122 Slovene Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Slovene is an Indo-European language, belonging to the family of South Slavic languages. Spoken by over two million people in the world, Slovene is one of the few languages that has preserved the grammatical number from Proto-Indo-European.

The country Slovenia has had a turbulent history. It has been a part of many different nations and empires, which is why the Slovene first names have cultural influences from all over the world. As for the surname, Slovenians follow a standard, European naming convention. But they do not follow the patronymic system, which is common in eastern European countries. But you will still find the existence of remnants of this system in some of their surnames, take Johnson for example. Most of the Slovenian family names end with –eč or –ič. Women adopt the family name of the husband after the wedding. Also, titles like Gospod (Mr), Gospa (Mrs), and Gospodicna (Miss) are used in conjunction with the family name.

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AlfonzSlovene form of Alfonso, meaning noble and ready.Boy
AlojzFamous WarriorBoy
AlojzijSlovene form of Aloysius, meaning a noble warrior.Boy
AlojzijaWar, battleGirl
AmadejSlovene form of Amadeus, meaning to love God.Boy
AnaGracious and satisfyingGirl
AndrejOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndreasBoy
AndrejaCroatian form of Andrew, meaning manly or masculine.Boy
AnejSlovene form of Aeneas, meaning praise.Boy
AntonThe one who is worthy of praise and is pricelessBoy
AntonijaAnother form of Antonia; the one who is worthy of praise and is pricelessGirl
AnzeVariant of Janez, meaning God is gracious.Boy
BarbaraStranger, visitor, alien,Girl
BogomirGod is great.Boy
BojanOne who fights in battlesBoy
BojanaShe who is a fighter in the battlesGirl
BorPine treeBoy
BorutDiminutive of Boris, meaning snow leopardBoy
BostjanShort form of Sebastjan and means from Sebaste.Boy
BranislavProtection of the glory or fameBoy
BudimirTo make peaceBoy
CirillaThe mistress; lady; female term for CirilGirl
CvetkaBlossom, flowerGirl
CvetkoMasculine form of Cvetka, meaning blossom.Boy
DamijanA tamerBoy
DamjanCroatian form of Damian, meaning to tame.Boy
DanijelaGod protectsGirl
DimitrijSlovene form of Demetrius. It means mother earth.Boy
DomenSlovene form of Dominic, meaning 'belonging to a lord'.Boy
DorotejaGift of GodGirl
DragicaPrecious, valuableGirl
EnejSlovenian word for praise.Boy
EngeleisSlovenian form of the word angel.Girl
Enotait is a Slovenian word for someone born on easter.Girl
ErazemSlovene form of Erasmus, meaning 'beloved'.Boy
FabijanSlovene form of Fabianus, meaning bean.Boy
FrancRefers to a Frenchman; independent and nobleBoy
FriderikSlovene form of Frederick. It means 'peaceful ruler'.Boy
GregorijaTo watchBoy
HedwigFighter or warriorBoy
IgnacijSlovene form of Ignatius. It means fire.Boy
InesaShe who is kind and innocentGirl
IrenaA variant of Irene, which means PeaceGirl
IvanGift of GodGirl
IzidorSlovene form of Isidore. It means gift of Isis.Boy
JadranOne who is named after the Adriatic seaBoy
JadrankaA woman named after the Adriatic seaGirl
JagodaA girl sweet as a strawberryGirl
JakaA very strong womanGirl
JanezGod's gracious giftBoy
JernejSlovene form of Bartholomew and means 'son of Talmai'.Boy
JernejaSlovene feminine form of Bartholomew. It means son of Talmai.Girl
JozeTo add, increaseBoy
Jozefit means jenovah will increase. These people prove to be very best friend and take quick decisions.Boy
KaticaSlovene form of Catherine, meaning pure.Girl
KlavdijaKlavdija means She who is Lame and a CrippleGirl
KlemenSlovene form of Clemens, meaning mild or merciful.Boy
KlementinaA form of Clementine, meaning mild and merciful.Girl
LenartSlovene form of Leonard, meaning lion.Boy
LidijaShe who is from an ancient Kingdom of LydiaGirl
LjerkaLily flowerGirl
LojzeShort form of Alojz, meaning he who is famous in war or battle.Boy
LovrencSlovene form of Laurentius, meaning from Laurentum.Boy
MajaShe who is splendidGirl
MaricaA child who was wished forGirl
MarijaA woman of the sea of sorrownessGirl
MarijanSlovene form of Marianus, meaning male.Boy
MarjanA small pearlBoy
MarkoOne who is malny but tenderBoy
MatejaHe is a God' s GiftBoy
MaticSlovene variant of Matthias, meaning 'Gift of the Lord'.Boy
MatucA variant of Matthias; intellectual beingBoy
MetodSlovene form of Methodius. It means 'method'.Boy
MihaMiha is the short form of Mihael and means 'Who is like God?'Boy
MirkoA peaceful person, one who is very calmBoy
MojcaThe beloved one.Girl
NatasaWho celebrates the birthday on Christmas day.Girl
NejcPet form of Jernej, meaning 'son of Talmai'.Boy
NinaThe precious talent from the most high God.Girl
OzbejSlovene form of Ozwald, meaning 'power or ruler'.Boy
PepcaA form of Jozefa, meaning God will increase.Girl
PeterOne who is a rock and a stoneBoy
PolonaBelonging to ApolloGirl
PribislavBroken glory.Boy
RadanaHappy, willingGirl
RaziviaA form of Ziva, meaning alive.Girl
RenattaA woman who was born againGirl
RihardSlovene form of Richard, meaning 'powerful or hardy ruler'.Boy
RokRok is equivalent to the Italian name Rocco. It means 'rest'.Boy
RozalijaA woman who is like the beautiful roseGirl
SebastijanSlovene form of Sebastianus, meaning 'from Sebaste'.Boy
SilvijaOne of the woodsGirl
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