69 Sinhala Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AchalaEarth, steady, mountainGirl
AmaAfrican - Child born On Saturday; Old Norse - EagleGirl
AmandaThe one who is made for love and respect who are active and brightGirl
AmanthiPeace protectorGirl
AneshaOld Greek - Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of Agnes; Celtic - Hunger; Lamb; OneGirl
AnikaGraceful young girlGirl
AnuradhaA star; name of a goddess of good fortuneGirl
KalaniKalani name means The HeavensUnisex
KeshiniKeshin means LionGirl
OnishaLord of the mindGirl
AchilaThe feminine form of Achilles or without lipsGirl
AsheniA strict natured, serious and diplomatic personGirl
AvanthiName of a historical cityGirl
AyomiMy joyGirl
BuddhikaHe who is clever and wise.Unisex
CeylonName of a placeGirl
ChaturiShe who is cleverGirl
DayaniShe who is friendlyGirl
DilipaThe one who gives, accepts and protectsGirl
HarshaniJoy or delightGirl
HinniGod strengthensGirl
IsuriShe who is lucky or fortunateGirl
KalathmaShe who possesses Great ArtsGirl
KiyomaA good motherGirl
LakshaniShe who is nice with everyone.Girl
LakshithaShe who is distinguished.Girl
LiyoniThe origin of writing.Girl
LochaniOne with bright eyes.Girl
MandariThe coral treeGirl
MinradaShe who gives wisdom and loveGirl
NadeshaShe who was born of a river.Girl
NatharieBrilliant wisdom, one who is brilliant or wiseGirl
NayanadiniA woman with attractive eyes.Girl
NayanathulaA woman with a good sightGirl
NejaSuccess in Law.Girl
NevindieShe who enjoys law or abides by law.Girl
NevinkaShe who enjoys lawGirl
NihinsaOne who is innocentGirl
NilminiAn ambitious woman.Girl
NilukshiA self-expressive woman.Girl
NimalaShe who is creative.Girl
NimaliAn independent woman.Girl
NimthakiOne who is logical and sane.Girl
NipuniAn intelligent womanGirl
NuveenaSpecial and wise leader.Girl
RanganiShe who has an excellent dancing skill.Girl
RanpaleeA noble leaderGirl
SachithA person with good mind and heartGirl
SanuthiAn intelligent woman or one with good brains.Girl
SubajaA fortunate victorGirl
SukeenaLeader of comfortGirl
SurangaA divine personUnisex
SusanthikaAn active girlGirl
TourmalineColored crystalsGirl
VidhusahaniA learned woman or she who finds consolation in science.Girl
YuvaniBeautiful and youthfulGirl
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