51 Slovene Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Slovenia is a fascinating European nation known for its beautiful landscapes and extensive history. Slovene girl names effortlessly reflect and celebrate the country's rich historical and cultural heritage. Slovene is Slovenia's official language. However, Hungarian and Italian also enjoy the status of official languages in the country's ethnically mixed regions (1). Hence, the linguistic and cultural diversity within Slovenia significantly impacts Slovenia's naming conventions. Additionally, the charming melodic quality and unique pronunciation of Slovene names make them delightful to hear. These names capture the best of Slovene culture and represent meanings and stories treasured for ages. Generally, Slovene names draw inspiration from nature. Zorka, for instance, is a Sloven name that describes the 'bright glory of the dawn.' Cvetka means 'flowers' or 'blossoms,' as in the blossoming month of spring. Most people in Slovenia are Catholics, so many Slovene names have Christian origins. Many Slovene names Doroteja, meaning 'gift of God,' and Pepca, a diminutive of Jožefa, meaning 'God will increase,' are some options that demonstrate this relationship. Notable people in history with significant achievements inspire several Slovene names. Mythological stories are another source from where these names take inspiration. In modern times, different cultures and languages influence Slovene names, providing parents with unique options that stand out. If you want to give your daughter a Slovene name that honors Slovenia's beauty while respecting her individuality, explore the below list. Regardless of whether you bear Slovenian ancestry, are fond of Slavic heritage, or simply admire the beauty of significant names, Slovene names offer fascinating choices that are distinctive and timeless.

heart image Ana Baby Girl Sign Girl Favor; Grace; Merciful
heart image Barbara Baby Girl Sign Girl Stranger; Foreigner
heart image Irena Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Irene; Peace
heart image Ivan Baby Girl Sign Girl Yahweh is gracious
heart image Maja Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is splendid
heart image Marija Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of the sea of sorrows
heart image Mojca Baby Girl Sign Girl The beloved one
heart image Natasa Baby Girl Sign Girl Born on Christmas day
heart image Nina Baby Girl Sign Girl Little girl; God is gracious
heart image Alojzija Baby Girl Sign Girl War; Battle
heart image Antonija Baby Girl Sign Girl Worthy of praise; Priceless; Another form of Antonia
heart image Apolonija Baby Girl Sign Girl Strength
heart image Bojana Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is a fighter in the battles
heart image Cirilla Baby Girl Sign Girl Master; Lord
heart image Cvetka Baby Girl Sign Girl Blossom; Flower
heart image Danijela Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my judge
heart image Doroteja Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift of God
heart image Dragica Baby Girl Sign Girl Precious; Valuable
heart image Engeleis Baby Girl Sign Girl Angel
heart image Enota Baby Girl Sign Girl A Slovenian word for someone born on Easter
heart image Inesa Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is kind and innocent
heart image Jadranka Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman named after the Adriatic sea
heart image Jagoda Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl sweet as a strawberry
heart image Jaka Baby Girl Sign Girl A very strong woman
heart image Jerneja Baby Girl Sign Girl Slovene feminine form of Bartholomew; Son of Talmai
heart image Katica Baby Girl Sign Girl Slovene form of Catherine meaning pure
heart image Klavdija Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is lame and a cripple
heart image Klementina Baby Girl Sign Girl Merciful; Gentle
heart image Lidija Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is from an ancient Kingdom of Lydia
heart image Ljerka Baby Girl Sign Girl Lily flower
heart image Lovenia Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beloved; Loved one
heart image Marica Baby Girl Sign Girl A child who was wished for
heart image Nevenka Baby Girl Sign Girl Marigold
heart image Nives Baby Girl Sign Girl Snowy
heart image Pepca Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Jozefa; God will increase
heart image Polona Baby Girl Sign Girl Belonging to Apollo
heart image Radana Baby Girl Sign Girl Happy; Willing
heart image Razivia Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Ziva, meaning alive
heart image Renatta Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who was born again
heart image Rosalija Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose
heart image Rozalija Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is like the beautiful rose
heart image Silvija Baby Girl Sign Girl One of the woods
heart image Stanka Baby Girl Sign Girl Standing In Glory
heart image Stefka Baby Girl Sign Girl She who has the crown
heart image Tajda Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved
heart image Tinkara Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Tina; River
heart image Toncka Baby Girl Sign Girl Beyond praise or highly praiseworthy
heart image Vincencija Baby Girl Sign Girl Female form of Vincent; To conquer
heart image Zarja Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn
heart image Zorka Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn; A variant form of Zora
heart image Zvezdana Baby Girl Sign Girl Star

Slovene girl names are versatile and often possess deep meanings. They reflect Slovenia's rich cultural and historical heritage. In addition, they showcase the beautiful linguistics tapestry that Slovenians proudly embrace. From names associated with religious figures to those inspired by nature, Slovene names offer many meaningful options that parents across cultural backgrounds can embrace. So explore the above list, and we hope you find an attractive name that adorns your little princess's innocent personality.

Infographic: Graceful Slovene Girl Names

Slovenia is a Balkan country in Central Europe, home to the Slovenes. This region is proud of its rich cultural identity and legacy, evident in its naming conventions. So, with the help of the following infographic, explore some of the most popular Slovene girl names, learn what they mean, and choose a name that connects well with the heritage and roots of your family.

striking slovene baby girl names (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some popular Slovene baby girl names with Christian origins?

Sara is a form of Sarah, which means 'noblewoman' in Hebrew. Sarah was the name of Abraham's wife in the Old Testament. Eva is a common Slovene name that means 'to breathe.' The name is a form of Eve, which appears in the Book of Genesis. Lea, a form of Leah, translates to 'weary.' Leah is the name of Jacob's first wife in the Old Testament.

2. What are some Slovene baby girl names related to colors or other natural elements?

Ajda (buckwheat), Laura (laurel tree), Ljubica (violet), Cvetka (blossom), Jelka (fir tree), Danica (venus), and Iris (rainbow) are some adorable Slovene names associated with different colors or natural elements.

3. Are there any Slovene baby girl names that have a gender-neutral meaning?

Agata is the Latinized form of the Greek name Agathe, meaning 'good.' Berta is a form of Bertha, which means 'bright' in Old High German. Cvetka, meaning 'flower' or 'blossom,' and Dejana, translating to 'to act' or 'to do,' are more Slovene names with gender-neutral meanings.

4. Which Slovene baby girl names are associated with famous people?

Sandra is a Slovene name meaning 'protector or defender of man.' Famous American actress and producer Sandra Bullock is a notable namesake. Another noteworthy personality is the Ukrainian and French actress Olga Kurylenko, who garnered global recognition as Camille Montes in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace. Olga is the Russian form of the Old Norse name Helga, which means 'blessed.' Agata Perenc is a Polish judoka who is a prominent individual bearing the name Agata.


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