These names not only sound beautiful but also carry profound meanings that can inspire and empower your little girl.

Sicilian baby girl names also reflect the island's connection to natural beauty and its inhabitants' close connection to nature. For instance, names like Rosa, meaning a woman who is like dew and Aurora, meaning a breezy and wonderful dawn, evoke images of vibrant landscapes and colorful blossoms that adorn the Sicilian countryside.

So, keep reading to explore an extensive list of Sicilian baby names and share it with your other family members to select an ideal name for your princess.

heart image Andrea Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender of mankind
heart image Aurora Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn
heart image Gianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace of God
heart image Giulia Baby Girl Sign Girl Youthful; Downy-bearded
heart image Giuseppina Baby Girl Sign Girl God will give or God will add
heart image Laura Baby Girl Sign Girl Laurel; Victory
heart image Maria Baby Girl Sign Girl Bitter
heart image Rosa Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose; Dew
heart image Sara Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Valentina Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong; Vigourous; Healthy
heart image Accursia Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine form of Accursio; To hasten
heart image Audenzia Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine version of Audenzio; One who dares; One who is fearless
heart image Calcedonia Baby Girl Sign Girl From Chalcedon
heart image Candelora Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Candelaria, meaning candle
heart image Catalda Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Catalda, old
heart image Catena Baby Girl Sign Girl Derivation of the Italian word catena, chain.
heart image Cettina Baby Girl Sign Girl Conception.
heart image Cliupatra Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of given name Cleopatra, meaning she who brings glory to the father.
heart image Gerlanda Baby Girl Sign Girl One who defends his land with a spear
heart image Gesualda Baby Girl Sign Girl The pledge to pay for those who dominate
heart image Giosepa Baby Girl Sign Girl He will add
heart image Ignazia Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine form of Ignazio; Fire
heart image Ignazio Baby Girl Sign Girl Italian form of Ignatius; Fire
heart image Itria Baby Girl Sign Girl From the title of the Virgin Mary Maria Santissima dell'Itria
heart image Leoluchina Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine diminutive of Leoluca
heart image Onofria Baby Girl Sign Girl An ancient Egyptian God.
heart image Rocca Baby Girl Sign Girl Rest; Feminine form of Rocco
heart image Saverina Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine form of Xavier; The new house
heart image Tuccia Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of vestal virgin in Roman legend
heart image Veru Baby Girl Sign Girl Diminutive of Veronica; True image

As we conclude this comprehensive list of Sicilian baby girl names, we hope you could gain a glimpse into the island’s rich cultural heritage and the beliefs of its people. These names have their roots stretching back to past civilizations and carry a fragment of Sicily's dynamic history. So if you have made a choice from this list, make sure that you are respectful towards the Sicilian customs while using these names or crafting a unique name for your baby girl.

Infographic: Exotic Sicilian Baby Girl Names

The Mediterranean island of Sicily boasts a rich cultural history. These traits of history and uniqueness are also reflected in the names originating from Silcilian culture. They can be great if you want something unique for your newborn. Look at the following infographic for a list of authentic Sicilian names that can be excellent choices for your little one.

classic sicilian names for your baby girl (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a Sicilian baby girl's name if I am not Sicilian?

You can choose a Sicilian baby girl's name even if you are not Sicilian. Choosing a name from another culture is a personal choice and a way to promote diversity. However, make sure you understand its meaning and connotations, where it comes from, and how to pronounce it appropriately.

2. Are there any naming traditions or customs in Sicilian culture?

In Sicilian culture, children are usually named after their grandparents. The practice typically starts by selecting names from the father's side of the family, followed by names from the mother's side. This cherished tradition pays homage to ancestral ties and fosters a strong familial connection through the generations (1).

3. Are there any popular Sicilian baby girl names that have religious significance?

Popular Sicilian baby girl names with religious significance include Maria, adorned with love as 'beloved,' which evokes the divine presence of the Virgin Mary. Giuseppina, resonating with 'God will increase,' kindles hopes of divine blessings.

4. What are some famous historical figures with Sicilian baby girl names?

Some notable ladies carry a legacy of famous names across the tapestry of Sicilian history. Saint Agatha, known for her unwavering devotion and martyrdom, represents the power of faith. Resolute monarch, Queen Maria Carolina of Naples and Sicily, helped to define a period with her regal presence. Empress Adelaide of Italy, hailing from Sicilian lineage, commanded influence as a regent, leaving an indelible mark on history's canvas.


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