248 Slavic Baby Names With Meanings

Do you want a name that’s a unique spin on names that you hear in your day-to-day life? How about going for a Slavic name, which has some beautiful and unusual variations of regular names.

Slavic first names are exotic, a bit difficult to pronounce, but full of historical significance. The best part is that each Slavic name has its name day, which is celebrated by the family as a second birthday.

In the pre-Christian period, children were given a substitution name which they had to bear until they were seven to ten years old. The purpose of this name was to deflect the attention from the baby and protect him from evil powers. The practice came into being because of the high mortality rate of young ones at that time. The child who crossed ten years was given a new name during the ritual first haircut. The tradition is not followed now. Parents are free to bestow any name they like at any point in time to their child.

As for the convention, a Slavic name consists of a given name, followed by the patronymic, and then the family name or surname.

Browse through MomJunction's list to get a unique and beautiful Slavic name for your baby boy or girl.

ReijaOne who has wingsBoy
RostislavOne whose glory growsBoy
RostyslavTo increase gloryBoy
RudolfHe is legendary like a wolfBoy
RusalkaA wood's spiteGirl
SableThe black oneGirl
SaganThe one who is a wise personBoy
SashmirA peaceful defenderBoy
SavaricThe powerful old or aged rulerBoy
ShatharA man who workis in the minesBoy
SiwaA name of the Goddess of love and fertilityGirl
SlavenkaA Slavic woman.Girl
SoranaOne beautiful as a dawnGirl
StaciaA short form of anastasiaGirl
StanislasA man who achieves gloryBoy
StanislausA person who became glorious and famousBoy
StankoDiminutive of Stanislav, meaning to stand with glory.Boy
StannesHe who achives glory in militaryBoy
StanuieOne who becomesGirl
StanwayOne who becomes himself along the wayBoy
StanwegTo live next to a stony roadBoy
StaraOne who is oldGirl
StasyaStrength, fame or firmnessGirl
SvitlanaA variation of Svetlana, meaning pure and light.Girl
TamoraVariation of the name Tamara, meaning palm treeGirl
TanjaA fairy princessGirl
TatiaA fairy queenGirl
TeodorA gift of GodBoy
TeodoraGod's giftGirl
TihomirDerived from the Slavic elements tih, which means quiet and mir, which peace.Boy
TomislawSuppress or torture, a Croatian kingBoy
TrpimiraThe name is derived from elements trpi endure, bear, suffer and mir meaning peace or world.Girl
ValentinaStrong, vigorous, healthyGirl
VelesDerived from Volos it means an Ox. God of the earth dragons magic cattle and trickeryBoy
VeselinCheerful and happy soul.Boy
VladOld short form of Slavic names beginning with the vladeti. It means ruleBoy
VojtechVoj means War, and Tech means EagerBoy
VolodyaRuler of the worldBoy
VolosOx or God of the earth dragons magic cattle and trickeryBoy
VovaRuler of the worldBoy
YaromirMan of peaceBoy
YaroslavaSpring gloryGirl
YavorBulgarian form of Javor, meaning maple tree.Boy
ZdravkoDerived from Slavic zdrav meaning healthy.Boy
ZhivkaFeminine form of Zhivko, meaning life or alive.Girl
ZorkaA form of Zora, meaning dawn.Girl
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