122 Slovene Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Slovene is an Indo-European language, belonging to the family of South Slavic languages. Spoken by over two million people in the world, Slovene is one of the few languages that has preserved the grammatical number from Proto-Indo-European.

The country Slovenia has had a turbulent history. It has been a part of many different nations and empires, which is why the Slovene first names have cultural influences from all over the world. As for the surname, Slovenians follow a standard, European naming convention. But they do not follow the patronymic system, which is common in eastern European countries. But you will still find the existence of remnants of this system in some of their surnames, take Johnson for example. Most of the Slovenian family names end with –eč or –ič. Women adopt the family name of the husband after the wedding. Also, titles like Gospod (Mr), Gospa (Mrs), and Gospodicna (Miss) are used in conjunction with the family name.

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StaneStand, becomeBoy
StankaStanding In GloryGirl
StefkaShe who has the crownGirl
TadejSlovene form of, meaning heart.Boy
TilenTilen is a pet-form of the Slovene name Egidij, meaning 'kid, young goat'.Boy
TimotejSlovene form of Timothy, meaning honoring God.Boy
TinekSlovene diminutive of Martin, meaning from Mars.Boy
TinkaraA form of Tina, meaning 'river'.Girl
TonckaBeyond praise or highly praiseworthyGirl
UrhSlovene form of Ulrich, meaning 'prosperity and power'.Boy
VidCroatian form of Wido, meaning wood.Boy
ViliDiminutive of Vilmos, which is a form of William. It means resolute protector.Boy
ViljemSlovene form of William, meaning helmet protection.Boy
VilkoSlovene form of William, meaning helmet protection.Boy
VincencijaFemale form of Vincent, meaning to conquer.Girl
ZdenkoTo build or createBoy
ZdravomilGood and pleasant healthBoy
ZorkaA form of Zora, meaning dawn.Girl
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