126 Slovak Baby Names With Meanings

Slovak or Czech ancestry is full of fun baby names but are unique at the same time.

Slovakia, the former country of Czechoslovakia, had a traditional naming culture and heritable, and they continued the tradition even after the split in 1993. The Slovak people follow the western naming order, with the personal name first and surname last. And the family names for males and females are distinct, making it easier to identify the gender from the name alone. For instance, if the family surname is Horvath for males, it will be Horathova for the females. Slovakians rarely use a middle name.

Two elements are very common in Slovak names – 'slav’, meaning glory and ‘mir’, which means famous or great. Most of the Slovak names are formed using one of these two elements. Also, Slovak names are spelled phonetically, and the emphasis or stress often falls on the first syllable.

Jozef and Maria are the most common Slovak names for boys and girls, respectively, but there are plenty of other Slovakian baby names, which are still undiscovered. But that shouldn't stress you out as MomJunction has scoured the Internet to compile a comprehensive list of Slovak baby names. Take a look.

AdamMan, earthBoy
AdelaA short form of adelaideGirl
AigneisShe who is chaste, holyGirl
AlexejAlexej is a form of Alexander and means defender of mankind.Boy
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
BarkaForeign, strange. A form of Barèinka.Girl
BarunkaForeign, strange. A form of Barèinka.Girl
BedoichA peaceful rulerBoy
BedrisekA form of Bedoich, meaning peaceful rulerBoy
BenesHe who is blessed.Boy
BranislavaGlorious protectorGirl
BronislavaGlorious protector. A form of Branislava.Girl
CenekA form of Cenck, meaning conquering.Boy
CtiborBattle of honorBoy
DalekDistant battleBoy
DalekaDistant battleGirl
DalenkaDistant battle. A Form of Daleka.Girl
DaliboraDistant battleGirl
DalkaDistant battleGirl
DobromilKind, graciousBoy
DrahoslavPrecious gloryBoy
DrahoslavaPrecious gloryGirl
DusanekSoul, spiritBoy
DusankaSoul or spiritGirl
DusekSpirit or soul.Boy
DuskaA variant of Dusanka, meaning soul or sprit.Girl
Emathis means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl.Girl
EvinkaA form of Eve, meaning alive or living.Girl
EvulkaAlive or livingGirl
EvuskaAlive or livingGirl
FilipA horse lover (Spanish)Boy
FurmanA driver of a horse-cart for deliveryBoy
HanaArabic for "happiness," and Japanese for "flower," Korean for "One, First, Consistency," and Hawaiian for "workGirl
HavelSlovak word for rooster.Boy
HenrichSlovak form of the HENRYBoy
HolicSlovak word for barber.Boy
HonzaGod is graciousBoy
ImrichRuler of the householdBoy
JakubSiezed by the handBoy
JindoichRuler of the householdBoy
JindoiskaRuler of the householdGirl
JioinaA form of Georgia, meaning earth-worker, farmer.Girl
KateoinaA form of Catarina, meaning pure.Girl
KlementKlement means He is full od MercyBoy
KravinoKravino means The Goofy oneBoy
KristinaA woman of Christian faithGirl
KrystofA form of Kristoff, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
KvetaFlower blossomGirl
LadislavaShe who rules with glory.Girl
LeosA form of Leo, meaning lion.Boy
LubosLove's peaceBoy
LukasHe who illuminatesBoy
MaddieA woman with great strenght in the battleGirl
MadlenkaOf MagdalaGirl
MarikA form of Mark, meaning warlike, martial.Boy
MartinA warlike, hostile individualBoy
MatejOne considered a God's GiftBoy
MatousGift of GodBoy
MetodSlovene form of Methodius. It means 'method'.Boy
Michalthe person who put up with somebody unpleasant.Girl
MikulaVictory of the people.Boy
MilaniaThe humanitarian unionGirl
MiloslavFavor or gloryBoy
MiloslavaFavor, or gloryGirl
MiroThe one who loves peace, spread peaceBoy
MstislavVengeance or gloryBoy
NastenkaA form of Natasha, meaning resurrection.Girl
NataliaNewcomer to this world on Christ's born day.Girl
NelaEnjoying or marked by joy or pleasureGirl
NinaThe precious talent from the most high God.Girl
NitraTo cut or to burn. Name of a riverGirl
OehooOne who is watchful, vigilant.Boy
OeznikSlovak word for butcher.Boy
OldoichProsperity and powerBoy
OndoejA male warriorBoy
OtakarHe who is watchful of wealth.Boy
OtilieShe who is wealthy.Girl
OtokarA variant of Otakar, meaning watchful of wealth.Boy
RadimHappiness and peace.Boy
RadkoA happy manBoy
RadosHappy gloryBoy
ReneA reborn personBoy
RostekThe usurper of gloryBoy
RostinkaThe usurper of glory.Girl
RostislavaThe usurper of glory.Girl
SebastianHe who is from SebastiaBoy
SilvesterA man of the forestBoy
SobeskaAppropriate gloryGirl
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
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