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Sikhs usually pick names derived from the Guru Granth Sahib for their children. In the naming ceremony, a passage or ‘hukam’ is read out from the Holy book of Sikhs and the first letter of the first word from the hukam is picked for the initial of the child’s name. When the name of the child is decided, the Bhai Sahib, sitting in front of the Guru Granth Sahib, announces the name of the child to everyone. The surname Singh is added to the boy’s name, and Kaur is added to the girl’s name. The tradition reduces caste-base prejudices and displays equality amongst men and women.

Now that MomJunction's acquainted you with the customs and traditions, it’s time to check out the Sikh names. The following Sikh/Punjabi baby names with meanings have been obtained from reliable sources. Browse, shortlist and pick the best of all.

GreylondA person who leads everyone as a king or a leader.Boy
GreysenGraysen means the son of steward, guardian or wardun.Boy
GreysiGreysi name is derived from the word grace, which means decency with a special beauty.Girl
GrhiniGrihini means a house wife who do house hold tasks and take care of her house whole dya.Girl
GunaratanOne who is a gem of good charactersBoy
GurcharanRefuge at the Guru; Feet of the Guru; One who serves at the Guru's FeetBoy
GurdweepLight of the Guru, They love, care and help other. They are of the generous personalities.Boy
GurjodhGurjit collaborated with two words guru and jodh. Guru means master or lord and jodh means varios. So gurjit means warior of guru.Boy
HaashimGenerosity, kindness, with a bright heartBoy
HaatimDecisive by nature, determined, strong mindedBoy
HabLove, affiliation, friendship, hopeUnisex
HabashGuinea fowl, guinea henBoy
HadirBeautiful, stunning, striking, the sound of thunderBoy
HadiyyahGift, reward, souvenir, donation, prizeGirl
HadonFrom the heath (heath meaning- open uncultivated landBoy
HadramiNobel man, The name of the some prominent menBoy
Hadrianfascinating, A 2nd-century Roman emperor built a wall across northern Britain.Boy
HadwinWar friend in english, In Teutonic the meaning is Friend in the warBoy
HadwinnFriend in war, an alternative to the spelling of HadwinBoy
HadwynCompanion during the war, Friend during wartimeBoy
HadwyneBuddy in warfare, companion in war timeBoy
HaecciIdealistic, highly imaginative, intuitiveBoy
HaeleLives in the hallBoy
Haemgisla Girl or woman from your own neighbourhoodGirl
HaepA happy womanGirl
HaeselA kind of a nutGirl
Haestingastribes of Anglo-Saxon Britain, Violent, aggressive, fierceBoy
Haethbeorhtdeep inner desire to lead, organize, superviseBoy
HafSummer, the warmest seasonGirl
Hafamild rain, moderate rain,Girl
HafeezProtector, providing shield, Islam God name,Boy
HafeezaGuardian, protector, AmuletGirl
HafezResponsible caretaker, Guardian, Keeper, PreserverBoy
Haffafaglittering, sparkling, shining, slimGirl
HafidProtector of the religion, guardian of the Islamic religionBoy
HalsteadAn animal shedBoy
HananiahGrace; Mercy; Gift of the LordGirl
HarbhajanGods Prayer; Bhajan or Prayer of Lord ShivaBoy
HarleeAn altrnate to harleyGirl
HarleenFeminine of harleyGirl
Harleighrock meadow, hare meadowBoy
HarlequinMute Pantomime ClownBoy
HarryeAn estate's rulerBoy
Harshgladness, chearfullnessBoy
HarshanLustrous splendor of GodBoy
Harshathappiness, gladnessBoy
Harshavardhaninventor of Joy, One who provides full of happinessBoy
HarshidaGiver of joyGirl
HarshillKing of hillsBoy
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