72 Slovak Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Slovakia, a country in the heart of Europe, has a rich cultural environment shaped by its historical and geographical location. In this post, you will find many Slovak boy names that reflect the country's historical roots and culture. These names emanate timeless wisdom and a contemporary charm and provide parents with a wide range of options, from vintage picks that reflect changing tastes to traditional names passed through generations. 

Given names and family names (surnames), make up a typical Slovak name. Although there is a historical practice to reverse this order, especially in official contexts (such as in administrative and legal paperworks), Slovakian names usually follow the Western order with the given name first and the surname last. Also, this culture's male and female family name forms are unique, making it easy to determine a person's gender based on their name. 

Despite being wholly distinct from the Christian baptismal names, given names are referred to as baptismal names in Slovakia. In rural areas, traditional baptismal names are frequently given to infants during their baptism, but they are rarely used as their official names (if they are, they serve as the person's middle name). In olden times, choosing a newborn's name from within the family was common, often using the grandparents' names. Although this tradition is less common, it is still used, particularly in rural regions.

Some Slovakian names originated in nature, inspired by the picturesque landscapes that set out the Slovakian countryside. Adam, meaning earth, and Sebastian, meaning from Sebastia are examples of such names. Other names, such as Alexej (a form of Alexander) and Henrich (the Slovak form of Henry), pay homage to revered saints and historical figures, connecting your child to a legacy that spans centuries. With each name comes a glimpse into Slovakian customs and beliefs, revealing the intricate threads that make up the country's cultural fabric.

Whether you're seeking inspiration for your bundle of joy or simply fascinated by the stories behind names, the names on this list will enchant and inspire you. 

heart image Adam Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Earth
heart image Filip Baby Boy Sign Boy A horse lover
heart image Jakub Baby Boy Sign Boy Holder of the heel; Supplanter; May God protect
heart image Lukas Baby Boy Sign Boy Illumination; Light
heart image Martin Baby Boy Sign Boy God of war
heart image Matej Baby Boy Sign Boy God's gift
heart image Sebastian Baby Boy Sign Boy From Sebaste; Venerable
heart image Thomas Baby Boy Sign Boy Twin
heart image Alexej Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
heart image Anna Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favor
heart image Bedoich Baby Boy Sign Boy A peaceful ruler
heart image Bedrisek Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Bedoich; Peaceful ruler
heart image Benes Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is blessed
heart image Cenck Baby Boy Sign Boy Conquering
heart image Cenek Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Cenck, conquering
heart image Ctibor Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle of honor
heart image Dalek Baby Boy Sign Boy Distant battle
heart image Dobromil Baby Boy Sign Boy Kind; Gracious
heart image Drahoslav Baby Boy Sign Boy Precious glory
heart image Dusanek Baby Boy Sign Boy Soul; Spirit
heart image Dusek Baby Boy Sign Boy Soul; Spirit
heart image Furman Baby Boy Sign Boy A driver of a horse-cart for delivery
heart image Havel Baby Boy Sign Boy Rooster
heart image Henrich Baby Boy Sign Boy Slovak form of the Henry; Home ruler
heart image Holic Baby Boy Sign Boy Barber
heart image Honza Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Imrich Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of the household
heart image Jindoich Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of the household
heart image Klement Baby Boy Sign Boy He is full of mercy
heart image Koloman Baby Boy Sign Boy Dove
heart image Kopecky Baby Boy Sign Boy Hill
heart image Kravino Baby Boy Sign Boy Kravino means The Goofy one
heart image Krystof Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Kristoff, meaning follower of Christ.
heart image Leos Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion; A variant of Leo
heart image Libor Baby Boy Sign Boy Free
heart image Lubos Baby Boy Sign Boy Love; Peace
heart image Marik Baby Boy Sign Boy Warlike; martial
heart image Matous Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
heart image Metod Baby Boy Sign Boy Slovene form of Methodius, meaning method
heart image Mikula Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory of the people
heart image Miloslav Baby Boy Sign Boy Favor or glory
heart image Miro Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace; World
heart image Mstislav Baby Boy Sign Boy Vengeance or glory
heart image Oehoo Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is watchful; Vigilant
heart image Oeznik Baby Boy Sign Boy Butcher
heart image Oldoich Baby Boy Sign Boy Prosperity and power
heart image Ondoej Baby Boy Sign Boy A male warrior
heart image Otakar Baby Boy Sign Boy Watchful of wealth
heart image Otokar Baby Boy Sign Boy A variation of Otakar, watchful of wealth
heart image Radim Baby Boy Sign Boy Happiness; Peace
heart image Radko Baby Boy Sign Boy A happy man
heart image Rados Baby Boy Sign Boy Happy glory
heart image Rene Baby Boy Sign Boy Reborn
heart image Rostek Baby Boy Sign Boy The usurper of glory
heart image Siek Baby Boy Sign Boy Hearkening
heart image Silvester Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of the forest
heart image Tibor Baby Boy Sign Boy He who comes from Tivoli
heart image Trava Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Fresh grasses
heart image Upravda Baby Boy Sign Boy The upright one
heart image Vavrinec Baby Boy Sign Boy Of Laurentum
heart image Vekoslav Baby Boy Sign Boy Eternal glory
heart image Vilem Baby Boy Sign Boy The determined guardian
heart image Viliam Baby Boy Sign Boy Determined guardian
heart image Vinca Baby Boy Sign Boy To conquer
heart image Vincenc Baby Boy Sign Boy To conquer
heart image Vincenck Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Vincenc; To conquer
heart image Vincislau Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of the name Wenceslaus; More glory
heart image Vinck Baby Boy Sign Boy Short form of Vincenc; To conquer
heart image Vlastimil Baby Boy Sign Boy Homeland; Favor
heart image Vlastislav Baby Boy Sign Boy Glorious power
heart image Wenceslaus Baby Boy Sign Boy Great glory
heart image Zdislav Baby Boy Sign Boy Here is glory
So, as you embark on the beautiful journey of naming your baby, take a moment to appreciate the stories behind these names. Let the charm of Slovak boy names inspire you, and may the chosen name become a cherished part of your family's story, representing Slovakia's diverse and vibrant culture. However, remember to honor the traditions and beliefs of this culture while using their titles as an inspiration for your child's name.

Infographic: Time-honored Slovak Names For Boys

Slovak is a Slavic language, and many names from this language have Slavic roots. The names are often similar in pronunciation, spelling, and essence to names found in other Slavic languages. If you are fascinated by the Slovak language and are considering a name from this language for your son, then read on. We have compiled the finest of Slovak baby boy names in our infographic below.

vibrant and authentic slovak baby boy names (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some famous historical and contemporary figures with Slovak names?

Embedded within the vibrant tapestry of Slovak culture, names like Daniel, Igor, and Miroslav emerge as cherished threads, bearing profound historical significance. Daniel, with Hebrew roots, resounds with deep meaning as 'God is my Judge,' reminiscent of an esteemed prophet from the Old Testament. Igor, evoking strength with its essence of 'army,' honors the husband of Saint Olga (1), while Miroslav, signifying 'peace' and 'glory,' pays homage to a revered 10th-century Croatian king.

2. Can non-Slovak speakers easily pronounce Slovak baby boy names?

With its unique consonant clusters and diacritical marks, Slovak presents a delightful challenge for non-Slovak speakers regarding pronunciation. For instance, Ján, meaning 'Yahweh is gracious,' and Ľubomír, signifying 'peace,' may require a bit of practice to enunciate flawlessly. Conversely, names like Peter, meaning 'stone,' and Martin, denoting 'male,' tend to be more accessible and manageable for non-Slovak speakers.


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  1. St. Olga.
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