71 Sinhala Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Selecting a child's name is a consequential choice that reflects parents' values and future aspirations. Sinhala girl names, deeply entrenched within the cultural tapestry of the Sinhalese community, carry a rich history, profound significance, and captivating symbolism. Rooted in tradition, Sinhala names are multifaceted, often composed of intricate layers that reflect the essence of an individual's heritage.

Sinhala names typically consist of two or three parts: a family name, one or more given names, and occasionally a last name or surname. This traditional custom, which once omitted last names, has evolved over time, leading to distinct naming traditions. Sinhala girl names can be classified into three primary types. The first kind encompasses names with a family name, given name, and last name, creating a robust sense of belonging. The second type comprises a family name and a given name, fusing heritage and individuality. The third type is more contemporary, featuring only a given name and a last name, reflecting modern naming trends.

Furthermore, the Sinhalese society frequently employs a "Ge" name – a house or clan name which follows the individual's given name. This two-letter adjunct often indicates the family's origin, the head of the family's position or profession, or a noteworthy family characteristic. This beautiful naming tradition establishes a connection across generations, regardless of gender. Even after marriage, Sinhalese women retain their family or "Ge" name, emphasizing the interlinking of lineages. In addition, using initials instead of spelling out the complete first name introduces an element of intrigue to these names (1).

In this post, we delve deeper into diverse kinds of Sinhala girl names, spanning those encompassing family names, given names, and last names, to the more contemporary trend of uncomplicated names. Our compilation of Sinhala baby girl names showcases the abundant cultural heritage that shapes these names. Join us in this exploration to discover a perfect Sinhala name for your little queen.

heart image Achala Baby Girl Sign Girl Earth; Steady; Mountain
heart image Ama Baby Girl Sign Girl Child born on Saturday
heart image Amanda Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is made for love and respect; Loved by others
heart image Amanthi Baby Girl Sign Girl Protector of peace
heart image Anesha Baby Girl Sign Girl Holy; Pious; Kind; Hunger; Lamb; One
heart image Anika Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful; Fearless; Goddess Durga; Soldier
heart image Anuradha Baby Girl Sign Girl A star; A goddess of good fortune
heart image Kalani Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Heaven; Sky; Royal one
heart image Keshini Baby Girl Sign Girl Lion
heart image Onisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Lord of the mind
heart image Achila Baby Girl Sign Girl The feminine form of Achilles or without lips
heart image Araliya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beautiful flower
heart image Asheni Baby Girl Sign Girl A strict natured, serious and diplomatic person
heart image Avanthi Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a historical city
heart image Ayomi Baby Girl Sign Girl My joy
heart image Bandhini Baby Girl Sign Girl Bond
heart image Bhakthi Baby Girl Sign Girl Devotion
heart image Buddhika Unisex Baby Sign Unisex He who is clever and wise
heart image Ceylon Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a place
heart image Charuka Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Chaturi Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is clever
heart image Chithkala Baby Girl Sign Girl Knowledge
heart image Dayani Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is friendly
heart image Dilipa Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who gives, accepts, and protects
heart image Dulani Baby Girl Sign Girl Cutting
heart image Eromi Baby Girl Sign Girl Understanding
heart image Gayesha Baby Girl Sign Girl Expressive
heart image Harshani Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy; Delight
heart image Hinni Baby Girl Sign Girl God strengthens
heart image Isuri Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is lucky or fortunate
heart image Kalathma Baby Girl Sign Girl She who possesses Great Arts
heart image Kiyoma Baby Girl Sign Girl A good mother
heart image Lakmini Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman; A female
heart image Lakshani Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is nice with everyone.
heart image Lakshitha Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is distinguished
heart image Liyoni Baby Girl Sign Girl The origin of writing
heart image Lochani Baby Girl Sign Girl One with bright eyes
heart image Mandari Baby Girl Sign Girl The coral tree
heart image Minrada Baby Girl Sign Girl She who gives wisdom and love
heart image Nadeeka Baby Girl Sign Girl Creative
heart image Nadesha Baby Girl Sign Girl Born of a river
heart image Natharie Baby Girl Sign Girl Brilliant wisdom
heart image Nayanadini Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with attractive eyes
heart image Nayanathula Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with a good sight
heart image Neja Baby Girl Sign Girl Success in law
heart image Nevindie Baby Girl Sign Girl She who enjoys law or abides by law
heart image Nevinka Baby Girl Sign Girl She who enjoys law
heart image Nihinsa Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is innocent
heart image Nikini Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The month of August
heart image Nilmini Baby Girl Sign Girl An ambitious woman
heart image Nilukshi Baby Girl Sign Girl A self-expressive woman
heart image Nimala Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is creative
heart image Nimali Baby Girl Sign Girl An independent woman
heart image Nimthaki Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is logical and sane
heart image Nipuni Baby Girl Sign Girl An intelligent woman
heart image Nuveena Baby Girl Sign Girl Special and wise leader
heart image Rangani Baby Girl Sign Girl She who has excellent dancing skills
heart image Ranpalee Baby Girl Sign Girl A noble leader
heart image Ravima Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet
heart image Sachith Baby Girl Sign Girl A person with a good mind and heart
heart image Sanuthi Baby Girl Sign Girl An intelligent woman; One with good brains
heart image Shehani Baby Girl Sign Girl Magic
heart image Sithara Baby Girl Sign Girl Star
heart image Subaja Baby Girl Sign Girl A fortunate victor
heart image Sukeena Baby Girl Sign Girl Leader of comfort
heart image Suranga Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A divine person
heart image Susanthika Baby Girl Sign Girl An active girl
heart image Tourmaline Baby Girl Sign Girl Colored crystals
heart image Vidhusahani Baby Girl Sign Girl A learned woman; She who finds consolation in science
heart image Vino Baby Girl Sign Girl Wine
heart image Yuvani Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and youthful

Sinhala girl names offer an insight into the naming system associated with the Sinhalese communities, depicting the evolution of their culture over time. These names can range from elaborate ones steeped in history to simple and modern choices, connecting different age groups and showcasing their origins. The fascinating 'Ge' name tradition is all about being together and remembering family history. Therefore, the multifarious and distinct Sinhalese names exemplify their significant role in making their culture unique and special.

Infographic: Beautiful Sinhala Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Sinhala girl names amalgamate tradition and profound significance. These names bear a valued heritage and identity within their multifaceted layers. Check out our infographic below to discover such names and embrace the allure of Sinhala naming traditions. Pick your favorite name from the list and bestow it on your little princess.

meaningful sinhala names for your dearest daughter (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some considerations to consider when choosing a Sinhala baby girl name?

When selecting a Sinhala baby girl name, it's important to consider its cultural significance, meaningful symbolism, ease of pronunciation, family connections, and suitability for a girl. Doing so allows you to choose a name that pays homage to Sinhala heritage while holding personal significance and meaning.

2. What is the significance of numerology in choosing a Sinhala baby girl's name?

Numerology is important in selecting a baby girl name for Sinhalese, particularly for Buddhists, since it assigns numerical numbers to letters and calculates their vibrations. Some people believe that choosing a name based on numerological principles might influence a person's traits, destiny, longevity, and progress.

3. Who are famous personalities with Sinhala baby girl names?

There are well-known individuals with Sinhala baby girl names; they include Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and the world’s first female prime minister. Malini Fonseka, a famous actress, and Malathi de Alwis, a notable anthropologist and feminist. They made significant contributions in their respective fields, proudly representing the essence of their Sinhala names.


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  1. Naming Conventions of Sri Lanka.
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