72 Slovak Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AdamMan, earthBoy
FilipA horse lover (Spanish)Boy
JakubSiezed by the handBoy
LukasHe who illuminatesBoy
MartinA warlike, hostile individualBoy
MatejOne considered a God's GiftBoy
SebastianHe who is from SebastiaBoy
AlexejAlexej is a form of Alexander and means defender of mankind.Boy
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
BedoichA peaceful rulerBoy
BedrisekA form of Bedoich, meaning peaceful rulerBoy
BenesHe who is blessed.Boy
CenekA form of Cenck, meaning conquering.Boy
CtiborBattle of honorBoy
DalekDistant battleBoy
DobromilKind, graciousBoy
DrahoslavPrecious gloryBoy
DusanekSoul, spiritBoy
DusekSpirit or soul.Boy
FurmanA driver of a horse-cart for deliveryBoy
HavelSlovak word for rooster.Boy
HenrichSlovak form of the HENRYBoy
HolicSlovak word for barber.Boy
HonzaGod is graciousBoy
ImrichRuler of the householdBoy
JindoichRuler of the householdBoy
KlementKlement means He is full od MercyBoy
KravinoKravino means The Goofy oneBoy
KrystofA form of Kristoff, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
LeosA form of Leo, meaning lion.Boy
LubosLove's peaceBoy
MarikA form of Mark, meaning warlike, martial.Boy
MatousGift of GodBoy
MetodSlovene form of Methodius. It means 'method'.Boy
MikulaVictory of the people.Boy
MiloslavFavor or gloryBoy
MiroThe one who loves peace, spread peaceBoy
MstislavVengeance or gloryBoy
OehooOne who is watchful, vigilant.Boy
OeznikSlovak word for butcher.Boy
OldoichProsperity and powerBoy
OndoejA male warriorBoy
OtakarHe who is watchful of wealth.Boy
OtokarA variant of Otakar, meaning watchful of wealth.Boy
RadimHappiness and peace.Boy
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