248 Slavic Baby Names With Meanings

Do you want a name that’s a unique spin on names that you hear in your day-to-day life? How about going for a Slavic name, which has some beautiful and unusual variations of regular names.

Slavic first names are exotic, a bit difficult to pronounce, but full of historical significance. The best part is that each Slavic name has its name day, which is celebrated by the family as a second birthday.

In the pre-Christian period, children were given a substitution name which they had to bear until they were seven to ten years old. The purpose of this name was to deflect the attention from the baby and protect him from evil powers. The practice came into being because of the high mortality rate of young ones at that time. The child who crossed ten years was given a new name during the ritual first haircut. The tradition is not followed now. Parents are free to bestow any name they like at any point in time to their child.

As for the convention, a Slavic name consists of a given name, followed by the patronymic, and then the family name or surname.

Browse through MomJunction's list to get a unique and beautiful Slavic name for your baby boy or girl.

JasikaSlavic name for girlsGirl
JasnaA clear oneGirl
JasoslavaGlory of lightGirl
JehonaRefers to an imitation or repetition.Girl
JenickaGod has shown his kindness towards me.Girl
JereniFree from disturbanceGirl
JoncoHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name JohnBoy
JosipHebrew - Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of JosephBoy
Juliannait means young and youthful or Joves child. These people are abundant, organized, full of ideas and useful for others.Girl
JurajJuraj is a Slavic name meaning handy, quickBoy
JurijJurij means handyBoy
JurjiOne who is a handy personBoy
KajlaThe name Kajla means Chain Golden ChainGirl
KalinaThe name Kalina means Like a Flower in Slavic, in Aboriginal orgins the name means To LoveGirl
KamiliaKamilia means Attending the Ceremony or Sweet FlowerGirl
KarelKarel name means Strong, Manly, MasculineBoy
KasimierKasimier means He Enforces PeaceBoy
KasimirKasimir means Enforser of the PeaceBoy
KatinkaKatinka means Transparent, Clear, PureGirl
KhozaThe name means GoatGirl
KitkaKitka means a Bunch of FlowersGirl
KolarOccupational name derived from the Slavic kolar meaning "cartwright"; WheelwrightBoy
KoleKole means Victory of the PeopleBoy
KorvaKorva means CowGirl
KrasimiraFeminine form of Krasimir. It means beautiful peace.Girl
KristinaA woman of Christian faithGirl
KristjanA follower of ChristBoy
KrpanaKrpana means PatchworkGirl
KrpanakaThe name means PtchworkGirl
KryレtofThe name means Bearing ChristBoy
KryskaKryska means a Follower of ChristGirl
KrystkaKrystka means She is ChristianGirl
LaciannLaciann means The Famous RulerBoy
LadaLada is the name of pagan Slavic Goddes of Love, means maiden, GirlGirl
LaddaLadda means Maiden. Young Girl, Goddes of LoveGirl
LadecaThe name means a MaindenGirl
LadinaThe name means Domination and GloryGirl
LalaSlavic - Tulip; Arabic - Intoxication; Wine; English:Spanish - EmeraldGirl
LechFrom the name of Slavic tribe LendiansBoy
LelThe one who takes what he wantsBoy
LenkaThe one who illuminates, bright oneGirl
LexaThe defender of mankindGirl
LidaA person from Lydia, a region in Asia MinorGirl
LilijanaSlavic variation of names Lily and ElisabethGirl
LjubaA Slavic word that means LoveGirl
LonnaA bright, almost blinding lightGirl
LudieGraceful, favorable peopleGirl
LudivineOne who is friend of the peopleGirl
LudmilaLoved by the peopleGirl
LuminaBright as a SunshineGirl
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